motvational quotes

Indeed! 🙌 Ladies, release the need for approval from others & you will soon feel the power you possess. Life should not be a flakey popularity contest which is fake & unfulfilling but a journey of truth, strength, and integrity. Be BOLD and stand ALONE if you have to. 💪Strong women don’t play the victim card, they don’t make themselves look pitiful, they don’t blame others for how they feel, they stand up and OWN it. VALIDATE YOURSELF. You ARE powerful! 🙋👑 #bitchesbelike

I am goddamned tired of letting you be in control. this is my life, so when do I start to live it? I’m done being the sad pathetic girl who sits around and cries over a boy that doesn’t love her. I have spent more time mourning your absence than loving you. I’m done with letting you be in charge of when I get to be happy and when I get to be miserable. when did I even give you that power? I’m done with letting you walk in and out of my life whenever you please because it hurts. it hurt when you broke my heart, and it’s still aching now. it hurt when you gave up on me. it hurt when you fell in love with another. it hurt when you broke me into tiny pieces of glass and then blamed me when you cut your fingers. but I’m done with being hurt. I love you so much, but maybe getting over it is just accepting that it’ll always be there. being okay with the fact that I will always want you, but that doesn’t mean I need you. what we had was great, but it’s over. and we need to accept that. i can’t open new doors without closing old ones, I can’t start a new chapter without finishing the last one, i can’t move on without letting you go.
—  olivweissyou don’t need me, but that’s okay because I don’t need you either.

I decided today I would see if there was any difference in my body. The left picture was taken about a month or two ago and the right was taken today (7/21/16). I personally can not see a difference but my family says they can. I can see a few things such as my back looks more proportioned and my butt looks a bit higher but that’s about it. I’m not putting myself down I’m actually really happy of what I can tell, but my family seems to see something bigger. Over the past few months I have worked my ass off but have fallen off the horse a few times. No matter how many times I fall off track I’m not going to quit or get up I will always get back up and continue to try. I encourage everyone and anyone that reads this to do the same thing. Even if your goal is not to lose weight but to accomplish something else never give up and keep pushing and moving along the path to success 😊❤️

We are all unique individuals. There’s not a single person in this world that thinks in an identical manner to the way that you do. What you do defines you, and represents who you are. So forget about making him or her proud, make yourself proud. You are your own virtue, and you define your own character.
—  Words of Wisdom