mountain bike idiot

anonymous asked:

if you could hang out with the cast members, what would you do?


  • central park, a bag full of bread for the pigeons, an old Polaroid, a box of cheap mozzarella sticks. We’d shoot the breeze and people watch. she would be in a lustrous coat too grand for all of this, and my trainers would be stained with city-mud. We’d talk and share the food and argue and fall in love.


  • 2 mountain bikes. 2 idiots. 1 mountain on the east coast of america. 0 amount of water because both of us forgot to pack it. We crash and burn about halfway up, and someone sprains an ankle, and we catch an awkward lift back down on a passing Clydesdale after eating berries we don’t know the names of. It rains. We put together the pennies in our pockets to afford 1 muffin, which we split.

emma thompson

  • we go catch a movie. it’s a terrible blockbuster. neither of us understand it, but she can’t stop laughing. she whispers dirty jokes in my ear everytime something ridiculous happens. we ship two characters who never appear in the same scene together. the popcorn gets spilled and we’re the last ones out, huddled together in the third row, muffling our giggles as the janitor rolls her eyes.


  • there’s a small lunch place that i know where you can get these wonderful brunches and sit in a booth and the windows are very large and it’s quite sunny and the plants hang above the tables. i would bring her a sketchbook for a gift. we’d toast our orange juice and talk nerd stuff: the books we read, the places we’re going, the words we cannot say to anyone. We eat our eggs and draw out stories.

stanley (tucci)

  • we’d dine in. he’d bring ingredients, i’d bring white wine. we make the food together, around a massive granite counter, cool jazz playing in the background. hot and fragrant and exactly the right way, with the oil leaping in the pan and hot, thick cheese devouring my attention. he talks about things i don’t understand and i just—eat—cheese.

emma watson

  • emma’s never been to a proper arcade before, one with a ball pit, and she’s not very good at bowling but neither am i. the music is too loud and we can’t hear each other, but the colors are bright and red and purple and the glow of the pinball machine lights up her hair from behind, and somebody ordered pizza and we crash a child’s birthday party


  • i am on my laptop. he is on his. occasionally he passes me a snickers. we are texting each other memes. the avocados are growing. he is wearing the ugliest sweater alive.


  • we are shopping and he is giving wise advice but it’s also terrible and i’ll regret all these decisions when i get home. we are eating trash junk food  and ian seems to know everyone on any street we go to, and the sun is setting and we’ve lost our keys, but we take the tube home with our loud, slurping milkshakes annoying every other passenger