Look at these kids.
I was going to make Bianca’s star look shattered but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.
End of Explanation the list of people’s names will be in the tag. Got one more Part to do!

Possible Fusion List

Rose Fusions

Alexandrite x Rose - Temple Fusion/Roselite

Peridot x Rose/Steven - Lemon Quartz

Opal x Rose - Blue Moon Quartz

Lapis x Rose/Steven - Medusa Quartz

Garnet X Rose/Steven - Peach Quartz

Rose/Steven x Bismuth - Titanium Quatz

Alexandrite x Peridot x Rose - Chlorastrolite

Alexandrite x Lapis x Rose - Auralite

Nephrite x Rose - Rutilated Quartz

Temple Fusion x Bismuth - Moukaite

Ruby x Rose - Padparadscha

Sapphire x Rose - Druzy Quartz

Alexandrite Fusions

Alexandrite x Peridot - Galexite

Alexandrite x Lapis - Aqua Aura

Alexandrite x Bismuth - Erythrite

Alexandrite x Nephrite – Danburite

Alexandrite x Bismuth x Nephrite x Lapis x Peridot - Zultanite

Peridot Fusions

Garnet x Peridot - Jade

Amethyst x Peridot - Atlantisite

Peridot x Pearl - Phosphophyllite

Peridot X Lapis - Cabochon

Peridot x Ruby - Obsidian

Peridot X Sapphire – Turquise

Peridot x Malachite - Titanite

Lapis Fusions

Lapis x Garnet - Hackmanite

Lapis x Amethyst - Iolite

Lapis x Pearl - Lazulite

Bismuth Fusions

Bismuth x Garnet - Pyrite

Bismuth x Amethyst - Amesite

Bismuth x Pearl – Argentite

Bismuth x Lapis – Bornite

Thanks to @thehomeworldtrash for suggesting that Jasper is Mookaite Jasper; this gives us indications where Jasper’s kindergarden is.

Mookaite is derived from ‘Mooka’: an Aboriginal term for ‘running water’, this is a reference to the springs and creeks found in Mooka Station, south of Kennedy Range National Park (WA), the only place where its found.

The landscape there really looks like the Beta Kindergarten!

The orange layers on the walls of the gorge.

the honeycomb gorge which might have inspired the exit holes of the beta kindergarden.

Mookaite being mined. (look at the colour schemes brah)

((After many demands I have the pleasure of finishing a drawing of Calypso in gem form! One of the precious anons suggested her gem placement and another suggested that she be like Lapis and be trapped in some object that require some assistance to get out of. And who better than our previous Citrine? ;) I hope tall like her! Introducing Moukaite!))


Been experiemtning with humanised dragons and how to incorperate the genes and features of the dragons into that with some interesting outcomes. Drawn for me by the lovely hurrhurrr (FR blog here), I cant thank her enough for these!!!

Featured Dragons are Lilianni (14187595), Moukaite (15744395), Carran ( 14091584) and Glacia (13412949)