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Foster care modern AU one shot

Title: Part of the Family

rating:  T for language

summary: Alexander was put into Foster Care, and after being sent from home to home he ends up in Virginia with the Washington’s. There he is expected to just enjoy being a teenager.

Notes I saw this prompt and I had to write it. I’m sorry if it’s awful!!! 


Part of the Family

Alexander grimaced as he looked at the couple sitting across from him in the kitchen. He was in Fairfax County Virginia, in an old plantation home known as Mount Vernon. The place gave him the creeps, and so did the couple sitting in front of him.

“Alexander?” Martha asked with a frown. Martha hadn’t been able to have children of her own, and so she and George had decided to take children in from Foster Care, and over the years they’d seen many go through their doors. Currently they had James Madison, Maria Lewis, Eliza, Angelica, and Peggy Schuyler, and finally Aaron Burr living with them. They also had their adopted son Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, or Lafayette for short. 

Alexander didn’t answer the older woman he just stared sullenly at the table his long hair getting in his face. “Son?” he heard the man named George ask and his eyes shot up and he glared.

“Don’t fucking call me son old man,” he spat and Martha’s eyes widened. George glared back at the kid his brown eyes cold as he stared the boy down. This was a battle of dominance, and Alexander figured he’d indulge the old man glaring back. Unfortunately the ice in George’s gaze was too much to handle and Hamilton felt like he’d been frozen with one glance.

Dropping his gaze back to the table he crossed his arms over his chest and sunk into his chair. Looking over he watched as a boy about his age came inside the room, his afro was pulled back into a ponytail wearing simple jeans, and a long sleeve shirt. ‘How many kids did the Washington’s have?’ he wondered a he looked at the older couple just as the boy stopped placing a gentle kiss to Martha’s cheek and clapping George’s back.

“Lafayette,” Martha said capturing the boy’s attention.

“Yes Maman?” he asked with an unmistakably french accent. Alexander raised an eyebrow as he leaned back in his seat crossing his arms over his chest. He looked at Alexander almost like he would any other little sibling. Martha smiled at her son and then smiled at Alexander kindly her hand gently covering his own.

“Will you show Alexander to his room son?” she asked her eyes kind and warm. Alexander remembered that look well, it was a look his mother had given him often before she died. Alexander snatched his hand back as if he’d been scolded by her touch and looked out the big window.

“Of course Maman,” Lafayette said his voice soft and his brown eyes kind as he regarded the boy in front of him. “Come on Alexander, I’ll introduce you to everyone else,” Lafayette smiled and Alex got up his fists clenching as he followed the boy out of the dining room and up a set of dark polished wood stairs.

“How’d they get you here?” Alex finally asked his curiosity about the french boy burning in the pit of his stomach.

Lafayette laughed as he looked at his newest brother. “My parents immigrated here from France when I was ten. They went on a date night, and they were in a car crash, both died on impact,” Lafayette said his voice soft. “Martha was the first one to talk to me… The Washington’s have had kids in their care for decades since they first found out that Maman couldn’t have children. Maman made me feel at home, and she asked if I would like to come live with her and I agreed immediately. That was when Hercules was still here, and he took me under his wing.”

Lafayette paused and smiled to himself for a moment before looking at Alexander. “Papa and Maman adopted me officially when I was a few days shy of my eleventh birthday… Look Alexander you’re going to find out that everyone here loves those two, all the kids I mean. You’re better off being good to the two of them, otherwise you’re not going to make many friends,” Lafayette said and opened the door into a game room where kids his age and younger were sprawled playing games, reading or watching TV.

“Everyone!” Lafayette gathered the attention of his siblings and gestured to Alexander. “This is Alexander Hamilton, he’s going to be with us for a while,” Lafayette said and suddenly the entire group converged.

“I’m Eliza!” said a girl with dark hair obviously she had some asian descent.

“I’m her sister Angelica,” said an African American girl and Alexander raised an eyebrow.

“And I’m Peggy!” Peggy said with a happy smile, she was younger than the other two, but she was obviously biracial.

“She’s our sister too,” Eliza smiled wrapping an arm around the younger girl.

“…okay,” Alexander said with a frown before looking at the others.

“I’m Maria Lewis,” said a girl with a smirk as she looked at Alexander like she wanted to eat him.

“I’m James Madison,” said a boy from the side and Alex nodded to him.

“Aaron!” Lafayette called the attention of a boy in the background reading quietly. The boy looked up and frowned at Lafayette before putting his book away and walking over holding out his hand.

“I’m Aaron Burr,” he said and Alexander looked at the outstretched hand before gripping it tightly in his own and giving it a firm shake. 

“Nice to meet ya Burrsy boy,” Alex smirked as he squeezed tighter than necessary before letting go. Lafayette put his hand on the shorter boys shoulder and shook his head. 

“You’re going to unpack Alexander,” he told him and steered him from the room while Alex grimaced.

“So why are all of them here?” Alex asked looking up at Lafayette who rubbed his face.

“It is not my story to tell,” Lafayette said after a moment of silence. Opening the door to Alex’s bedroom where two twin beds sat in each corner. There were also two identical desks, and Alex’s belongings were in the middle.

“You don’t have a roommate yet, so you can choose whichever side of the room you want,” Lafayette said and Alexander grimaced. 

“Yet? Do you have to have a roommate?” Alex asked his eyes flashing as his jaw clenched.

“When we have a lot of people here yes, otherwise I’ve lived here since I was ten, I get seniority which typically means I don’t have a roommate,” Lafayette said crossing his arms his eyes narrowed as he leaned against the doorway.

“Whatever man,” Alex said angrily as he took out his journal and pens. Rubbing his face he set them all along the desk farthest away from the door. He was aware of Lafayette still standing there watching him and he grimaced.

“The fuck do you want?” Alex asked turning around and Lafayette smirked. 

“Go on Alex let it all out,” he taunted and Alexander grimaced.

“Man I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Alex said turning away as he busied himself with putting away the few clothes he had.

“I heard Maman and Papa talking about you before you came,” Lafayette shrugged and sat on the opposite bed. “You’ve gotten into over a dozen fights in the last year alone, in and out of the system since you were officially orphaned when you were twelve. Lived with a cousin, you found his body hanging, and yet here you are alive, angry, ready to fight anyone, and everyone…” Lafayette rubbed his face and popped his back. “Look you aren’t alone here, everyone has had a hard life, just give us a chance.”

Alexander didn’t respond he didn’t even act like he’d heard the other boy. He didn’t need his life laid out like that. Grimacing at the thought of his past he gripped the shirt in his hand. He didn’t hear Lafayette leave, but after a while he felt eyes on his back. “Why don’t you just go fuck your…” he trailed off as he looked at one of the others.

“Sorry…” Maria said flushing as she looked down. “Martha told me to come get you for dinner,” she said her voice soft and Alex smirked.

“Why don’t you skip with me?” he asked laying on the charm and Maria’s eyes widened. She couldn’t deny how handsome Alexander was, but she couldn’t, she knew how much it would disappoint Mrs. Washington. 

“No thank you,” she said and moved to turn away.

“Man what the hell is with all of you?” Alex asked making her stop. “You all act like fucking perfect goody two shoes. You’re all in Foster care just like I am obviously no one wanted you either,” Alex said trying to find a spot that would hurt. Maria turned around her eyes watery with tears. ‘Bingo’ Alex thought wryly.

“You don’t know anything!” Maria said angrily as she turned away and ran out the room hiding her tears. 

Alex just smirked and shrugged as he stretched. He wasn’t hungry, and he hoped they wouldn’t keep bothering him. Shutting the door he laid on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.

It was about two hours and he’d fallen into a light sleep. He grimaced when the door opened and shot up. “I said I wasn’t fucking hungry!” he yelled only to be cut off as George and Lafayette supported the body of a limp boy his age. 

Martha ran in with bandages her eyes full of worry as she wiped off the blood from the boy’s purple face. “Oh John,” she sighed and the boy groaned.

“M’okay Mom,” he muttered and George put his hand on Lafayette’s shoulder. The french boy seemed to be taking this just as hard as Mrs. Washington. Alex moved forward until he was at George’s side. 

“Who is he?” he found himself asking and George looked down at the boy.

“John Laurens,” George said softly while Martha fussed around the boy wrapping his many cuts, and applying ointment to his bruises.

“What happened to him?” Alex asked with a frown.

“My Father,” John said his eyes opened as far as they could be with the swelling. “He doesn’t approve of the fact I’m gay and decided to remind me of that,” John croaked while Martha helped him sit up and take off his shirt revealing his purple ribs. “Don’t think they’re broken this time,” John muttered looking away.

Martha sighed as she gently probed his side causing John to hiss and shy away from the touch. Alex’s eyes never strayed from the boy in the bed beside his own. John glared at him as best as he could. “Look if you’re just going to stare get the fuck out of my room,” John said angrily and Alex’s eyes widened.

“C’mon Alexander,” George said and Alex found himself following the retired General. 

“Why does he live with his Father if he beats him like that?” Alex asked and George grimaced. “Not my…”

“Story to tell,” Alex finished,”Yeah Lafayette said something similar earlier.”

George smiled fondly at the mention of his son as he led Alexander into his office. “You know Martha and I know you are intelligent,” George said and Alex scoffed looking at the old man.

“Oh yeah you two took me in because of my intelligence,” Alex smirked his voice filled with biting sarcasm. “I’m sure the check you two get from the government has nothing to do with it.”

George regarded the boy with something of a wry smile on his face. “We don’t take in trouble makers Alexander, we know a lost cause when we see one. Well I do… Martha has a heart for everyone. She’d take in a murderer if I’d let her,” George said leaning back. “We fought over you quite a bit actually. I told her you’d just cause trouble with the others, and so far it seems I was right. You made Maria cry.”

Alex looked down in shame and grimaced. “Then why don’t you send me back to the system?” he asked and George sighed.

“Because as soon as I met you I knew she was right,” George sighed pouring himself a glass of whiskey as he sat down behind his desk. “You’re troubled, but damn one look in your eyes and I could see the potential, the talent…” George sighed and rubbed his face. “With our children we have a hundred percent success rate, our kids go to college, get good grades, and they succeed in life.” 

Alex scoffed as he looked into George’s eyes. “Yeah I’m sure… That must be why all of your ‘kids’ seem brainwashed.”

“Brainwashed?” George asked.

“Yeah they all love you and Martha as if you two were their actual parents, they all seem scared to disappoint the two of you, and Lafayette is like some sort of guard to ensure they all behave…” Alex fumed crossing his arms over his chest.

“They have respect for us, because we have respect for them son,” George said and Alex’s fists clenched as he glared.

“I told you I’m not your son,” Alex spat and George sighed.

“I’m going to put it simple son,” George said ignoring Alex’s anger. “I believe in you, and I’m expecting great things. That includes keeping your grades up, behaving in a way that reflects well upon yourself, fighting for what you believe in, and treating people with respect. Even if it is grudging respect Alexander. You have the potential to do something great with your life, do not throw away your shot,” George ordered and looked at Alexander with the look of a father scolding his son.

Alex shifted uncomfortably but nodded. “Fine, okay I’ll play your game. Can I go now?” 

George nodded and watched the young man leave with a smirk as he took a drink from his glass.

Alex climbed up the stairs to his room and saw Lafayette sitting in a chair behind the beaten up young man. “I’m tired Laf,” John groaned and Lafayette sighed.

“I know you are John, you’ve got a concussion though, Maman said I have to keep you awake for a little bit,” Laf said and Alex sighed. 

“I’ve got him Laffy Taffy, you go talk to your Dad or something,” Alex said uncomfortably as he watched Lafayette nod.

“Just shout if you need something,” Lafayette said patting Alex’s shoulder while Alex sat down in his vacated chair.

“So you’re the new kid huh?” John grimaced as he looked at Alex appraisingly.

“Guess so,” Alex said uncomfortably.

“Laf said you made Maria cry,” John croaked an Alex groaned.

“You know for all that it’s not my story to tell bullshit Lafayette gossips like a bitch,” Alex joked and John laughed groaning as he did.

“Don’t make me laugh asshole,” John groaned and Alex grinned.

“So why did you come here? Why not a hospital?” Alex asked and John shook his head.

“I’m one of the many who has been fucked by the system,” John said and Alex frowned.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked.

“My pops doesn’t have fucking health insurance, and I can’t afford to pay off a hospital bill and eat,” John said and Alex frowned.

“Why aren’t you living here?” Alex asked and John grimaced.

“I did for about a year, but my Dad managed to fool the state into thinking he had changed and bingo bango I’m back home with his abusive ass,” John sighed rolling onto his side.

“That sucks,” Alex frowned.

“Mama and Papa Washington tried to adopt me,” John said with a sigh. “My Dad refused to give up his rights to me, and now I’m sixteen I’m almost to adulthood there’s no point,” John sighed.

“I mean they’d be able to get you out of an abusive house, I think that’d be worth it,” Alex said and John shook his head.

“If I wasn’t gay it’d be better, it’s my fault,” John murmured and Alex frowned his hands shaking.

“Fuck you’re pathetic Laurens, even I know you can’t help who you’re attracted to, it’s not your fault that your Father is a simple minded piece of shit,” Alex said and John smirked.

“You don’t even know me,” he pointed out and Alex grimaced. 

“I don’t fucking need to, you know what from now on you and I we’re fucking best friends, that means I’m not going to let him hurt you any longer,” Alex shot up and looked back seeing Lafayette smirking from the door way. “Oh shut the fuck up and keep him awake,” Alex huffed and walked out past the grinning frenchman.

Alex found Martha talking furiously on the phone with someone and he leaned against the kitchen counter watching her with a frown. Martha didn’t notice him as she passed her back to the newest member of her family. Slamming her hand against the wall she scared the poor cat so bad it took off running.

“I don’t fucking care if you don’t have the time to investigate, you’re going to fucking investigate Henry Laurens!” Martha growled into the phone. “Fine I’ll handle this shit!” Martha slammed down the phone and looked unsurprised to find Alex watching her.

“C’mon Alexander you’re coming with me,” Martha said and Alex frowned as he followed the tiny old lady out the back door walking with her to the car. 

“Where are we going?” Alex asked and Martha didn’t answer as she starrted the car.

“I’d put on your seat belt son,” she said and Alexander obliged as quickly as he could. Martha’s tires threw up rocks as she peeled out of her own driveway and took off flying down the road. Alex’s hands gripped the grab-handle so tight his knuckled were turning white.

Martha drove to a slightly run down house and slammed on the breaks parking. She was out the door faster then Alexander could blink and he was struggling to unbuckle his seat belt falling out the passenger door. He made it to her side as a drunken man with cruel eyes opened the door and stared down at her.

“What the fuck do you want Washington?” Henry growled and Martha pushed her way into the room Alex followed and his eyes were wide as he took in the beaten up house. There was a hole in the wall, beer cans and cigarettes everywhere and he tried not to gag at the scent of vomit and urine.

Martha pulled a set of papers from her bag and she looked at Henry. “You’re going to fucking sign these, or so help me I will blow your brains out,” she said harshly.

Alex’s eyes widened as he looked at the tiny woman who mothered so many children. He couldn’t help it he’d never thought he’d hear those words coming out of this woman’s mouth. He was sure she and George didn’t care about the children they housed, but here was this little lady who was ready to kill someone to protect her son.

“You’d go to jail,” Henry said with a smirk like he’d beaten her.

“Look at my face Henry,” Martha said her eyes cold and glittering looking like a cobra ready to strike. “Do I look like I fucking care, I have Alexander here, I can get him to testify that I killed you out of self-defense,” Martha said coldly and Alex watched as fear colored the other man’s eyes. “If it means keeping John safe from you then I’d kill you a hundred times,” Martha said and Alex shifted uncomfortably.

“You wou…wouldn’t,” Henry stuttered his eyes unsure as he backed up.

“Try me,” Martha said and Henry’s eyes widened. “Alex go wait for me in the car.”

“Mrs. Washington,” Alex said and Martha shook her head at him. 

“Go son, I’ll be out in a moment,” Martha said her voice warm and her eyes kind. Alex frowned but nodded and walked out of the disgusting house and to the car.

Martha to her credit didn’t take longer then five minutes as she walked out and got into the car. “Okay we need to make a few more stops,” Martha said with a soft smile and Alex looked at her his eyes full of fear.

“What did you make him sign?” Alex asked his voice shaking slightly. Clearing his throat he tried to cover it up.

“Oh John’s adoption papers, I was tired of going through things legally,” Martha shrugged and drove at a much safer speed turning into the driveway of a nice big two story house that was five blocks from the other. “Here we go,” Martha said happily.

Alexander got out with her and slid his hands into his pockets as Martha walked inside and knocked on the door. A little girl with dark curly hair opened the door and smiled. “Grandma!”

“Hello Elisha,” Martha smiled picking up the little girl and walking into the house Alex frowned and followed behind her looking around. 

“Hercules?” Martha called and a large African American man came into the entrance hall.

“Mama!” Hercules smiled widely and nodded to Alex. “Is this the newest addition then?” Herc asked and Martha smiled nodding. 

“Yes this is Alex,” she said looking at Alex who blushed at the pride he saw in her eyes. A foreign warmth started in his heart and he looked down quickly.

“Welcome to the family Alex,” Hercules chuckled slapping Alex on the back as Martha smiled. 

“I need to talk to Madeline,” Martha said and Herc nodded. 

“She’s in her office,” he said and Martha smiled handing the little girl to Alex who looked at the little one uncomfortablly holding her awkwardly causing Hercules to laugh loudly. 

“Here I’ve got her,” Hercules smiled taking his daughter and walking into the living room. Alex followed him awkwardly and Hercules smiled softly. “I’ve heard a lot about you,” Hercules said and Alex frowned.

“I don’t know how you could’ve,” Alex muttered and Herc smirked.

“I’m the social worker who took on your case. My wife was the judge that approved your placement with Martha and George,” Hercules explained and Alex’s eyes widened. “We would’ve met eventually, but I’m glad it’s here it’s much less formal, and I hate having to be professional in front of my brother’s and sisters.”

“Why did you place me with them?” Alex asked his voice soft and Hercules chuckled.

“I’ve seen your test scores, you needed a chance Alex. That’s what I’ve given you with the Washington’s provided you take it of course,” Hercules explained setting his little girl down who took off running to her bedroom. 

“How did… How did you know that?” Alex asked and Hercules smiled.

“George and Martha give all their kids the best shot of making it out into life successfully. They did it with me after all, I was just some stupid little gang banger when they took me in. My Dad was shot when I was eleven, and my Mom well she ODed when I was thirteen. I was in and out of Juvie, involved with a gang and they had me selling drugs since I was ten. If Martha hadn’t taken me in… Damn I’d be dead in the street,” Hercules said and Alex frowned.

“I’ve been in a lot of homes… No one ever wanted me before, so when I got here this morning. I thought the Washington’s would be the same, only interested in the pay check…” Alex started and he looked at his hands. “Watching how worried they all were for John, seeing Mrs. Washington go into Mother Bear mode, I don’t know why I didn’t see it. They care, I haven’t had someone care since I was twelve,” Alex murmured. 

Hercules smiled and put his hand on the younger boy’s shoulder. “Remember that they care Alex, trust me it makes living with them easier. If you remember that everything they do is because they care then you’ll be far less likely to get angry when they ground you or something.”

Alexander laughed and rubbed his face as he looked up and saw Martha smiling down from the entrance hall. “We’re ready to go now Alex,” she said softly.

Alex nodded standing up and following her when little Elisha ran up to him and hugged his leg. “Bye Uncle Alex,” she said as if he’d been around all her life.

“Bye kid,” Alex said awkwardly patting her head and laughing as Martha scooped her into her arms. Looking back at Hercules he bit his lip.

“If you ever need somewhere to go Alex my home is open to you,” Hercules chuckled taking Elisha and waving. Alex nodded and walked with Martha out to the car.

“Where are we going now?” Alex asked and Martha smiled. 

“We’re going home Alex,” she said her hand gently patting Alex’s own.

Alex looked out the window and smiled softly. ‘Home’ that sounded like something Alex could get used to.