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Meet the Moppets! Mount Holyoke’s coolest all-student band from the 1960s, the Moppets played all over the East Coast by driving from gig to gig in their hearse (affectionately named “Giraffe” for its long neck). Dig the photos in this LOOK magazine spread, especially the shots of the band in front of Williston Memorial Library and practicing the MHC tradition of “gracious living”!

Check out their sound here:

Most of the class of 1919′s time at Mount Holyoke overlapped with World War I, so many of the men in the area were away at war. The class of 1919 was clearly unfazed by this at the time of their Junior Prom and had a perfectly good time with the freshmen of their dorm in drag instead.

Safford Freshmen in 1918 dressed up for Junior Prom :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections :: circa 1917-1918


Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder published 1932


This 1953 edition of the first in Ingalls Little House series based upon her memories of early childhood in Wisconsin in the late 19th century.  This is a first edition of the book that was illustrated by well-known Garth Williams.  In the novel Laura and her sister Mary learn helpful skills for surviving the elements—namely, winter.  They even learn to make candy out of maple syrup and snow!  Come visit this book this week in the reading room.

These tea cups may not look appealing for your afternoon tea, but they’re pieces of Mount Holyoke history! The cups were discovered, along with many other objects, during several seasons of archaeological digs on the campus grounds. Tonight Patricia Mangan, who led these digs, will be talking about the findings and what they can tell us about 19th century Mount Holyoke students. Come on over to Dwight 101 at 7pm to learn more, and then come down to Archives and Special Collections to see the artifacts up close. 

We are taking a look through our LGBTQA Student Organizations’ records to honor Pride Month and to stand in solidarity with LGBTQA lives lost. Above is a notebook started by the Lesbian Bisexual Alliance entitled “Record it and Fight Back!” Students in the Lesbian Bisexual Alliance used this notebook to keep track of instances of heterosexism and homophobia on campus.

The bottom of the cover reads: “This is what they do to us. We will record it so it will not be lost and we will fight back.”

Record it and Fight Back! :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections Digital Images :: circa 1988-2005