So Monster of the Week has some like extra playbooks they released after the revised edition and they’re pretty cool generally but one of them in particular is called the Meddling Kid and they are just…. every scooby doo character? Like 


or my favourite

Which lets you just decide that the GMs monster was actually just a man in a mask the whole time, and the GM just has to deal with that fact. But the best part of the playbook IMO is the looks section

Notice that pick one from each list means that there is no rule saying that “dog” and “collar and nametag” have to go together. Now you could be gross about that fact OR you could be a dog who wears preppy clothes and honestly roleplaying games have reached their zenith imo

‘I Believe the Children Are Our Future’ was one of those episodes where we started with the kills and then came up with a reason,” Kripke reveals. “We started with how we wanted all the lies that parents tell children to come true. That was the notion that [Daniel Loflin and Andrew Dabb] pitched, that Pop Rocks and Coke would cause your stomach to explode, that joy buzzers could kill you, that the Tooth Fairy was real – all of those things. And we wanted to really tell a story about how the way that people lie to children isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and that the motivation behind it is to keep them safe and protected. That was where we started, and then we said, 'What would allow us to have that story within the apocalyptic pantheon [of season 5]?’ We started looking at the Antichrist. We thought it would be a really intriguing notion for us to have an Antichrist who is generally a likable kid that’s making all of these childish things come to life simply because he doesn’t know any better.
—  Knight, Nicholas, Eric Kripke, and Christopher Cerasi.  The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester.  San Rafael, CA: Insight Editions, 2012: 38-39.
Random Fandom Trivia

The terms MOTW (Monster of the Week) and UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) were coined by the X-Files online fandom.

They are now used not just in wider fandom, but as meta terms in general television, including by tv writers themselves.

The X-Files also gave us the COTR (Conversation on the Rock). It references a scene wherein the two main characters have a deep conversation pertaining to their psychology and development as characters. The conversation only comes about because they are stranded and isolated on a rock surrounded by water.

While the term has faded outside the X-Files fandom, the tv trope of isolation + revelation references the COTR heavily. The fandom trope of isolation + revelation is even more widespread. Are your characters locked in a closet? trapped in an elevator? snowed in in a cabin, Canadian shack or a cave? caught injured in building rubble? Are they having a frank conversation about how they consider the other and/or themselves? If so, it’s a COTR.

I said once that I really wanted to draw Tihi and Ary in Avatar Universe!

Well here it come!!! <3

I love doing avatar outfit! <3<3
No need to ask why I changed the outfit of my Shui 3 times on 130 pages ^^’ (^^’ well you can only saw 2 because I redid chapter 1 but yeah… 3 time x3)

They are not especially inspired of their original outfit! I realy wanted to create ones!

Tihi is my Moana OC and Aranui is @redsageofficial one! <3<3<3

In the last Monster of the Week campaign, Burger finally met the dark forces within him in the form of an uncomfortable hallucination in the middle of Washington D.C.! This is Azzy! He’s a piece of shit! :D