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Hey, if your after prompts. Set a couple of decades after 5x11. Caroline travels and gets a job at a vamp burlesque. Kol handsomely pays owner (who knows about originals to comply easy) for the act to be flown to NOLA for his bday party. Surprises both Klaroline. Jealous!klaus. Kol asks for lap dance? Something fun maybe? If not could you pass the prompt to someone else taking them? Thank you!

She can’t help but stare at herself in the mirror as she applies one last coat of burgundy coloured lipstick, marvelling at the fact that the decades and the passage of time hadn’t even had a single visible effect on her.

She knows that it’s a side effect of vampirism, had it repeated over and over by Stefan when they’d both been back in Mystic Falls. She would never age, time having halted it’s unrelenting march upon her body. She would forever be seventeen years of age, and while she’d always appeared older than she looked, it did have it’s disadvantages at times.

Pursing her lips thoughtfully, she runs a hand through her golden hair and tugs at a curl distractedly. She’d been thinking of a change lately, something to keep her entertained. The job that she has now as part of a vampire burlesque show was something that kept her distracted in the evenings well enough.

She sort of missed the idea of travelling though, of living out of little more than a back pack, drinking in the sights and sounds of an entirely new city. She hadn’t seen Europe in almost twenty years, choosing to stay stateside for Bonnie’s last few decades, determined to spend as much time with her best friend as possible.

The burlesque show she danced in was based out of Chicago, something that was pleasing to her. She had earned enough money over the decades to buy her own place in Chicago, a cute 2 bedroom apartment that looked out over the city. It was hers, and it was hers through good old fashioned hard work. That was something that she was forever proud of.

She’d always thought of burlesque as stripping, and when she’d been approached by Gloria, the woman who owned the club, she’d been a little taken aback. She’d been out in the club, just dancing with some friends before she’d been pulled aside by the other woman.

“You have a sensual way of moving your body.” Gloria had said, and she’d almost upended her drink on the other woman’s head before recognising Gloria as one of her own kind. Older, definitely, and probably stronger.

They’d fallen into conversation, and she’d agreed to come by the club one night, to see what the show was really all about.

She’d been surprised at what she’d found. She’d always loved the idea of the 20’s, and this show was a throwback to that particular decade, almost an entire century ago now. There were plenty of pearls and corsets and fascinators and feathers that all came together in a surprisingly tasteful show.

The girls were all gorgeous of course, legs a mile long and total control over the movement of their bodies, the sensual sway of their hips. She’d found herself captivated, and figured she didn’t have a lot to lose.

She’d started off in the back row before working her way up through the ranks, and had finally been given her own slot to fill with her own routine. She was one of the biggest draw cards of the show now, and she knew that Gloria would do anything to keep her.

There had only been one occasion that had almost had her quitting and running for the hills. That occasion, had been the reappearance of Kol Mikaelson.

She’d spotted him in the crowd almost straight away as she’d strutted sensually out onto the stage, and she’d stumbled quite uncharacteristically before regaining her bearings. He was with another vampire, head thrown back in laughter.

She’d continued her routine on autopilot, keeping one eye on him the whole time. She’d pinpointed the exact moment that he’d realised it was her, face white as a ghost as his eyes had widened. She’d blocked him out for the rest of the track, concentrating on finishing in one piece before practically fleeing backstage, not even noticing the amount of money that had been thrown on stage before the curtain had dropped.

She’d changed in record time, not even taking the time to remove her heavy stage make up before she was fleeing out the door and into the cold Chicago winter.

She’d taken all of about ten steps before Kol was gripping her wrist, turning her around to face him. She’d snarled at him, and he’d choked back his laughter, eyes brimming with mirth.

“Relax darling, I’m not here to hurt you.” Kol reassures her, dropping her wrist and taking a step back from her as if to prove his point. “Although I must admit I am a bit surprised to see you here of all places.”

She lets out a breath, pinching the bridge of her nose before buttoning her coat up to her chin.

“Please don’t tell your brother?” She asks, phrasing it as a question. Kol looks surprised at this, gaze darkening for a moment.

“You’re still playing cat and mouse with him? No matter, I won’t ‘spill the beans’ as the humans like to say.” Kol makes air quotations around his previous phrase.

“Thank you.” She replies, fishing around in her purse for her phone. “Our last encounter was a little charged.” She adds delicately, watching as Kol wrinkles his nose in disgust.

“I’m not even going to pretend to understand what you just said, nor am I sure that I would like to.” Kol remarks lightly. “Although I can see why he covets you so.”

She’s not sure if it’s impulse or stupidity, but her hand sweeps up to strike Kol across the face. He catches her wrist before she can do so, squeezing hard enough to grind bone.

“Now that was stupid.” He hisses at her, blurring them backwards, pushing her up against the brick wall of the building. “Perhaps I should rip out your heart right here, send it back to my brother in a box. He would probably thank me, in the end.” Kol voices quietly, breath hot against her neck as she tries not to squirm.

“He would hunt you to the ends of this earth. You would live out the rest of your miserable existence always looking over your shoulder, never truly knowing if you were safe or if he was toying with you.”

Kol turns his head to look at her, one eyebrow arching delicately at her confident pronouncement.

“You truly think you mean that much to him? My brother, who has never shown himself capable of love for the entirety of his prolonged existence?”

For the slightest of moments, she hesitates. It had been some time since she’d seen Klaus, almost ten years now. He hadn’t sought her out, and she had stayed clear of him and his last known location.

But then she remembers the soft look in his eyes as he’d watched her dress after their last encounter, sheets pooled around his hips as he’d propped himself up on his elbows. There had been a sadness tugging at the corners of his lips, and she thought that for a moment he was going to ask her to stay.

But he didn’t, and she’d left.

She juts her chin out defiantly, still very much aware that Kol was pinning her to the wall with his body, this close to reaching into the cavity of her chest and ripping out her heart.

“Why don’t you try your luck and find out?” She finally pronounces, as Kol stiffens, taking a step back to look at her, to check that she was actually being serious.

He lets go of her immediately, tugging at his own coat and running a hand through his hair.

“You have spirit Caroline Forbes. I can see why he’s still so enamoured, even after all this time.” Kol’s voice is apologetic, and she lets out a breath that she hadn’t even realised she’d been holding.

“Let me buy you a drink. No ulterior motives, I promise.”

She’d found herself agreeing before she could even think about it.

That had been over a year ago.

Gloria appears in the mirror behind her, looking far too excited about something. It usually didn’t bode well for her, whatever it was.

“I know that look, and that is not a look that I enjoy.” She tells Gloria, who scowls at her for a moment before bending down to fix her hair in the mirror.

“Actually I just got off the phone with a patron who wants us to perform at his birthday party.” Gloria looked like the cat who got the cream.

“Okay, this is normal. We do birthday parties all the time. So what’s the big deal?” Caroline asks, pulling her elbow length gloves on before getting up from the mirror to go and find her costume.

“This patron is filthy rich, and he’s willing to fly us all out to where his current location is. A little self indulgent, but I’m willing to entertain the idea once he quoted what he was willing to pay.”

“Mmm.” Caroline muses thoughtfully, grabbing her corseted outfit from one of the many racks scattered around her dressing room. “California? I could do with a bit of sunshine.”

“New Orleans actually. He seemed quite insistent, despite me telling him that this isn’t usually something that we do.”

She freezes in place, turning back to Gloria with mounting suspicion.

“Who did you say was the patron’s name again?” She asks sweetly, already wondering who she would have to plot a slow and painful murder for.

Gloria looks down at the message on her phone.

“Weird name, actually. Kol Mikaelson I believe it was.”

Caroline just lets out a sigh, mentally compartmentalising, promising to deal with this later.

Despite the myriad of threats that she directed towards Kol via text message and one particularly heated phone call, the Mikaelson pain in her ass refused to back down.

They’d ran into each other over the years, always civil with each other, but this was the first time that Kol had well and truly overstepped his bounds.

Because she wasn’t stupid, she could put two and two together. If Kol hadn’t somehow managed to piss off his siblings in some way this decade, it would mean that the rest of the Mikaelson’s would be present for the occasion.

Meaning, she would run into Klaus.

She considered feigning sickness, and begging out of the trip, as excited as the other girls were. They could easily fill in the gap with other routines, the whole show wasn’t dependent on her.

Except the whole show kind of was dependent on her attendance on the night. One of Kol’s caveats, and damn him for being such a ruthless business man, was that she would be there to perform on the night, or the entire deal was off.

At the core of it, despite her vampirism she was still a good person. Although Gloria didn’t out and out tell her, the show was struggling, and Kol’s money would go a long way in keeping it afloat for quite a few years to come.

She had essentially played right into Kol Mikaelson’s hands, and really, she shouldn’t be surprised. He’d been doing this whole existence thing for a whole lot longer than she had, knew how to manipulate people far better than she did.

So it was with an air of resignation that she had packed her suitcase, and met the rest of the girls at the Chicago O’Hare Internationall Airport for the two and a half hour flight out to New Orleans.

The humidity was what got her first, something that she thinks she probably won’t ever get used to. Tight ringlets form at her temples, hair sticking to the back of her neck as she loads the suitcase into the back of the chauffeured cars that Kol had sent to pick them up from the airport.

The rest of the girls had all giggled and chattered among themselves, but she couldn’t help but feel melancholy, if not a little nervous at the whole situation. Had Kol told Klaus she was coming? Would Klaus be expecting to see her?

Somehow, knowing Kol, she suspected the answer to that question would be no.

Far too soon, the car draws to a halt in front of an ostentatious mansion, still imposing in it’s size and stature. The other girls are all impressed, letting out low whistles and exclamations, like they’d never been exposed to wealth this obvious.

It’s with a jolt of surprise that she realises that most of them would not have. She’d liven a somewhat extraordinary life as a vampire, and been acquainted with the richest and oldest family in existence for decades now.

Kol is waiting out the front, and he welcomes Gloria with a charming smile, the hustle and bustle of caterers and event planners putting the finishing touches to what would be the party in the house behind them.

“Welcome, ladies. I’m so glad you could all make it.” He purrs, a few of the girls tittering as they adjust hair and bits of clothing. She stays leaning up against the Mercedes, bag slung over her shoulder and arms crossed over her chest as she refrains from rolling her eyes.

As Kol ushers the other girls into the cool interior of the house, he pauses, looking over his shoulder at her.

“Thanks for coming.” He begins quietly as she steps towards him, sighing as he presses a chaste kiss to her cheek.

“I am going to murder you.” She tells him, brushing past him and following the rest of the girls into the mansion.

It’s easy enough to follow the squeals upstairs, an entire floor set aside for the girls and their preparations. They would be staying for tonight and tomorrow before getting on the red eye back to Chicago tomorrow evening.

In an attempt to make peace with her, Kol had left her the biggest and best room, if the glimpses she got of the others spaces were anything to go by. The room itself is bright and airy, and almost exactly her taste with the parchment yellow walls and the cream accents.

She unpacks her bag slowly, hanging up her costume in the wardrobe and spreading out her make  up on the vanity. She plucks her tattered paperback from her carry on, and settles down to read on the balcony.

She barely notices the sun beginning to sink below the horizon.

It’s the rapid knocking on the door that startles her out of her little bubble, and Gloria pokes her head around the door with an apologetic smile. She’s carrying a martini, and Caroline leans forward, reaching out to take it.

“showtime in thirty minutes. I figured you could use a drink. Ex boyfriend?” Gloria asks as Caroline plucks the olive from the glass and pops it into her mouth.

It takes Caroline a moment to realise that Gloria is referring to Kol.

“Oh god no. If only it were that simple.” She replies with a laugh, taking a sip at the martini. It’s bitter and sharp, just the way she likes it. “No. Kol and I have known each other for a few decades now, I’m far better acquainted with his brother.”

Gloria stares at her for a long moment before nodding.

“Good. That’s one less thing I have to worry about, not that I didn’t doubt you could handle yourself. You seemed quite resistant to the idea of coming out here with us. What troubles you?”

She just sighs, taking another sip of her martini.

“Old ghosts, and my own insecurities. Nothing that I want to trouble you with.”

Gloria’s smile is an understanding one, and the older woman stands, reaching out to squeeze her shoulder reassuringly.

“Finish your drink, and then come and knock em dead. Deal?”

She nods once.


The track she usually dances to is a sultry version of the song ‘Fever’. A little dated to be sure, considering the first version of the song originated in the 1950’s, a little over a century ago.

There are newer, better songs that she could probably build a routine around, but she likes the brass and the swing of this song, loves how sexy and in control it makes her feel. She can transport herself, perform the whole routine with her eyes closed if she really wanted to.

Her costume is a Swarovski studded silver bustier, worth quite a bit of money. The fishnet tights she paired with it made her legs look a mile long, her golden curls pulled up into a chignon at the back of her neck.

With the blood red lips and the smoky eye makeup she would almost be unrecognisable. But not to Klaus, who had been intimately acquainted with every line and curve of her body. He would see right through the heavy makeup in split seconds.  

Angelica finishes her routine, an energetic number to a vaguely latino sounding song, and she squeals with excitement as she clatters off stage in her sky high heels.

“That was insane Caroline, they loved it. Good luck babe!” Angelica smacks a noisy kiss to her cheek before continuing back stage, no doubt to change into something a little less form fitting and a little more party appropriate.

Kol had invited the girls to stay and mingle after their performances, assuring them that they would not have to continue playing out the roles they so meticulously maintained on stage, that they were welcome to help themselves to the alcohol and food on offer as they enjoyed the rest of the night.

The stage darkens once more, and she takes another deep breath before striding out onto the dark space, back to the audience as she takes her starting position. She can’t help but think this is one of the stranger situations that she’s found herself in, and is determined to make the best of it, no matter the outcome.

The opening beats of the track begin, and she transports herself to that place she always goes to when she performs, letting the music take over her body as the spotlight reveals her body inch by inch.

She shoots a sultry look over her shoulder, smiling at the wolf whistle from Kol, seated front and centre a short distance from the stage.

Her hips sway sensually as she turns, forcing the smile off her face as she gets her game face on.  

She lets her gaze sweep across the crowd, faltering slightly when she notices Klaus seated towards the back of the room, drink held languidly in hand as his eyes burn into her. There’s no escaping his gaze now she’s noticed him, and he holds her stare for a split second more before he’s raising his glass to his lips.

He looks every inch the King, arrogance rolling off him in waves as his subordinates fawn over him, gazes turned towards her with barely concealed lust.

She continues to dance, stepping off the stage and stalking towards Kol, who motions her closer. She bends down towards him, hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she nips playfully at his neck, laughing throatily at his sharp intake of surprised breath.

Kol lets out a chuckle as she sashays away, hips still swaying to the sensual beat of the music, the soft crooning of the male singer laid over the brass of the band.

Her routine brings her closer to Klaus, and soon she’s working the space directly in front of him, trying her best to ignore the way his gaze on her makes her feel, the soft growl he lets out when one of his minions gets a little too close to her.

The other male vampire backs off in an instant, an alarmed glance at Klaus as she closes her eyes, hands running over her body. This wasn’t part of her normal routine, but it feels right as she blocks the rest of the room out, her focus narrowing down to Klaus.

Klaus shifts in his chair, drink discarded on the table beside him as he watches her dance. It surprises her, just how much she’s missed him, missed the way that his gaze darkens when he watches her, the languid gaze that runs over her body but still manages to make her feel like something rare and unspoiled.

Klaus played the long game, and it’s with a jolt of realisation that she doesn’t even know why she’s running from him anymore. They’d teased each other well enough over the centuries, and the sex had always been mind blowing when they’d met after a few years or a decade.

They’d long forgiven each other their sins, their friendship built on mutual trust and respect. Klaus had always given her the space she needed, because he knew that one day she would come back, and it would be for good.

The music finishes before she does, and the thunderous applause is enough to break her out of the daze she goes into whenever she performs. She sweeps the crowd an elegant bow, one last glance towards Klaus before she flits backstage to begin her post routine ritual.

In the end, all she does is remove her makeup before slipping into a robe and liberating a bottle of whisky and a glass or two from one of the many bartenders downstairs. The man, a human, is all too happy to oblige, and soon enough she finds herself climbing up the staircase and making a beeline for her room.

She doesn’t bother to lock the door behind her, knowing that nothing would stop Klaus if he really wanted to see her, wanted to talk to her.

She pours herself a drink as she hears his footsteps in the hallway, oh so familiar. The door creaks as he pushes it open, and she takes a deep breath before she turns to face him, drink held in hand.

“Hello Klaus.” She finally says after a long pause, the Hybrid continuing to stare at her as she lifts the glass to her lips. “Can I tempt you?” She asks, motioning with her head to the uncorked bottle.

She’s hardly surprised that Klaus isn’t dressed up. In fact he looks achingly familiar in his usual jeans, boots, and henley combo. She can only imagine how soft the heather grey henley is, resists the urge to blur across the room and bury her fingers in the fabric.

Klaus nods once, crossing the room as she holds out a glass to him.

“You were the last person I was expecting to see tonight sweetheart.” Klaus finally replies, taking a sip of his drink before placing it on the side board. “You look ravishing, as always.” He adds, running a finger down the column of her neck, her pulse leaping against her skin as he brushes against her robe.

It’s her that pulls him down for a gentle kiss, hand gripping the back of her neck, careful not to spill her drink all over him or her robe.

“Blame Kol.” She tells Klaus, putting her drink down next to his and shrugging out of her robe.

Klaus’ gaze darkens, becomes something more dangerous. He looks hungry almost as his eyes take every inch of her in, from the way the bustier pushes her breasts up and together, to where it nips in at the waist, to every tanned inch of her legs.

“It seems I owe my brother thanks, rather.” Klaus says roughly, gripping her gently by the shoulders and turning her away from him. “For bringing me such a wonderful surprise.”

His fingers comb gently through her hair, removing clips and pins until her curls are tumbling down around her shoulders. He sweeps the curtain of her hair to the side, pressing a hot, open mouthed kiss to the side of her neck as another hand splays against her stomach, pulling her back into his body.

She doesn’t resist as Klaus runs a hand down her side, ghosting over her crotch with his knuckles.

“I did come willingly.” She gasps out as Klaus begins to pluck at the strings of her bustier, loosening the garment bit by bit. “I wanted to see you.”

Klaus pauses for a moment, as if considering her words before he continues his previous actions.

“Did you now?” He muses out loud, hand parting the material at her back, forcing herself to hold her arms up to her chest. He doesn’t tear, perhaps realising how attached she is to the costume.

She doesn’t feel vulnerable as she turns to face him, despite the way he’s drinking her in like he’s a starving man. Klaus used to terrify her with his intensity, and she couldn’t believe that he could be so attracted to her, so captivated by her.

She’s not scared of him now. She hasn’t been for a long time. A part of her thinks that he realises this as well, probably has for a long time.

“I wanted to see you, because I wanted to tell you that I’m not running anymore.” She begins quietly, as Klaus seats himself on the perfectly made bed, listening to her with his head cocked to the side. “I am here, and I’m here with you, because right now, I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

Klaus’ lips quirk upwards into the ghost of a smile, but he doesn’t give her any further indication of what he’s feeling.

“I’m not cut out to be a Queen, but I am cut out to be with you. It just took me a little longer than I thought to realise.”

“Don’t toy with me Caroline. I’m not going to play games with you forever.” Klaus warns her, hands clenched into fists at his side.

“No games.” She replies softly, taking one step towards him, and then another. “Just me, and you. Do you think that’s something that you can live with?” She asks quietly, straddling him carefully, hands on his shoulders as she meets his gaze head on.

“Only if you can, sweetheart.” Klaus replies before he’s leaning forward once more, capturing her lips with his.

She doesn’t stop him as he bears her down into the mattress.