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Klaine meet-cute prompt: Rachel dragging Kurt to a "lame" book signing for some author he's never heard of, and he runs into Blaine in the aisle or restroom or somewhere, and they commiserate about this awful book signing and then Kurt discovers that woops Blaine is the author?

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There is something … familiar about bookstores.

About books surrounding you, and offering warmth and shelter.

At least it used to feel like that, when Kurt was a kid.

It still does, when he thinks about it–just not when his roommate is dragging to a signing and the bookstore is filled to the brim with squealy women.

That being said, what is he doing here.

“Cronuts, Chookie and Duffins : The Year of the Hybrids”.

Interesting premise, sure, but if the book is about hybrid desserts, why isn’t there even one miserable baby cupcake in the whole bookstore.

And who the devil is B.D. Anderson?

“Beats me.”

Kurt does not jump a mile high in his shock at the voice that comes from his left.

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Push-Pull - Quixoticity - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, Burt Hummel, Sam Evans, Blaine’s Parents (Glee), Hunter Clarington
Additional Tags: Dom/sub, Sub Blaine, Dom Kurt, Light BDSM, Age Difference, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Teacher-Student Relationship

AU where everyone is born a Dom, sub or switch.

Kurt returns to Lima to look after his Dad, taking a teaching job at McKinley to make ends meet. He meets Blaine at a Dom/sub club and they share an intense mutual attraction. When Blaine walks into his classroom the next day Kurt is shocked to discover he is a 16 year old student, and things get complicated.

I stumbled upon this new Klaine fic writer and this story is all sorts of wonderful. Pining from afar, forbidden fruit, jealous!kurt - it’s amazing. It’s a WIP but she updates regularly. I’m also enjoying her other WIP fic, so check it out whilst you’re at A03.

Remember that kudos and comments keep authors motivated.

Kurt and Blaine Wake up Married

Chapter 19

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The weeks go by, and to be honest..well, to be honest, Blaine is pretty miserable. He won’t die of a broken heart just yet, but he also won’t win any prizes on how to live a fulfilled life. He lives for his work, which is what he’s always done when there’s nothing else, and as always, it’s almost enough.


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Klaine one-shot - “Welcome to Our Humble Home” (Rated T)

It’s Halloween night, and the whole of London’s children are going door to door, dressed in disguises and begging for treats. When a small group of children venture upon one house in particular, a house that no one has ever gone guising at before because the windows are never lit, a simple matter of begging for sweets becomes a contest of bravery…to see who can come back alive from the home of the notoriously wicked Earl Anderson! (2881 words)

*** I was inspired to write this story after I saw an amazing piece of art by the incredible @riverance (which can be found here.) I was dying to write something for it, and my mind automatically went to my Lord of the Manor verse (which you don’t necessarily have to read to appreciate this). So here we have Lord Anderson’s Family’s first Halloween spent in London, and the first time Earl Anderson hands out treats to the children. I realize there may be a few historical inaccuracies in this story, but I kept true to the time period as much as I could. <3

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“What did you get? What did you get?” Molly asked, clutching her sack in her hands. She jumped up and down so vigorously while she waited, she nearly toppled the hat from her head. The disguise she wore – a handmade hand-me-down belonging to her many sisters before her – was faded and a little tattered, but that was one of the reasons why Molly liked it. It made her look every inch the old, decrepit hag she was trying to be.

“Let me look, let me look,” Ryan commanded, tearing through the contents of his sack to examine his loot. Beneath the light of a street lamp, four little monsters, witches, and goblins compared their hauls, exchanging pies and other sweets for ones more favored, and gobbling down those that had broken or crumbled. One house along the route had even given out marbles. Real glass ones! Not the cheaper ones made of clay. Too bad they couldn’t quite remember which house that was. They might be able to trade costumes and go back for another.

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I don't know if this is allowed and I don't know how many writers are reading this blog so feel free to ignore this! Over at the prompt-a-klainefic tumbler there are a ton of great prompts and they're hosting a mini bang now. Sign-ups end October 31 (though you can always pick a prompt to write). I would love to see a bunch of new Klaine fics come out of this! Any chance you'd let your readers know about it? Here's the info: prompt-a-klainefic*tumblr*com/post/151594124334/klaine-prompt-mini-bang

Absolutely allowed!  The more fics, the better!  Here ya go, readers and writers!  Either submit a prompt or writers/artists - go go go!  Thanks in advance for your contributions to fandom.

Prompt A Klaine Fic

Blaine's big European adventure

AU where Blaine never went to Dalton or McKinley and Kurt never went to Dalton either. Blaine’s graduation gift from his parents is a trip around Europe.

On the train from London to Paris, he meets Kurt. Kurt had come to London to spend 3 weeks with his boyfriend, who decided, 2 days into Kurt’s stay, that he wanted to break up with Kurt instead. Kurt then decided to spend his remaining holiday traveling around Europe. His budget is very tight, because he had obviously not calculated travel expenses and hotels into his budget as the plan had been to stay with his boyfriend in London. But he is determined to make it work and see as much as he can with the money he has. In New York, Kurt is in design school, he wants to design jewelry. He doesn’t like to take pictures of things, he takes the time to sit down and draw the things he sees on his trip instead.

Blaine is fascinated by Kurt and is happy when he agrees to have Blaine as his travel companion. When they reach Geneva on their trip, two more boys join them. They meet the two preppy boys (Niff, Wes/David, Sebastian/Trent), ?) on top of Mont Salève. They had also travelled from Paris to Geneva. Like Blaine’s parents, their parents had given them a trip as a graduation present. The gift had been 2 weeks in a luxury hotel in Paris and then 2 weeks in a villa in the south of France. But they had already seen Paris, so they had left most of their luggage at the hotel, told the front desk to send it to the villa in two weeks, grabbed their credit cards and had gone to the train station to buy an interrail pass.

Road trip story where Kurt and Blaine fall in love, but are oblivious about it for most of the trip. The other two boys think they are stupid. Things they could see, do, experience, come across could be:
Kurt seeing all the fashion houses in Paris, a guy flashes them in the metro in Paris, they decide to busk (acapella top 40 hits) for money in Prague, in Rome one of the boys know an old couple who owns a restaurant – so they are seated in the kitchen and fed amazing food by the wife while the couple bickers and orders their staff around, in Rome they find a hotel with cheap rooms in the attic and access to a small roof terrace, in Venice they get lost in all the narrow streets and pass a carpenter’s shop where they hand-make the ores for the gondolas – they end up spending an hour watching and asking questions (despite the language barrier), they really like the murals in Pompeii, they accidently (maybe not accidently) buy a hash brownie in Amsterdam, they participate in the Pride parade in Amsterdam, in Corfu they rent some rooms from Aphrodite (no kidding), they learn that the tourists on Corfu are mostly British – and they favor the lobster colored tan, in France they experience two different kinds of guides – one is very accommodating when Kurt (and maybe Sebastian) translates the French tour for the non French-speaking friends – the other says some pretty rude things about Americans – good thing Kurt and Sebastian understand and are not afraid to talk back.

Also the lower drinking age in most European countries, could be a European championship (soccer) year and they could meet an Italian ice-cream seller who is pissed off and a bit rude when Italy is about to lose a game but euphoric when they win or a Spanish tourist who is hiding a small Spanish flag in his pocket in France in case Spain wins the game against France.

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