I love me some adventure travel but this one’s really got my attention. This is the Mount Huashan hiking trail. Yup, I said hiking trail, It’s one of the most remote trails in China and the best part is that there’s not any safety nets to catch you if you fall. You think you’d ever see something like this State side?


Plank walk at Mount Hua Shan - proclaimed as one of the most dangerous hikes, perhaps it was until Chinese installed some lines and started giving harness to the hikers. Now it became via ferrata type of hike, and the most dangerous fact is the number of hikers they allow to go at the same time providing it is both ways route. Still loads of fun, and must do when in Xian. 


Apparently this guy likes to live his life on edge, like literally. This to me.. is a big “fuckthat”. 


Mt Hua or Huashan (‘shan’ meaning mountain) is found in the Shaanxi Province, China. Hua consists of 5 peaks all very close in height, the highest being the south peak at 2154.9 meters.

Hua is composed of huge granite rock believed to be over 120 million years old. 

Hua is sacred land for Taoism. Famous Taoists, Chen Tuan, Hao Datong, and He Yuanxi used to practice here. As early as 2nd Century BCE there was a Daoist temple located at its base.

There are a number of ways to reach the top of Hua, the easiest being the cable car from the bottom to the West peak. Once at the top you can walk, climb or crawl to various locations.

The South peak of Hua is famous for its Changkong Cliff Footway which is a dangerous climb around a vertical cliff face using only ladders and planks of wood.

Visiting Huashan is an EASY one day trip from Xi'an (IF you take the cable car up the mountain). An early start leaving Xi'an North Railway Station, a bullet train travelling 120km’s in 30 minutes, arrives at Huashan North Station. Hail a taxi or hop on the mini bus that takes you to the ticket office for Mt Huashan. We bought an admission ticket for the mountain, a bus ticket to the cable car and a return cable car ticket to the West peak- all costing about 500 Yuan per person.