mount holyoke equestrian


Started working on the Convocation song. It’s a lot of dissonance but it seems like it’s going to be really cool. I’ve been riding so much. It’s been so great. Pip isn’t here yet, but we have a TON of new school horses. I have been schooling a horse named Waffles, I’ve ridden Stanley, I’ve schooled Thomas, Viktor, the Bus, and some others… but… I just… can’t remember.

Pictured is Twist, one of the new ponies. Every morning we’re in the barn he takes a snooze.


School got cancelled today so I slept till 11:30, it was awesome. The I headed to the barn and rode pony. A pipe was hissing so he was not a happy creature but I am proud that I was able to ride through it. I also jumped a cross rail bareback. I have never jumped bareback before– so that was cool. Then I did a photo shoot with my friend Anne in the snow. And now I’m feeding ponies, feeding myself, then running to an audition. 

Pictured is– Anne… I mentioned that already? The pictures came out really well I think. So excitement? Yes excitement. 


First day of real classes. My brain. Such a long day. I. College. BUT I had a AMAZING LESSON today. Pip was SO good. Anne and I had such a good time with the babies. And we have started turning them out with Carlos in a bigger field so they are getting more energy out. They were just both so good. 

Pictured is Pongo, always a crowd favorite, he’s such a good boy. And back in work from his rehab last year! 


Late upload– wheee! Last night I got back in the room after Night Check and my roommate was extremely sick and trying to work on a lab report. So instead of doing laundry and uploading photos I got M&Cs and went to bed. I mean… I think it’s a good plan. Yesterday my horse proved his sainthood. I was riding bareback and cantering by another girl on Gage and Gage decided that he wanted to kill me/us. So he began kicking out and bucking and carrying on. Which you know is fine except for the fact that I wasn’t in the position to pull up because there were people behind me, and I couldn’t gallop off because someone had circled in front of me as I was going to get out of the way. So my horse very calmly without even flicking his ears opened his step and let me take him through a small hole between jumps. Like he didn’t even swish his tail. I was so happy with him… And horrified. I’ve seen people break legs when things like that happen… so yeah. 

Pictured is Skeeter, one of our new schoolies. He is super cute, and super green– but once he figures himself out he is going to be an awesome pony. He looks, and kind of rides, like my horse… If my horse were 4 hands shorter and had a general baby pony attitude. 


Today was grey. Hot, and grey. It’s a weird mix. I looks cold out but is’ not, not at all. Five days until I’m back in Maryland. I really like to do that numbers thing so let’s give it a whirl.

Five days until I’m back in Maryland, three days until exams start, two days until the horse I’ve called mine all year isn’t mine anymore, one paper to write, two exams to take, one movie to edit, hundreds of pictures to go through, three suitcases to fill, and seven hours in a car until I'm officially done with sophomore year. 

And for some reason I’m not stressed at all… that's disconcerting. 

Pictured is Nellie and her pony monster!


Today was weird, but good. Woke up and went and rode BLB– one of my favorites, then did my last photo shoot on campus. It was really nice to just do something that I like to do in the middle of finals. It was a good break. Then I studied for Biology. Took that exam. Not I’m studying for my History exam tomorrow morning. But at the moment– froyo! I love froyo. I cannot believe that I leave in two days. ALSO! Really exciting news!!! Today I was hired to work as a groom for the head of the equestrian center. She is an amazing, amazing rider and grooming for her means that I get free lessons. I got the opportunity to groom for her once last semester and the lesson I got in return was a huge break through moment for me. I’m so excited. Plus I get to work with my good friend Tori so it’s like a super plus. UGH! I’M JUST SO EXCITED! And it’s one of those things where she has to ask you, you can’t ask her, and I just feel like the chosen one. Oh god. I just. I just want to curl up on the ground in a puddle of happiness. 

Pictured is Paulie and Chuck. Chuck is a school horse at MHC, but Paulie just loves him so much. It was was really fun to work with her, and I just loved seeing their relationship translate through photos. 


Good day was good. Got up and had an AWESOME LESSON! Pippy was such a good boy. Jumped around like a little champion and we even built a little in height and he was such a brave boy. The course we have set is wicked fun, it’s an equitation rider’s dream. Then rehearsals on rehearsals, so many skyping. And skype hates me a little. But it was good. things are off to a wonderful start. 

Pictured is Monster Mare. She is now a schoolie here (Anne donated her) and Anne got to play with her today because we are on break. It was so great to see Anne and Monster back together. Their 7 year anniversary is on Friday. 


Today was a good day. Two Mattress rehearsals and so much pony time. I took Ticket out alone for the first time ever and we walked around the side of the lake he has never been to before. While we were walking we encountered a high school cross country team that had groups of kids who would run by every so often, three different dog walkers, and a gaggle of single joggers. While these people were all running around us– very few of these people approached with a “heads up” or “should I slow down?”– there were also gun shots every so often because there was a track meet going on. Ticket was nervous but didn’t loose his cool. He listened to me and just kept walking. Granted I should have turned around and headed back for the barn when I saw the first wave of runners– but I wanted to trail ride and I wanted to see how far we could get. And I’m so proud of him. Then we hacked a little in the ring and I sat on him bareback for around twenty minutes just kind of laying in the sun. It was nice. 

Pictured is my friend Laura and her pony Cosmo jumping their first 3ft fence in a while, and jumping a triple bar for the first time (though this was go five because we started the jump smaller). 


Today was SO good. Rode pony bareback because I don’t have a saddle and he was an absolute gem. Also we had a HUGE turn out to the college songs workshop. So that was really good. Hopefully we have a great turn out to auditions. Also I had a meeting with my production team. PRODUCTIVITY. 

Pictured is Waffles, that unfortunate thing that I love so much. He is super precious, so like… you cannot tell how unfortunate his body is right here… but I love him. 


Pony was SO good today. I didn’t lunge him and just hopped right on and he was AMAZING. Other than that it’s been work, work, work. So much reading, so much. But I’ve gotten all of the work I need to get done, done– so that’s good. 

Pictured is the Bus when we went outside to throw down so hay for the night turn out ponies. I love that horse. He is so amazing. I wish I could have known him in his prime. I want to take him home and just trail him, and put “never been on a horse before” kids on him.