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A couple more Fallout themed kindness rocks :) I’m going to Cleveland with my mom for an appointment on the first so I might take these to hide up there, if I don’t paint more in the meantime.

Oh yeah, and @kitfistovevo , I saw in the Moundsville, WV rocks group that one of the members was in town for a bit, but she lives in Texas and she’s taking some back with her, so it might not be too long until you see some down ‘attaway :D

Meet Willow.

I call her Willow, because that’s what we were going to name her. But unfortunately, we are unable to adopt her. So we’re desperately going to try to find her another home.

Willow is FIV positive.

For those of you unaware, FIV is the feline version of HIV. It is transmitted much the same way, through contact with bodily fluids. Because of this, Willow puts our own cat at risk.

But there’s still hope! Our vet says as long as Willow is in a single cat home, she is still perfectly adoptable and could live a long, healthy life. But that’s the catch. She must be in a single cat home. There is no wiggle room for this. You cannot have other cats, and before coming into contact with other cats you should take precautions like thoroughly washing your hands to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

If we do not find another home for Willow, we will have no choice but to euthanize her. We can’t turn her over to the shelter - they would euthanize her the day they got her because she’d be a risk to all their other cats. We can’t just drop her off on the street because she’d be able to spread the virus without checks. This is Willow’s only chance.

She is a sweet, wonderful Siamese mix. She is very affectionate and a perfect lap cat. It would be a shame to have to euthanize her for something completely out of her control.

We live in Moundsville, WV. We are willing to travel up to an hour and a half away to deliver her if you’re willing to adopt her.

We are unsure if she is spayed, because she was a stray. She has a notch in one ear, and her upper right canine is broken. As of her exam, the only blemishes on her record are that she tested positive for FIV and currently has fleas.

Even if you cannot adopt her, please signal boost. This is life or death for her.