mount george

How about some George Washington facts in honor of his birthday?!

  • He never wore a wig, instead he powdered his hair and that’s why it looked white. 
  • He was supposedly infertile, it is still uncertain why/how, but many (myself included) believe he was unable to have children because he was not heterosexual and therefore not attracted to his wife, Martha. 
  • He bred hound dogs and treated them like members of his own family. He also gave them hilarious names, some being: Tipsy, Mopsey, Truelove, Tarter, Sweet Lips, and Ragman
  • One of his favorite foods was mashed potatoes
  • He was an honorary citizen of France 
  • It is impossible to outrank him in the military. There was literally a law passed to make Washington the highest ranking U.S. officer of all time. 
  • He is the only president to go into battle while serving as president 
  • He owned a whiskey distillery


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