mountain blues

Seasons in Color: A V One-Shot

Unlike Any Other Series

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Colors had never been so bright before now.

You realize that, all along, you’d been blinded to the vibrancy of the hues in sunsets. You hadn’t noticed how much the forest shimmered in shades of shocking green. Mountains melted into soft blues and grays, bleeding into the rivers below. Nature became utterly overwhelming.

You see, you hadn’t ever had to describe the world around you to someone else before.

But when V - Jihyun - asked you to, it was as if he had opened a door to another world. An entirely different Earth.

And you loved it.

Befriending a blind man had taught you so much about your own assumptions. Being blind didn’t make your senses stronger; it made you more aware of what you could already sense. It was Jihyun who had shown you how much you took for granted by pointing out the things that had always been there.

His soft fingers traced your collarbone, swirling around the skin on your shoulder. His neatly trimmed nails brushed gently against the surface of your body. You shivered, feeling your heartbeat pick up speed. Your nostrils flared as you noticed how warm his hands were. A flush of your own warmth spread across your cheeks.  

“Touch is more noticeable when you’re paying attention,” he explains.

His hand brushed up your neck slowly. Your muscles twitched, reacting to the sensation of his fingers on your skin.  Your breath catches in your throat.

“When you start paying attention, you notice other things.”

Using his thumb, he pressed into your chin, reaching his forefingers out to the corners of your jaw. His hands gently explored your face, feeling the curve of your brow and the bridge of your nose. His eyelids fluttered, and you noticed his nostrils flaring as he pursed his lips.

“Like the way your breathing has changed.”

His face was dangerously close to yours.

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