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Yushan ( 玉山), also Mount Jade or Mount Yu, is the highest mountain in Taiwan at 3,952 metres (12,966 ft) above sea level, giving Taiwan the fourth highest maximum elevation of any island in the world.

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Trump Supporters Demand Their Sacred Sites Be Protected

MOUNT RUSHMORE- Last week a native family was photographed flipping off Mount Rushmore and Trump’s supporters were outraged. Many of them demanded that the “illegals” be deported. They rallied around Trump’s toupee and his tough foreign policy.

“I’m not racist but these illegals need to be stopped. They are disrespecting our founding fathers and next they will be burning our flags and throwing away our cheeseburgers. They are inciting violence against the people who were here first, Americans”.

“I just want Mount Rushmore to not be defaced or dishonored” said a crying young Trump Supporter. “No one should be able to destroy our history and cultural significant monuments. I love the original Budweiser factory” he cried out.

One of the options that Trump supporters demanded was the protection of their sacred sites; Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, the original Budweiser factory, Liberty Bell, and many other sites. They demanded safe spaces for their monuments and even went further by asking for rights.

Yet, many natives were quick to point out that the people were natives, the original “Americans”. The thought caused many Trump supporters to explode into red, white, and blue confetti. The thought of not being the “first Americans” was too much for their belief system and they chose self-destruction.

Others just choose to live with the contradictory nature of their being and they stopped commenting. It is common for Trump supporters to disregard historical facts as long as their comfort bubble is not popped. Trump has become a beacon for historical inaccuracies but he has shone on the true nature of the U.S.

Tlo’chi’iin spoke to Zinke, the Department head of Interior, about the plans to protect the sacred white sites.

“Our administration is working hard to protect sacred sites and it we are asking all brown and black people to accept our designation. I feel that it is not fair that our designations are rejected by tribal members. The resistance to our designation is bizarre. We are asking that people respect our sacred sites”.

Tlo’chi’iin spoke to Navajo Nation Republican Party about the sacred sites and they were quick to point out the importance of American Sacred Sites.

“We firmly support the designations. We believe that American history is just as crucial as Native American history. We have always been good to the white man and he has always been good to us. We fought and died in their wars and they repaid us with voting rights. Trump is learned in the old ways of conducting business. He represents our traditional Christian values”.

Tlo’chi’iin asked them about the “good” history between America and natives and many refused to elaborate on it. 


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