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Sienna Johnson, now 17, has been sentenced to up to five years in a juvenile detention facility and will face four years of supervised probation upon her release after pleading guilty to an adult felony count of menacing and one juvenile count of conspiracy to commit murder. Johnson planned an attack at Mountain Vista High School with her friend, Brooke Higgins, who received a three year sentence for her role in the shooting plot.

In the following brief audio clips of Johnson’s interview with police, you can hear her discuss how the Columbine shooting inspired plans of her own, and the moment they became real.

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BMC Jeremy is Missing AU: Passing By

Four Months Later:

Michael watched from the back of the funeral home as people came through the door. They never found Jeremy, just a crushed phone and some of his blood on the ground. They were burying an empty casket but to Michael it still felt like Jeremy was in it.

“Hey.” Michael looked up to see Rich sitting down next to him.

“Hi…” Rich’s lisp was more apparent now. Michael didn’t know why but a few weeks ago he woke up to Rich calling him begging for Mountain Dew Red. Michael found himself driving all the way over to some Halloween party to give Rich the drink. Since then they had been on…speaking terms. Or Rich would talk to him and Michael would listen. His voice sounded different with the lisp.

“How are you doing?”

“How do you think?”

“Pretty shitty huh?”

“It sounds like you said thitty.”

“Shut up.” Michael didn’t comment on how that sounded instead going back to looking near the front of the room where Mr.Heere was sitting.

“…is anyone else coming?”

“Christine, Jake, Brooke said she might. Jenna couldn’t come. Chloe won’t.” Michael nodded his head, he wasn’t surprised. Michael was actually kind of happy to not be alone right now. Even if it was Rich.


Eight Months Later:

Michael stared in the mirror looking up and down his arms with a wince. He was glad it was cold out today so he’d have an excuse to wear long sleeves. Going over to his closet he looked through the jackets when he stopped at a familiar blue sweater. Shrugging it on he grabbed his backpack and walked downstairs to see his mom already making eggs.

“About time you got up, you don’t need to be late on your first day of Senior year.” She turned around to see her son almost stopping when she saw the sweater. “Michael…”

“Sorry Mom leaving early, I’ll grab a poptart from the vending machine,” he kissed her on the cheek before running out the door to the bus stop. He was still waiting for a call about when his PT Cruiser would be ready to drive again but from what he had been told it would probably be another few weeks before it was fixed. He could deal with a bus ride, it’s not like anyone would sit next to him. Everyone felt to awkward talking to him afraid to bring up certain subjects. He didn’t mind, he liked being alone.

The bus pulled in allowing Michael to get on, sitting near the back away from the other students. Pulling his headphones on Michael put a Huey Lewis and the News cassette in to block out the noise. Senior Year…great.


“Bye mom!”

“Bye Chris! I’ll pick you up from school!” Christine ran out the door to the bus stop catching it just in time. Heading up the steps she took a seat near the front when her phone vibrated with a text from Jenna.

-u excited for school?


-not surprised, but at least we have an official drama class now. And u r the assistant teacher!


Christine still lived for drama practice but everytime she went into the auditorium her chest began to hurt. She couldn’t forget about what happened last year and it physically hurt to go near the stage. Chloe liked to pretend the whole thing never happened and refused to acknowledge anything about it. Brooke did the same leaving only Jenna to talk to Christine about Jeremy. It was kind of funny, Christine thought, I got the friend that I wanted…

hey Jenna-


Can we talk?-

-about what?

U kno what-


-yeah, I’m here for you

thanx, we can meet at my locker-


Christine tucked her phone on her purse as the bus came to a stop. The pit in her stomach was not helping her anxiety for the upcoming Senior year.


Michael tapped his pencil on his desk as he waited for the bell too ring for lunch. Mrs.Sawyer’s lecture on Hamlet seemed to never end as the teen tried to focus. His eyes darted around the room from the clock, to the window to the other students in his class. That’s when his eyes met Christine’s as he caught her staring at the blue sweater he was wearing. Quickly looking away he felt her stare continue before also turning her head.

Jeremy’s dad had given it to him a little bit after the funeral and Michael couldn’t say no. Everybody would stare when he wore it but he didn’t care, it was only one part of Jeremy he had left. That’s when the bell rang prompting everyone to leave, Michael grabbing his bag and rushing out the door. The one good thing about Senior year? Off campus lunch. Which meant 7/11 slushies and sushi for lunch.

Putting his headphones on Michael blasted his music as he rushed out the door. ‘Finally, Jesus if I had to sit there for one more minute I would have died. Now for food.’ Walking out of the school Michael was walking down the sidewalk when he stopped. Looking across the street he saw a familiar face. Ignoring traffic Michael ran across the road jumping on the sidewalk excitedly.

“Jeremy!” He went to hug his friend but was surprised when his arms went straight through the figure. “What?”