mount longdon

11-12th June 1982, British troops from the Parachute Regiment capture the Argentine occupied Mount Longdon after a fierce night battle.

Mt Longdon defended the approach to Stanley, the Falkland’s occupied capital. The capture of the Longdon, and the final Battle on Mount Tumbledown allowed British troops to liberate Stanley 2 days later.

A Falkland Islander helps the MILAN Section of 3 Battalion, Parachute Regiment by using his tractor to transport their ammunition over the difficult Falklands terrain to forward positions at the start of the Battle for Mount Longdon on 11 June.

The Battle of Mount Longdon: Blankets cover the dead of 3 Battalion Parachute Regiment’s MILAN Anti Tank missile section near the western summit.
The three man section suffered a direct hit from a Czekalski 105mm Anti Tank Gun fired by Corporal Manuel Adan Medina of 1st Platoon, Argentine 7th Infantry Regiment at 6 am on 12 June. Medina was subsequently decorated for gallantry.

The graves of two British soldiers atop Mount Longdon, 12 to 14 June 1982. On the top of the ridge looking east towards Port Stanley. This is the area where many of B Company became casualties.