moulin rouge!klaine

But guys

Okay, ignoring the fact that we may or may not get Klaine singing Come What May…

What if Kurt sang El Tango de Roxanne?

No, no, hear me out. I’ve been listening to it and it… doesn’t it fit perfectly with Kurt? Especially Christian’s part. Because this is Kurt. And after feeling betrayed and hurt and whatnot, he’d start imagining it: imagining Blaine with someone else. Wondering if he was better. If he now knows how Blaine looks the way Kurt does.

His eyes upon your face
His hand upon your hand
His lips caress your skin
It’s more than I can stand

You’re free to leave me
But just don’t deceive me
And please, believe me when I say
I love you

Besides, picture it: Blaine dancing tango with other guys and finally Kurt and Blaine dancing tango as the final part of the song rolls. The intense part intercut with images of Blaine and Eli, or flashbacks of their fight or something.

The song ends with them holding each other, panting and gasping for breath. Then they pull apart and both storm out of the room.

i will find any way to your wild heart  // fourteen tracks to lead kurt to blaine’s wild heart. 

1. If You Ever Come Back - The Script // 2. I Wish You Would - Taylor Swift // 3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go - One Direction // 4. Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra // 5. Lego House - Ed Sheeran // 6. Wild Heart - Bleachers // 7. You & I - Lady Gaga // 8. Take A Chance On Me - ABBA // 9. How You Get The Girl - Taylor Swift // 10. Winds Of Change - Vance Joy // 11. Get Back - Demi Lovato // 12. Shape Of My Heart - Backstreet Boys // 13. Like a River Runs - Bleachers // 14. Come What May (Reprise) - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack