mount. cook

I have never felt particularly tempted to climb a mountain, most likely because I’m from Chicaog, which is as flat as a pancake. The tiniest inclines feel dramatic to me.

Seeing Mount Cook, in person, I finally understood why people climb mountains. They’re so beautiful and captivating. Unlike little cement hills, it isn’t all effort and no real reward.

- Sandy Noto

Location: New Zealand, Mount Cook

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Newsies trash level: making a fan video for your favorite cast member

Fun Breath of the wild challenge I’ve been doing.

All divine beasts
All shrines

No upgrading hearts/stamina/shiekah runes/inventory space
No shields 
No clothing
No cooking
No mounts
No buying items
No fast travel
No amiibos
No champion abilities
No fairies/ or temporary hearts/stamina wheels
No shrine radar

Getting food and elixirs from chests, quests, and NPCs is allowed.

Breaking these rules is allowed only if absolutely required.

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