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Pairing ; Bellamy x Pregnant!Reader

Timeframe ; S3E12 (Demons)

Summary ; [A Continuation of Angles] In which Bellamy takes his eyes off of his pregnant girlfriend for just a second, and instantly regrets it.

Part One

A/N ; Day 1 of 31 Days Of Christmas

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anonymous asked:

serious question: does clarke have a hotter line than "you may be the chancellor, but i'm in charge"? can that line ever be topped

some dialogue to take under consideration:

  • the only way the ark is gonna think im dead is if im dead
  • its an eight hour walk back to mount weather? youre gonna do it in six. (six hours? that’s not enough) thats your problem :)
  • carl emerson, mount weather security, come in. (who is this) you know who it is.
  • he shouldn’t have attacked my ship
  • don’t. move. (i have orders) i don’t care
  • i have a message for your leader. we’re coming for him. you’re watching us but you haven’t seen a thing. 
  • literally any damn thing she’s ever said in trigedasleng

Okay, hear me out. We know the chip makes you forget painful memories. Jaha forgot Wells. Raven forgot Finn. What does this mean Clarke will forget? Could she perhaps forget Lex/a? While she does have romantic feelings for Le/xa currently, no one can deny that she has been a huge source of pain for Clarke. That would mean Clarke would forget other painful pieces of her life as well. Mount Weather. Emerson. Finn. Her dad. But how meaningful would it be if she didn’t forget Bellamy? Bellamy’s been the one constant. The source of good. How much would that mean to Bellamy as well? To not just hear Clarke’s words, but to actually know that that is how he’s viewed?