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Scientists of Mount Holyoke

1. Rachael Fuller Brown (class of 1920) and Elizabeth Hazen, prominent chemists who discovered the first anti-fungal antibiotic.

2. Virginia Apgar (class of 1929), receiving an award as Woman of the Year in Science and Research from the Ladies Home Journal. She was an obstetrical anesthesiologist, most famous for the Apgar score of assessing the health of newborns.

3. Four faculty members dressed as science wizards for the 1956 Faculty Show.

4. Zoological Laboratory at Williston Hall, c. 1890.

5. Student dressed as the element radium for the 75th Anniversary celebration in 1912.


Meet the Moppets! Mount Holyoke’s coolest all-student band from the 1960s, the Moppets played all over the East Coast by driving from gig to gig in their hearse (affectionately named “Giraffe” for its long neck). Dig the photos in this LOOK magazine spread, especially the shots of the band in front of Williston Memorial Library and practicing the MHC tradition of “gracious living”!

Check out their sound here:


Vintage Mountain Day || Happy Mountain Day 2014!!!

Montage of vintage Mountain Day footage, circa 1940-60

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Happy Mountain Day, Mount Holyoke! To learn more about this tradition that dates back to 1838, come to the Archives and Special Collections at the basement of Dwight, and pick up a Mountain Day zine made by Iris Pavitt ‘15.


1. J-Term students taking measurements in the snow, c. 1980s.

2. Group of students in the snow with skis and snow shoes, c. 1920s.

3. Students enjoying the snow, c. 1922-1923.

4. Couple walking on campus at night, c. 1950s.

Hope you’re all staying cozy and warm wherever you are! The weather’s clear here but there’s still plenty of snow on the ground. Don’t forget your mittens!

"The seminary was no place for fastidious palates. The opening year gave many of the girls their first taste of 'cushion toast,' a mush made from dry graham bread which was eaten with molasses; breakfast consisted regularly of this "toast" and a glass of water, until Miss Lyon yielded to a written protest signed by several of the girls."

From A Hundred Years of Mount Holyoke College by Arthur C. Cole, 1940.


Tomorrow is Halloween!  We are so excited–look at some of these photos of Mohos in costume!  

Need some last minute costume ideas?

AND tomorrow from 1:15-2:30 we’ll be in the library atrium with LITS for a HALLOWEEN BUTTON BLITZ!  Can’t wait to see you there.


Happy Mountain Day! So much fun to be up on the mountain this morning sharing Mountain Day history zines and making Mountain Day buttons (never fear / climb)! And never fear if you missed us because the special Mountain Day buttons will be available in Archives & Special Collections ALL WEEK! Come on over and make one at our research desk in Dwight!