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Did you know that Tiffany & Co created pins for Mount Holyoke?

Both MHC and Tiffany’s were founded in 1837. Each institution steadily grew in size and prestige, in 1897 they crossed paths when the students of Mount Holyoke expressed the need for a “badge” to represent a “mark of dignity” in tribute to their college. A committee of three students was formed and three months later, Ida Marion Dougherty (class of 1900) submitted her design for the iconic pin for which she was paid $10.

Each pin was made from 14k gold, included tiny seed pearls around the edge and had a pale blue enamel inlay. The student’s initials and class years were engraved on the back. The pins cost $6.75 (about $190 today). They were also marketed to alumnae and were in production until the late 1940s.

Designs from Ida Marion Dougherty class of 1900 :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections Digital Images :: circa 1897

Mount Holyoke Pin Donated by an alum from the class of 1873 :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collection Digital Images :: year of production unknown

The first Llamarada, Mount Holyoke’s yearbook, was published in 1895 for the class of 1896. The class yearbook was a formal college publication, so only professional head shots of students and photos considered proper were included. Along with these photographs, were faculty member acknowledgments, songs, stories, quotes and club listings.

The Llamarada evolved over the years along with the college and its students. Book covers usually were the color of the graduating class, but the first editions reflected the colors of the school as a whole. The formal tone of the year book changed to a more personal one in later publications where students included candid photos. The purpose remained the same: to preserve the memories that were made here.

Llamarada cover :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections :: 1895


Haunted House by Jan Pieńkowski was published in 1979. Pieńkowski is a children’s book author known for his highly detailed pop-up books and has received the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal twice (awarded to this book).

We’ve been loving this interactive piece here at archives. It truly is an amazing book, but don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself! 

Haunted House by Jan Pieńkowski :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections :: circa 1979


Meet the Moppets! Mount Holyoke’s coolest all-student band from the 1960s, the Moppets played all over the East Coast by driving from gig to gig in their hearse (affectionately named “Giraffe” for its long neck). Dig the photos in this LOOK magazine spread, especially the shots of the band in front of Williston Memorial Library and practicing the MHC tradition of “gracious living”!

Check out their sound here:


Scientists of Mount Holyoke

1. Rachael Fuller Brown (class of 1920) and Elizabeth Hazen, prominent chemists who discovered the first anti-fungal antibiotic.

2. Virginia Apgar (class of 1929), receiving an award as Woman of the Year in Science and Research from the Ladies Home Journal. She was an obstetrical anesthesiologist, most famous for the Apgar score of assessing the health of newborns.

3. Four faculty members dressed as science wizards for the 1956 Faculty Show.

4. Zoological Laboratory at Williston Hall, c. 1890.

5. Student dressed as the element radium for the 75th Anniversary celebration in 1912.