When I find myself in times of trouble Harry Styles comes to me, speaking words of wisdom:

“Be nice to everyone and do it five minutes early”

“And what was that motto carved into that great big mantelpiece? ‘Homini…’“
“’Homo Homini Lupus,’ sir,” said cheery. “It means ‘Every man is a wolf to another man.’“
“Hah! Why haven’t I promoted you, Cheery?”
“Because I get embarrassed about shouting at other people, sir.”

– on Cheery’s career | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

I think it goes without saying...

That I’ve never bullied anyone, nor am I the type of person to insult others. My motto is “spread love, not hate” for goodness sake—it’s on a graphic I post everywhere (on this blog, my other social media accounts, even at the bottom of my DOA profile).

But I am staunchly pro-artist. As an author, artist, and creator, myself, I can’t bring myself to even consider stealing others’ work. My views extend beyond BJDs to digital piracy, as well—I do not download movies, music, etc. I save money and pay for what I get, or else… I don’t get it. Simple, yes?

I will always be pro-artist. I will always offer encouragement, help, and support to those in the doll community.

I will also always welcome recast-turned-legit owners back to the hobby with open arms. If you purchased a recast by mistake, I’ll work to help you get your money back.


John Green’s Top 10 (7) Latin Mottos

Illegitimi non carborundum (dont let the bastards get you down)

Homo homini lupus (man is a wolf to man)

Sic Transit Gloria (glory fades)

Carpe Noctum (seize the night)

Tempus edax rerum (time, the devourer of all things)

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus (never tickle a sleeping dragon)

Ultima forsan (it’s later than you think)

anonymous asked:

Nerd-Uchiha hc: The (un)official clan motto is "DIBS!!!" because they're always claiming new assistants/subjects for experiments.

xD Forget having to perfect the Grand Fireball jutsu to be considered an adult - here you have to find a victim volunteer for all your creations. 

anonymous asked:

Hi :) Can you tell me how you, as an INFP, experience dominant Fi? I think I may be a Fi dom but im having trouble figuring out if Fi-dom applies to me so I'd like to see how it shows itself in your day to day life, thanks.

omg i meant ISFP on my ask about Fi-dom, I was thinking I was INFP myself so I said INFP, sorry.

No worries! xD Hmm… I tend to feel pretty individualistic in terms of what I believe in and what I do? I go by the “live and let live” motto, and I usually don’t really mind anyone as long as they aren’t bothersome or don’t try to control/criticise what I do. If not for me not wanting to make my life difficult by souring relationships, I would have snapped back at many people who have crossed my boundaries. (Ok and also because I can’t think of comebacks on the spot and usually think of a clapback like an hour later)

When I decide to cut someone off (because they crossed my line), it tends to be pretty decisive too. It’s actually more of a subconscious thing, but once I’ve chosen to take my distance, I just stop feeling the need to talk to them at all. Most of the time, I don’t hate them, I just… don’t want to talk.

I tend to feel my emotions pretty intensely, and it can be hard for me to express them adequately; I dwell in them pretty often too. My INTP friend once told me, “I can’t imagine how you live like that” :p But to me, my emotions are who I am. They are omnipresent. And yet when someone asks me to talk about how I feel irl, I end up stuttering and blushing because it’s just… something that I don’t want to show. But when I do choose to, it just comes out like a waterfall, non-stop.

Sorry if this was incoherent lol, I’m half-asleep :’)

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Life is but a fleeting moment, be happy.
Blog what you Love and what inspires you.
The feels are real. Love wins the war. Never give up.

Habt euch Lieb!

Das Motto des Jahres 2017: Habt euch lieb.
Seid lieber zueinander. Kümmert euch mehr. Denkt mehr aneinander. Denkt mehr über euch selber nach. Schickt mal nette Briefe oder Blumen! Kocht zusammen! Oder malt ihnen tolle Bilder. Füllt diese Welt mit Liebe und Liebhaben.

Aber denkt auch dran: Wenn euch jemand nicht gut tut, wenn euch jemand Argwohn und Schlechte Zeiten bereitet, dann habt ihn nicht lieb.
Gebt euch nicht mit Arschlöchern ab.

Habt euch lieb.

Elemental Mottos
  • by Crystal Melbourne | Within The Zodiac
  • Aries: I Move (Cardinal Fire- Action)
  • Taurus: I Solidify (Fixed Earth- Foundation)
  • Gemini: I Learn (Mutable Air- Education)
  • Cancer: I Cherish (Cardinal Water- Nourishment)
  • Leo: I Crave (Fixed Fire- Passion)
  • Virgo: I Refine (Mutable Earth- Improvement)
  • Libra: I Understand (Cardinal Air- Relationships)
  • Scorpio: I Unveil (Fixed Water- Enlightenment)
  • Sagittarius: I Strive (Mutable Fire- Movement)
  • Capricorn: I Build (Cardinal Earth- Achievement)
  • Aquarius: I Know (Fixed Air- Wisdom)
  • Pisces: I Connect (Mutable Water- Universality)