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wasn't there supposed to be a steven universe convention happening this month?

you’re late, the sermon on the mount was 2000 years ago

A educational flyer entitled “Who’s That Dude On Campus?” produced by the Coalition for Gender Awareness (CoGA). CoGA was created in Fall 2009 with a mission of increasing campus awareness of transgender identities and the language surrounding gender. The first version of this flyer was created between 2009-2012. (Edit: It was Spring 2011! Thanks @dryfalls!)

Though these terms are currently somewhat outdated, this flyer indicates the presence and importance of conversations about gender and identity at Mount Holyoke.

Of all the things to hate about Florida, the drivers and road conditions are the closest thing to actual hell on earth I think I’ll ever experience. I’ve never seen so mamy people collectively decide to be so aggressively horrid at something so integral to daily life. There is literally no reprieve from the constant barrage of consciously awful road maneuvers these fucking animals perpetrate against one another.

These aren’t people. People experience fear and shame. Some people- not all, but most- occasionally experience some kind of empathy.
These are fucking strife golems. They’re formed from crystallized rage and entitlement and given life by a desire to be somewhere other than where they were when they mounted 2000 pounds of steel and fiberglass death. They simultaneously exhibit self-important fury and confused bewilderment in combinations that fucking baffle me. They’ll make 3 point turns in the middle of oncoming traffic as if they’re trying to gingerly shake a ribbon loose from their car’s bonnet, and then look around as if they were a sleeper agent who just came to when someone whispered their activation phrase.

The rubbernecking is like something out of a David Lynch film. Cars come to an absolute crawl on the highway so that the driver can stare contemplatively at the most unbelievably mundane fender benders and flat tires. Were anyone in need of actual help, not one would stop to offer a hand; I was once tailgated by a pickup truck as I pushed my broken down car to a gas station, alone, in the 100 degree summer heat and the absolutely inhuman man driving the thing honked at me to get out of the way. No, they just want to absorb any ambient suffering that they can to power their dark hearts so they’ll have the strength to make it through another game of bingo or another episode of Nancy Grace or to power through the incessant meaty, stinky heat that permeates this swamp.

I’m not a perfect driver, by any means. I miss turns, misjudge my speed, leave my blinker on- it happens. But what I can do is maintain an even pace relative to the people around me, use a turn signal, obey basic procedural courtesies with enough consistency to avoid accidents or having to slam my breaks, and park within the lines. People will cut you off and then give you the finger. I’ve seen people park their car perpendicular to oncoming traffic and then meanmug the understandably frustrated drivers who had to slam the breaks so as to avoid literally erasing the offending party from existence with their bumpers. Its like constantly being gaslit by everyone on the road; they all drive like 14 chimpanzees fighting over the steering wheel on the way to their third job at the opium crematorium, but with a pride and self-assurance that is infuriating. Its so easy to get a driver’s license here that you’re practically issued one at 16 with your complimentary pistol. The only reason everyone isn’t killed instantly forever on the way to Publix is because the entire state has been under construction since the Dark Sorceror Rick Scott and his Daemonic Cabal raised the peninsula from below the muddy depths 6000 years ago. My car was hit by a hard hat on the highway 2 weeks ago. It fell off of a construction vehicle and destroyed my undercarriage along with a portion of my bumper and the remainder of the goodness in my heart. I hate this state, and I would take one for the team if that Bugs Bunny gif with the saw played out while I Hodor’d the rest of the inhabitants from escaping.


HK 416 Clone Build

My next clone project has begun. 

I got the HK 10.4″ MR556 upper earlier today. Just swapped the factory quad rail out for a Remington RAHG rail. I still need to install the Geissele MR556 trigger into one my SBR’d lowers, which will hold me over until i track down a HK 416 lower. 

I’m still waiting on a few parts to arrive, like a Magpul RVG. I still need a few other items, mainly: EOTech 551, G23 magnifier, ATPIAL-C (one on it now is off one of my CQBR’s), Surefire Scout light, and S&S Precision mount.

Currently have a lead on a 551, so hopefully i’ll have the proper optic soon. I used to own a 551, never thought i’d have to see another one again. 

- b

Have you ever seen over 1,500 people bowing down, worshipping one Lord? Let me tell you. It's beautiful.

I don’t care if you unfollow me for this post, I’m expressing my faith.

Mount 2000 is the best weekend of my life. After this weekend, I feel a closeness with God I’ve never felt before. 1,500 of us teens adored our Lord this weekend, feeling the love He has for us. 1,500 of us traveled from near & far to experience a retreat like no other. 1,500 of us sacrificed our own beds for a gym floor, our bathrooms for communal ones, and homecooked meals for cafeteria food. 1,500 of us felt the prescence of the Lord for 3 days straight.

This retreat cannot be put into words. It is the best thing ever. Last night, in Adoration, i witnessed one of my guy friends find Jesus. He broke down crying, and could not stop. I saw the face Christ in tear-stained faces. Men & women all over the arena were on their knees, reaching out, crying, begging to feel the Lord. And when that Monstrance was before us, we fell prostrate to the ground, bowing before Jesus Christ. I could go on forever.

Never in my life have I felt such a closeness with God. Never in my life have I talked to God in prayer. Never in my life have I encountered Him as I did this weekend.

I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I’m broken, my heart is wounded. But I learned this weekend that God loves me. He will not abandon me. “And heaven meets earth like an unforseen kiss, and my heart turns violently inside of my chest. I don’t have time to maintain these regrets, when I think about the way… Oh, how He loves us, oh, how He loves us, how He loves all, How he loves…” (David Crowder, How He Loves Us).

This weekend has changed my heart, and I will forever stand & worship him. I will be a vessel of the Lord. I will bring His light to all those I meet. “So here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you’re my God.”

Remember, in the words of Father Michael Paris, “God  does not call the qualified, God qualifies the called.”

God Bless y'all <3

(if you have any questions about Mount 2000, my faith, anything, feel free to ask!)

Mount 2000.

so I just came back from a youth retreat in Maryland and man it changed me. I was so touched by this retreat that there’s no word to describe it. I learned so many things. One of the things I learned is that he’s always there for you. You may not feel it but you don’t know what he’s done for you in your life. You have to pour your heart out to him. Let him know how you feel about everything. He wants to hear you. Let him know that you want him to fill the holes in your heart. He’ll listen. I never understood how people were really touched by him that they cried. I never understood his love. But now I understand. When I poured out to God during my penance after confession, I just broke down. And he listened to me. I could write so much about what happened but it’s a lot so I’ll stop here. I’m just really glad I came to Mount 2000. I came in as a stubborn girl with shaky faith and came out as a girl with a stronger faith in God. It’s still a bit shaky but definitely stronger.