moulin rouge x

Help Wanted

Pairings: Lucifer (Luci) x Reader, Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3073

Warnings: Mentions of prostitution

Summary: Reader is down on her luck and ends up stumbling across Lucifer’s establishment, connects with Lucifer, but something isn’t quite right.  What will she do when she finds out the truth? 

A/N: This is my first time writing Lucifer, so feedback will be greatly appreciated.  A special thank you to my wonderful beta @impala-dreamer and to @lucifer-in-leather for reading this over.  This is written for @plaidstiel-wormstache‘s Jessie’s Everything/ Keep Me Sane on a Plane Challenge.  My prompt is “If I’m not back in 5… just wait longer.” And I was given the song Roxanne-Police or Moulin Rouge version.  I decided to use the Moulin Rouge version and as Zsa Zsa Gabor passed away today, I think it is quite fitting.  So this is also for you “darling”.  You will be dearly missed and always remembered.

You were only nineteen and suddenly found yourself living on the street and stealing to survive.  You had never imagined that telling your parents you didn’t believe that God cared about anything anyone did and that you no longer would be going to church with them would have resulted in them disowning you. Your mom even went so far as to yell that you were not her daughter anymore and to get the hell out of her house. You were crying as you quickly packed a duffel bag with the absolute essentials and walked out of your childhood home, knowing that you would never be welcome back inside.  

The first four days had been the toughest days you had ever endured. You were starving, tired, and freezing. You knew you needed to find income and steady shelter or you wouldn’t last through until the end of the month. You walked the streets looking for help wanted signs. A few places had already turned you away and you were about to find another dark alley to curl up in when you turned the corner and saw the neon light flashing in the window.  

Help Wanted.  Apply Within. 

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Seasons May Change

request: Ok so I was listening to El Tango de Roxanne and an idea popped in my head, so hear me out: obi wan x reader where they were childhood friends and reader was forced to marry an important man (a king or smtg) but she doesn’t love him, and obi wan and anakin have to go on a mission on the planet that (y/n)’s husband rules and obi wan is pained to see the woman he loves in the arms of another man and their entire stay him and the reader sneak out bc they love each other and ani covers for them!

a/n: I, um, got a little carried away. This has almost 5,000 words, oops! It’s probably the longest thing I’ve ever written! But I was having way too much fun with this one. Also, I apologize for the wait, I certainly took my sweet time on this one! But I wanted to make sure it was just right! I even rewrote the ending twice! I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it! Thank you for the wonderful request darling, have a lovely day!

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Parallels & Easter Eggs

Ewan Mcgregor played Obi-wan Kenobi in Star Wars and was the character model for him in Star Wars the Clone Wars Tv series. Ewan also played Christian in Moulin Rouge!

Ewan’s character’s love interest in Moulin Rouge is Satine, Ewan’s character’s love interest in Star Wars the Clone Wars is Satine.

Both women named Satine are doomed from the start and die in their lovers arms.


Moulin Rouge AU:
as Satine. Jon as Christian. Littlefinger as The Duke.

          Sansa is beautiful, and yes, she very well knows it. She stands still, and stoic by the table, and she looks over at him almost shyly. Jon knows it’s a deceptive move, and he also knows she uses those pretty blue eyes on all the other young men who cross her path. He wonders if she is doing it without realizing it, because she looked less than pleased to see him moments before.

            “Jon, what are you doing here?” Sansa lifts a plump grape from the plate on the table, and pops it in her mouth. She chews it slowly, and all he wants to know is if she tastes like that now, sweet with a hint of tartness on her pink tongue.

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I decided to post this now since I didn’t want to wait until September to post it, haha. I’ll think of a different AU to post for AU day. :) 

WAIGE || Moulin Rouge! AU

►Walter as Christian
►Paige as Satine
►Drew as The Duke
►Cabe (mentioned) as Zidler

He met her by accident, but from the moment he saw her… and danced with her, he had fallen in love, and she, him. In spite of how strongly Paige felt for Walter, she was instructed to pay favor to The Duke in order to keep the theater, Moulin Rouge, from failing. And yet, while she was promised to The Duke, she couldn’t stay away from the man who had captured her heart. They were inseparable, yet they had to keep their relationship a secret, wanting to run away together once their final show, “Spectacular, Spectacular,” - a musical about an Indian courtesan who fell in love with a poor sitar player - was completed. For weeks, they went unnoticed, but The Duke grew suspicious and threatened to stop funding the theater if he didn’t meet Paige later that night. Paige’s boss / caretaker, Cabe, arranged for her to meet with The Duke that very evening, but she fell ill to Tuberculosis, and Cabe learned from the doctor that Paige didn’t have long to live.

The Duke was relentless; he tried everything to pry the young lovers apart including confronting Walter, but nothing worked. Cabe, in spite of his distaste for The Duke, finally told Paige she was dying and highly encouraged her to end things with Walter. She did not, though. She wouldn’t. Couldn’t.

During the first performance of “Spectacular, Spectacular,” Walter was denied access into the theater, but he managed to sneak in - he needed to see Paige and demand her to tell him she loved him. They get into an argument, and while Paige desperately wanted to tell him she loved him, she couldn’t. She was afraid of committing to a relationship that wouldn’t last. Enraged, Walter stormed away from Paige, denouncing every feeling he had ever felt for the her. In an attempt to call out to Walter, Paige sang out to him, singing the song he had written for the musical to express their love, “Come What May.”

Walter, hearing her words, joined her on stage and reciprocated her feelings by singing the other part’s solo. The number ended with a heating kiss as the curtain closed, and then, unexpectedly, Paige couldn’t stop coughing up blood. The singing was too much for her. Walter panicked and embraced her  as he called for a doctor.

But one never came…,

…and she died in his arms.

Programs based of musicals: A watchlist

The phantom of the opera (X)

Moulin Rouge (X

West side story (X)

Notre Dame de Paris (X)

An American in Paris (X)

Les miserables (X)

My fair lady (X)

First there is desire
Then… passion!
Then… suspicion!
Jealousy! Anger! Betrayal!
Where love is for the highest bidder,
There can be no trust!
Without trust,
There is no love!
Yes, jealousy…
Will drive you… mad!