Today the Department of Awesome Natural Wonders transports us to the awe-inspiring vistas of China’s Mount Danxia, home of the Danxia Landform or Danxia Scenic Area. The word Danxia means rosy cloud. Located outside Zhangye City in northwest China’s Gansu Province, this amazing landscape is made of colourful layers of red sandstone and conglomerates that were compressed over many millions of years, buckled by tectonic movement, and eroded by eons of wind and rain.

In 2010 the China Danxia was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. We’re pretty sure that some of the photos you seen here have been enhanced to look like something from the Land of Oz. When we look at them we can’t help but think of magnificent mountains made of ribbon candy. Mmm… candy mountains…

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[via TYWKIWDBI and The Huffington Post]