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terminé una relacion toxica y anduve depre mucho tiempo. uno piensa que es amor pero en realidad es falta de dopamina en el lóbulo frontal, al final era un tumor de 200 gramos y su extraccion me quitó ciertas funciones motrices

Nous nous méprenons toujours sur nous-même et nous comprenons rarement les autres. L'expérience n'a pas de valeur morale. C'est simplement le nom que les hommes donnent à leurs erreurs. Les moralistes y voient généralement un mode d’avertissement, lui trouvent une certaine efficacité dans la formation du caractère, en font l'éloge comme d'une chose qui nous enseigne ce qu'il faut poursuivre et nous montre ce qu'il faut éviter. Mais l'expérience n'a pas de force motrice. Elle n'est pas plus une cause active que la conscience elle-même. Tout ce qu'elle démontre véritablement, c'est que notre avenir ressemblera à notre passé et que, le péché que nous avons commis une fois avec répugnance, nous le commettrons encore bien des fois, et dans la joie.
—  Oscar Wilde
Sexual Kumbat

150 years ago, Shao Kahn, fearing that his life would end soon, secretly asked the dreadful warlock, Shang Tsung the soul thief, to helped him into earning immortality. Then the sorcerer answered that he needed the sacrifice of the first son of the emperor’s own blood. Unfortunately, his wife, Sindel, killed herself before he could impregnate her. Even worse, after he had beat Shinnok in a mortal kombat, which was in fact an arm wrestling, the sore loser cursed him with a scourge that allowed him to have a child only if the partner truly loved him. Ironically, his only way to find someone was to capture them and turn them into his sex slave. Outraged by this, he soon noticed a blonde lady who was different, she was submissive and devoted to the emperor, no matter his atrocities. Even though she was more than obedient, Shao Kahn didn’t reveal the destiny of their son to see what would be her reaction. After a savage night of sex and 9 months, a boy with curled and shimmering blonde hair was born. Shortly after his birth, the emperor’s chosen sex slave hid her son in Earthrealm, as she was jealous that the boy would steal her beloved’s attention but couldn’t killed him. After she saw his wrath toward her actions, she quickly killed herself, leaving Shao Kahn without any clues about his son’s whereabouts.

Years and years, he ravaged cities in the aim of finding him, even if he was probably already dead. Then decades after this incident, the infamous ruler died after a long battle with Raiden. Nevertheless, Shao Kahn put a part of his soul into his staff which was concealed inside his throne. The spell on his staff was powerful, slowly but surely, the Konqueror’s soul would gather into the staff and be complete, like a kind of enhanced cloning hex. Also, his patience was brief as numerous cyborgs came here to scavenge the emperor’s knowledge on dark magic, what kind of twisted powers would have born with this blend? Luckily, one of those tin boxes would soon discover the answer, as a matter of fact, a blue cyborg carelessly destroyed the throne containing the staff and grabbed it. Instantly, the crystal ball on it shattered as a green energy emanated and pushed toward the cyborg’s torso. The cyberninja was surprised as his detectors told him that it was a chest cold, but at the next second he quickly kneeled and writhed in pain as something, maybe a virus, was intruding themselves into him. Gripping his skull, the “virus” inserted unfamiliar thoughts inside his system, similar to a cage clamping on his head. Promptly, his optic scanner blurred while the ghost of a musclebound warrior appeared before his vision blackened.

When the cyborg stood up, he was another person, Shao Kahn was now inhabiting him. A husky laugh went out of the deadly hybrid as he observed his vessel.

-Haha… I was thinking that a half-human thing would be more half less weak than a human, I was wrong… Hmm, if I’m ghostin’ your pathetic body, I shall at least do a little improv’ to benefit some pleasures out of it.

Shao Kahn concentrate as the lights on his flickered and his metallic skin peeled off. The human’s brain inside the cyborg tried to fight the entity playing with his body, but it was useless. “UNNG! Stop it! I am not a toy for you to manipulate!”. The robot screamed as his motrice captors were seeing double, there was two person trying to control this body. Whereas his wires were turned into ligaments, covering growing muscles. The unpleasant mask on his face soon fell, revealing two handsome and icy eyes, just like the armor which let a chiseled and naked physique free to everyone’s view. When the possessed fighter relaxed, the evil inside him giggled at the sight of their impressive body. “Hmm, name Kuai Liang and called Sub-zero? What a pitiful name, sounds almost like Semen zero… Haha. What’s that power that I can feel? Ooh, I see, cryokinesis. If I was still in my previous body, I would have annihilated you. You know what’s funny? It is that with me inside you, you would have finally the guts to kill your brother’s murderer, but I have no desire to do this… No grandeur, it would be a pain of a boredom to help you doing this. Alas, I’m stuck with you, so let’s start with discovering more about each other, shall we?”

Subzero/Shao Kahn moved his hands on his cold yet ripped body and even though his one was better, he had to admit that he was fond of this feeling of being in another man and dominating them. The once fighter was nothing more than a tool for a perverted mind and their dark fantasies, his willpower and his warlike instincts were all crushed under by the stronger ruler. The real Kuai Liang was now caged in his own body, forced to see a spectral parasite controlling his movements. Subzero’s usual callous eyes were now overtaken by madness as he fondled himself, breathing like a swine in heat as stream came out of his mouth. His immodest groans came out of his mouth as he pinched his frigid nipples, caressing his imposing chest before moving to his biceps as he pawed them, they were so big, he wanted to devour them like a starving bear feeling his own powerful appearance. The sovereign had to admit, he liked his host, maybe those square shoulders were enough immenses to carry his crown. However, there was one last test for his vessel. Shao Kahn grabbed his new member and groped it, moving the skin up his frozen and hard penis as he growled like a cranky mountain giant. The glacial colossus felt his dick stiffening like an icicle, a mighty stalagmite, and turning hotter and hotter. As the stroking were faster, something happen. For the first time since a long time, Subzero began sweating all over his contracting muscles, his bouncing pecs, his rock abs and his athletic legs. The possessed Subzero moaned as his conducting rod boiled, his body was electric, he had to expel the scorching liquid inside him. Stroking harder, lava of cum erupted from his burning dick as the inhabited man howled and covered himself with blazing semen and fell on the ground. Better than one, it was two men’s orgasm. Laughing, Shao Kahn spread the jizz on his muscular frame and licked the rest. “Hmm, tasty treat… Oh yeah, this baritone is mine now. Before my update of your pathetic body, you were squealing like a chicken, but with me in control of the inner workings, your voice is much more masculine.”. Shao lay on the floor, slowly exploring his new body with his hands before he heard the others cyborgs coming here. Ready to fight them, he quickly put his clothes back on him, letting the fabric tickling his tip and tightening the metal vambraces around his brawny arms which inflated against them, he just loved the feeling of having his bulging biceps bounded.

-The teammate that you used to call LK-52O is now a host for I, Shao Kahn.

-Shao Kahn?

The cyborgs all looked at each other as they were surrounding the only man in this place. Nevertheless, he didn’t seemed afraid at all, he was instead cocksure and taunted the whole army with nothing more than his piercing blue eyes. Clenching his fists, he was about to throw an ice beam at one of them who approached but stopped when he kneeled in front of him.

-Us the cyborgs, we’re here to serve the strongest and we know that it’s you or at least your soul, Shao Kahn.  

-Really? Looks like that this weaker body is enough to impress inferior races.

-What shall we do to pleasure you, master?

-A fight to death. The three remaining cyborgs will become my personal guards. Oh and try to not soil this place too much.

The cyborgs nodded before they all jumped at each other’s throats much to Shao Kahn’s delight.

25 years later.

During those following decades, the resurrected emperor joined forces with Mileena thanks to their shared and colossal lust thirst. As Outworld was trying to rebuild itself, their defenses didn’t even have the time to prepare themselves as they were surprised by Shao Kahn’s guard and Mileena’s Tarkatan one. Although the battle was long and harsh, they were no match against Kahn’s tactical mind and Mileena’s erratic insanity. Strangely, as Outworld was ruled by them, it somehow became an utopia where free love was legal, most of the soldiers were turned into sex slaves for Mileena and Shao Kahn and the name Outworld was changed into Harealm. Indeed, each rulers had a personal harem, Shao Kahn’s one was exclusively female while Mileena’s one was composed of every races and genders, she just enjoyed having intercourses. However, Shao Kahn heard rumors about a rebellion which was apparently set up in the Kuatan Jungle. Consequently, he decided to let Mileena ruling the realm, during his absence, with her concubine Tanya. After a few days, he arrived in the jungle with his three cyborgs guards, even if the location was humid it wasn’t because of that Subzero’s body was sweating. In fact, Subzero never sweat before but after his possession, his body temperature was much more higher than the usual. Plus, he was now wearing an outfit similar to Shao Kahn’s one, almost naked with only a red cloth hiding his crotch, his ass, a leather chest harness and two metal armbands strained against his beefy biceps.  

As his possession lasted long, his eyes were now red, his skin was grayish and his voice was deeper. As they came near a river, Shao Kahn kneeled as he taunted his vessel’s reflection.

-Ah! Looks like even your body know who is the real chief, now everyone forget about Kuai Lang and Subzero the Konqueror is feared everywhere! Fortunately I turned your unworthy body into something more satisfying to contain my soul. Plus, the ladies didn’t complain about your new self, Kuai Lang, hahaha! How that feel? Having someone mightier than you who made all of your ally thought that you were a traitor, the respectful warrior is now a sexual beast whose the staff is craved by every woman in his harem! HAHA!

Subzero laughed maniacally which could even scared the cyborgs but their master kept doing this and grabbed his firm abs. When he finished laughing, Shao Kahn turn back to face his guards.

-Come on guys, chill on! Try to laugh, it would help you having a hard stomach like me!

Shao Kahn punched his steel abdomen and giggled. Wanting to mess with the robots one more time, he turned his back to the river but instead of facing two beleaguered cyborgs, he found them laying on the ground, a hole in both of their heads. Looking up, he saw a tall man covered by a poncho and a Stetson hat.  

-Ice to meet you.

-That pun is older than me.

-That pun will live longer than you.

Shao Kahn sends a blast of ice to his opponent who temporally froze as he jumps toward them, ready to shatter them with a stomp of his shoulder. However, before he could do that, he realized that his target’s hands weren’t froze as one of the pistol shot a bullet which ricocheted on a branch to Shao’s helmet. Consequently, Shao Kahn was laying on the ground as he opened his disoriented eyes and instantly faced his defrosted enemy pointing a gun against his head.  

Strangely, he saw pinky candy clouds behind his foe, like it was some of love at the first sight moment. Shao had to admit it, the kid had style, not so much as the Konqueror, but at least he wasn’t wortless. This mysterious acrimony in his eyes, he was already fond of that. Moving his gaze, he noticed that the guy was already all sweaty, these hulking biceps gleaming with the sunshine and, hmm these bubble butts.

Almost enthralled by his husky baritone, Shao quickly imagined something. He slapped the kid’s butts and slids to the right to dodge the others bullets shot by the stranger before icing the ground with his aggressor’s feet who couldn’t move again.

-It’s certain death for you now, give me a reason to not finish you.

-You want to know who’s my employer?

-Useless, I can read your mind.

Shao Kahn grabbed the trapped man head and closed his eyes. Digging into his thoughts, his victim groaned “Ung! Get out of my head!”. Searching into his mind, he found that it was Kotal Kahn, an Osh-Tekk, who paid the bounty hunter, it wasn’t surprising, he always wanted to rule Outworld. As he was about to rip their spine, he suddenly saw something that took his interest but before he could continue, he felt a muzzle against his torso.

-Any last words?

-Haha. I’ll hear yours soon.

-Yours ears will get my boots bloody.

The gunslinger unloaded his rifle on his target who fell backwards. Smoke hid Shao but soon disappeared to reveal that he was unharmed as he laughed and sent an ice blast at his opponent who was knocked out.

-Firearms? I expected better from my son.

Subzero opened wide his mouth as his body trembled and a cloud of smoke went out of him and entered into his enemy’s one. He didn’t had the time to open his eyes as he was invaded by a paranormal being, convulsing and bellowing. His eyes turned glowing purple because of the mix of powers between Shao Kahn and Subzero. When his vision became clearer, the man looked at his hands, touching his face and burst into laughter, his skin was coarse and at the same time baby-like. And those arms, he didn’t remember seeing biceps and triceps like this since his.

-UNG! Get out! NNNGGG! Noo!… Hmm. This one is much more better.

Nearing to the river, he giggled and removed his mask, under it was a 5 o'clock shadow and a familiar square jaw. He flashed a smile at his reflection as he caressed his cheeks.

-Hmm, you were wearing this hideous mask to hid the fact that you had the same appealing jaw than your dear father? Well this is ending now, you don’t have to hide those luscious lips anymore, we are finally reunited… I can’t wait to use you as my puppet, but there is one more mind game that I want to play with you my darling son.

-W-where am I?

The real Subzero was awakening but before he could do anything, Shao Kahn returned in him as he fought briefly before smiling maliciously. His son was coughing as his dad’s vessel approached him.

-So you named yourself Erron Black? Is that supposed to scared your targets?  Did you chose that name to impress your cherished daddy, junior?

-Shut up! You’re not my father! My father was…

-A drunkard who killed himself after getting wasted… Lovely story but that’s just a lie, your father is Shao Kahn.

-No… You’re…

-I’m not joking, my powerful blood is flowing in your veins and I’m delighted to finally take what belongs to me.

-Shao Kahn is dead and so do his son!

-Shao Kahn will never die, my precious offspring. That slut was clever, using a spell from Shang Tsung for making you aging slower, but ironically this spell will allow me live as a strong and strapping warrior forever.

-I’m not so sure about that, daddy.

Erron drew a revolver and put it against his temple.

-Really? You think that you have the guts to kill yourself?

-If it stop a bastard like you, yes.

Erron closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.  

-What? I can’t move my hands!

-It was a good try, but were you thinking I was foolish enough to leave completely your lusty body? A small part of my soul is still in you and is disabling you to commit suicide.

-Arrghh! What do you want?! Finish this and take over my body.

-Haha, don’t be that eager. I want you to beg me to possess you.

-What!? Never!

-As you want.

Subzero smirked before falling on the ground as Shao’s soul jumped in his helpless son and returned into his previous host.

-*Cough* What are you doing?!

-I’m breaking your willpower, I’m treasuring to see my sturdy son to turn into a puppy languishing for his daddy to possess him.

-You fucking pervert!

-Soon, my perversion would be inside you.

Shao kept doing that process, hoping between the two hunks who hollered and struggled for control until Erron’s willpower was worn out. As Shao flooded Subzero’s body for the nth time, Erron was kneeling, crying and gasping for air.

-*Panting* Please… *Panting* No more.

-You know what to do then.

Erron’s eyes looked at his father with a shattered expression, he crawled to his vessel and clinged his muscular leg.

-P-please daddy, possess my body. I want to feel you inside me, turning me into a dirty manwhore craving for sex. Please I am nothing but an empty meatbag without you. Make me more manful. Possess me daddy!

Shao Kahn, through Subzero, grinned and grabbed his son’s chin as he slowly licked his tears and kissed him.

-Yeaaah, that’s a good boy.

Shao forced his tongue against his son’s one, grinning from ear to ear as his victim was already overused, submitted wholly into his forceful grip. Erron let his dad caressing him as he blushed and moaned.

-You like that? I didn’t remember having a pig for a son, haha. Then, you will love what come next…

Subzero’s eyes rolled back as smoke came out of him and penetrated the leather cowboy’s body who desperately bawled, losing his crumbling struggling desire and his last glimpses of consciousness.  

-AAaaah! Yo-you can possess me, but I will always fighting you from the inside! ARGH! It hurts so much, fuck! PLEASE STOP THIS! DADDY! I’M YOUR SON, NOOOOO!

Shaking briefly before falling on the ground, clawing the dirt as he cried and struggled against his dad’s willpower. Laying motionless, he slowly opened his eyes and breathed loudly as Shao Kahn loved the feeling of his larger torso swelling.

-*Breathing* Ahh… Son, you are my host. Haha, I can’t believe that I will live forever in a body like this, this is a really generous present for your old man. You have almost the same voice as your dad only that it’s much more youthful, hmm this ardor is all mine now. You were such a crybaby, waiting for his father to spank him, don’t worry we’re going to be the strongest now.

Wiping his tears, Erron/Shao savored their taste before noticing a bulge in his pants. Chuckling, he removed his leather top, leaving his bare torso opened to his every desires. He caressed his soft, tanned yet rough skin covered sometime by scars, he opened his mouth and closed his eyes as a fiery heat took control of him. Cupping his pecs, he twisted them and pinched his nipples as he shrieked with a high-pitched tone, almost tearing them off as his bulge got bigger. Lowering his hands to his burning abs, he felt the sweat filling every curves of his six-pack and a happy trail of hair, must be the tight leather top who created that torridness. His son was really a little slut. Suddenly, he allowed the little fucker some dry-humping as a firm meat snake slithered his way out of his pants. The pretty rosy peak of his son’s dick appeared as precum leaked from it. Shao moaned and breathed heavily, beating the shit of his son’s fuckstick as his lowered leather pants boiled his strong thighs. The heat in the jungle was scorching and Shao’s father-son time was really in the best place for this. As his thick staff trembled between his tough hands thanks to his vigorous stamina, this body was really the worthy heir of his might. His strong voice thundered echoes the most powerful and delightful orgasm that happened in this place as his dick unleashed rockets of manjuice on his sculpted physique. Tasting his cum, he loved the salty and spicy flavors wailing masculinity. As he admired his stolen body… No his new body, he decided that it would be a shame to hid is body, so he just put on his pants, his boots, the bandoliers around his bare torso and his charismatic cowboy hat. “Erron” admired his bulking body as complex tattoos appeared on his possessed skin, they were some Adinkra symbols of vitality, Native american one for strength and others magic ones for the soul, the body and the mind. The tattoo was magnificent on his beefy arms as he flexed it and was enamored with this.

Half-naked, the recently created cocky young man lifted Subzero’s unconscious body and carried him on his shoulder, laughing arrogantly as he was impressed by his strength. Walking to his kingdom, his athletic legs were fulfilled by a pretentious energy as he crossed towns every seconds with ease. As they arrived at the docks of his colossal domain, Erron fell his passenger moving.  

-Wh-Where am I?

-Howdy the yankee. Don’t worry, ya cayn keep movin’, Ah’m strongar than thray buffalos.

-I was awake when you were in body, Shao. I know this is not how your son talk. Stop doing that stupid accent.

-What’re ya talkin’ ‘bout? Sure 'nuff Ah’m Erron Black.

-Huuh… Whatever, take good care of Outworld, I’m out of here.

-What? Outta here? Tst tst. Your ass is mahne. Ya see, when mah Pop’s ghost possessed me, Ah fixed to not bein’ a looker anymore, now Ah’m a cowboy daddy, baby.

As the possessed Erron was obsessed to groppe himself and act like a cowboy, Subzero wanted to take advantage of it to leave, but Erron draw his gun and almost made his target dance with his bullets.

-These yankees… Ya see, mah son isn’t into pussy, let’s say. He’s a rump ranger.


-Ya heard me, my son’s a fuckin’ fag. Saydly, I can’t chaynge mah son’s orientation when Ah’m insahde his body, so Ah’m forced to find some cum dumpsta. Ya my swat yankee.

-You’re insane, I won’t let you make me some kind of whore!

-Big hat, no cattle. Ya have to fight first.

Dropping his hat, Subzero was forced to fight to not to be Erron Black or Shao Kahn’s sexual slave. However, a part of Shao Kahn’s spirit was still in him as he couldn’t resist to drool over the cowboy’s stunning and tanned body, what a hunk. Lost in his unintentional fantasies, Subzero panicked when he saw the wonderboy shooting at him.

'Dammit, he really wants me to be his manwhore’ thought Subzero. Amazed by his opponent’s physique, Kuai Liang could only throw snowballs at him who was easily annoyed by his lack of fighting. Thus, Subzero was quickly cornered and watched as a bullet headed toward his skull.

'Shit, these tenebrous eyes, at least I’ll be defeated by a fucking nice piece of meat’ tried to not think Subzero before the ammo pierced the skull. Erron watched, disappointed, until he noticed that Subzero’s body turn into ice and shattered. As he realized that it was a clone, it was too late to prevent him to get hit by a frost hammer. Kneeling, Erron pretended to be weakenned as he threw sand into Subzero’s eyes who attempted to removed it but it was sticky.

-Ah! Why is that thing?

-Mixed it with semen baby.

A temporally blinded Kuai Liang walked on caltrops as he screamed and this time, he really face in front of a gun. Ambushed by the cowboy, Subzero closed his eyes on the image of his sweaty and handsome enemy.

As his heartbeats slowed, Subzero felt a mosquito sting in his lower abdomen and noticed a dart in that area. Removing it, Subzero tried to move but he quickly fell on the floor as a pain urged him in the crotch. Groaning, his eyes bugged out at the sight of a massive bulge under his red cloth. He was soon incapacitated as “Erron” walked closer to him.  

-Wha-what’s happening to me?

-Shh, it’s more than a paralyzing toxin and extreme aphrodisiacs, haha. Seem like you will need a helping hand.

-Don’t you dare… UNNGG!

Erron grabbed Subzero gigantic boner through the cloth as he started stroking his victim’s rod.

-Aarggh! Stop this!

-Ha! A slut like you don’t need fabric to cover them!

Erron shredded the cloth as he manhandled Subzero’s fuckstick who panted and barelly denied that fact he enjoyed it.  

-My dad really choose well, your body is impressive but mine is better. I’m so glad that he possessed me so I can’t be a queer anymore, I can be the fucking alpha that I always deserve to be!

Erron lowered his pants as his meaty monster was freed and instantly penetrated Subzero’s ass which made him yelling.

-Aaahhh! It’s too tight!

-Fuck it is… My son’s cunt is fucking used to dicks, but now it’s finished. *pant*. We will only eat pussies like your now!

Erron tightened and squeezed Subzero’s penis who trashed around to release himself from the strong grip whereas their dicks were both inflating, notably Erron’s one who was much harder and longer. Probably because the possession forced two men into the same body. Erron kept pushing into Subzero who stopped resisting as the pleasure was too high and captivating.

-God, this feel so great! Ngg! My boy is such a good rider! Making his daddy so proud!

-You really… Aaaah! You’re nothing but a lust beast!

Pounding faster and faster, Guyliner grabbed Subzero’s hair with the other hand and put his open mouth on his chiseled pecs and dragged his tongue on his nipples. His muscular chest was rumbling which made Erron growling imposing animal sounds while his dick was thrusting Subzero’s mancunt. However, when precum appeared, he ceased stroking Subzero’s dick and preferred his own pleasure and focused on his dick.

-Ah… Ah! I’m gonna cuuuuuUUUMMMMM!

Like a riffle, Erron shot loads of jizz into Subzero who shrieked whereas Erron did a manly roar with triumph. Lifting Subzero’s legs, Erron licked his own cum again, he was addicted to his son’s virile cum. Dressing himself up, Subzero moaned and crawled on the ground as his boner was still raging.

-Please! Make me cum, I can’t hold this!

-Please who?

-Please… Master.

Erron smirked cockily, just like his father, and showed up a lasso that he used to catch Subzero’s dick and coiled it around his erection and almost strangle it as it engorged with semen while Subzero gasped for air. The cowboy smiled as he realized that one of the greatest warrior in Outworld was possessed by him while another one would soon be his slave.

-Tell me whore, would you do anything for me?

-Unnng! Yes! Please, just help me with this and I’m wholly yours!

-Soon, but now your name isn’t Subzero anymore, now your name is Submissive, understand?

-Yes yes! I am Submissive my master!

Therefore, the lasso compressed Submissive’s dick as semen exploded and erupted from him, Subzero moaned in delight but quickly yelped when he realized that sand was also being shot by his penis. A geyser of cum and sand was summoned into Subzero’s groin who was left breathless, the aphrodisiacs were so effective that a rain of jizz and sand fell on Erron’s bubble butts, in spite of the fact he wasn’t near of Subzero.

-Sand really gets everywhere.

The real Erron watched helplessly as his father used his body to masturbate in front of what he considered as an erotic spectacle. Shooting another load, Shao moaned with his mantoy.  

-Come on my doggie slave, crawl to me and clean the mess you created on my dick, you fucking tease.

Subzero sighed and crawled toward Erron who put up his pants and voluntary patted his crotch to spread the cum on his penis. Swallowing his broken ego, Submissive licked his dick as his master moaned and grabbed his hair.

-Oh! Oh, yeees. You will see my dear Submissive slave, our kingdom will love us.

After that, Erron and Subzero dressed up and headed toward their empire. When they arrived, Mileena and Tanya were surprise yet aroused at the sight of two half-naked and muscular men. Then, Erron soon explained that he was the new ruler of Harealm as he beat Subzero and made him his sex slave. At first, Mileena refused to be the under the commands of a stranger, but she soon accepted it when Erron offered her all of Subzero’s female sex slaves and some of his males. Thus, the realm of lust was now ruled by a new Konqueror and as the days passed, Subzero was now used to his Submissive role as Erron’s favorite. The only thing is that nobody apart his mantoy and the ruler’s son and host, nobody knew that there was only one ruler of Harealm, Shao Kahn.

10,000 BC pgph 34

On the other hand, language becomes the new form of expression … The substance involved is fundamentally vocal substance, which brings into play various organic elements: not only the larynx, but the mouth and lips, and the overall motricity of the face. Once again, a whole intensive map must be accounted for: the mouth as a deterritorialization of the snout (the whole “conflict between the mouth and the brain,” as Perrier called it); the lips as a deterritorialization of the mouth (only humans have lips, in other words, an outward curling of the interior mucous membranes; only human females have breasts, in other words, deterritorialized mammary glands: the extended nursing period advantageous for language learning is accompanied by a complementary reterritorialization of the lips on the breasts, and the breasts on the lips). What a curious deterritorialization, filling one’s mouth with words instead of food and noises. The steppe, once more, seems to have exerted strong pressures of selection: the “supple larynx” is a development corresponding to the free hand and could have arisen only in a deforested milieu where it is no longer necessary to have gigantic laryngeal sacks in order for one’s cries to be heard above the constant din of the forest. To articulate, to speak, is to speak softly …  The form of expression, as language, also crosses a threshold.

from paragraph 34, 10,000 BC. Translated by Brian Massumi

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No problem :How would Sakamaki boys beal with s/o who has DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder/dyspraxia : basically, difficulties for handling some motricity tasks and memorize movements). Have a nice day too~

I’m still not sure if I understood it correctly since it seems kind of unclear when I’m reading the descriptions… That’s why I won’t write much about this and please, don’t yell at me if I got it wrong. Explain calmly though, I will never yell back ^^”

♛ Ayato ♛

His first - and final - reaction is to laugh at you. He doesn’t really care about your state nor if it’s a bother to you, since he doesn’t expect you to be anything “better”. You’re a stupid human, after all. But since your attempts are so miserable, that’s only enjoyable for him. You’re clumsy and he will take advantage of it. The problem will be if you can’t make takoyaki because of the disorder… That will make him mad and he will end up yelling and saying all those rude things.

♟ Kanato ♟

At first, he just laughs at you, in this low, creepy voice telling Teddy how stupid and pathetic you are. When he notices that it happens often, he will tell you bluntly that you’re just stupid. He will laugh at you, making you do the things that are the most difficult just to see your face every time you fail. He doesn’t care about it much, but he will enjoy the view.

♞ Laito ♞

He doesn’t care much and laughs it off, maybe teasing you a little bit. When he realizes the problem, he will watch you more closely, being sincerely curious about your attempts and reactions. He wouldn’t care much, only tease occasionally and not do anything in particular to stop/help you. It doesn’t bother him.

♝ Reiji ♝

For him it’s obviously a MAJOR problem. How can you be so clumsy? It’s obvious that you should be able to do all the basic things. And if you can’t, he will teach you. By making you repeat all the things over and over till you faint from either stress or exhaustion. His trainings will last for long hours, until you finally learn it. He’s not supportive per se, he just thinks that everything can be fixed if you’re… motivated enough.

♚ Shu ♚

He honestly couldn’t care less. He will sometimes see you struggling and - if some things last too long - he will even cover you up just so you stop being noisy. But it has to really bother him, other than that, he most likely won’t even notice the thing.

♜ Subaru ♜

He’s pretty annoyed at first as you’re bumping into things (and walls) and doing everything so clumsily. He will threaten you a bit, but not care much unless you bump into him. He won’t understand the disorder, he will just find you incredibly clumsy. At some point he’d try to be supportive, but it’s still kind of unclear since at his age people like this would be just - probably - found stupid.

Notte d’insonnia. Omero. Vele tese laggiú.
Ho letto, delle navi, fino a metà il catalogo:
questa lunga nidiata, questo corteo di gru
che dall’Ellade un giorno si levò e prese il largo.

Cuneo di gru diretto verso estranee frontiere –
bianca schiuma divina sulle teste dei re –,
per dove fate rotta? Per voi Troia senz’Elena
sarebbe mai la stessa, maschi guerrieri achei?

L’amore tutto muove – muove Omero e il suo mare.
A chi presterò ascolto? Ma ecco tace Omero,
ed enfaticamente strepita un mare nero
che con un greve rombo si addossa al capezzale.

—  Osip Ėmil’evič Mandel’štam

Agosto 1915
Otto lezioni di vita di Albert Einstein

01. Segui la tua intuizione

“La mente intuitiva e’ un dono sacro, la mente razionale e’ un fedele servo…
Noi abbiamo creato una società che onora il servo e ha dimenticato il dono.”

02. Impara ad essere ottimista
“E’ meglio essere ottimisti e avere torto, che pessimisti e avere ragione.”

03. Scegli di essere felice
“Ogni minuto che passi arrabbiato perdi sessanta secondi di felicità.”

04. Se vuoi puoi
“C’è una forza motrice più forte del vapore, dell’elettricità e dell’energia atomica: la volontà.”

05. Vivi qui e ora
“Non penso mai al futuro, arriva così presto.”

06. Cambia i tuoi pensieri e cambierà il tuo mondo
“Il mondo che abbiamo creato è il prodotto del nostro pensiero e dunque non può cambiare se prima non modifichiamo il nostro modo di pensare.”

07. Ricerca l’equilibrio nel movimento
“Saper vivere è come andare in bicicletta: per mantenere l’equilibrio non bisogna mai smettere di muoversi.”

08. Adattati ai cambiamenti
“La misura dell’intelligenza è data dalla capacità di cambiare quando è necessario.”

No recuerdo un momento en mi vida en el que haya estado cómodo con mi cuerpo. Actualmente se habla más sobre “body shaming” y me parece excelente que existan campañas que informen y aspiren a cambiar la mentalidad de la gente. Ya sea que las personas al burlarse de otros hagan que se sientan mal o que uno mismo se critique y hasta denigre por cómo se ve o cómo se siente, la mejor forma de evitar y corregir esto es a partir de la educación y un cambio de mentalidad social.

Mis papás me acostumbraron a hacer ejercicio desde pequeño, primero para desarrollar mis habilidades motrices y para tener actividades sociales que implicaron un esfuerzo saludable. Después me empujaron más hacia el ejercicio por las cuestiones sociales y el desarrollo de mi inteligencia kinestésica corporal. Haciendo ejercicio hice amigos, competí, me mantuve delgado o atlético y me llenaba de endorfinas al grado de que saliendo de la escuela los entrenamientos eran lo primero que pasaban por mi cabeza y sonreía. 

No he sido una persona musculosa con un cuerpo imponente, tampoco he sido una persona con obesidad, siempre me he mantenido delgado, promedio o llegando al límite superior del peso ideal para mi estatura (esto es un poco cachetón y con una ligera pancita, se podría decir que pachoncito pero sano). A pesar de eso no me he sentido cómodo con mi cuerpo, no me siento adecuado y me da pena mostrarlo. Los complejos más severos vienen de adentro, puede que nazcan por lo que nos dicen sobre nosotros, pero dentro de uno es donde se salen de control. Soy mi mayor crítico y no me logro convencer ni agradar. 

Nado todos los días, al menos lo intento, porque la vida se cruza y no siempre se puede ser tan consistente. De cualquier forma ya es parte de mi rutina, por razones de salud, por no poder hacer otro tipo de ejercicio y porque lo disfruto. A veces no quiero ir a nadar y no es porque tenga flojera o porque esté muy adolorido, eso no me importa, al contrario el esfuerzo me agrada y el dolor muscular es un gran sustituto a los dolores que me aquejan todos los días. Esos días en los que no quiero ir a nadar es por pena; la idea de que me vean en traje de baño me aterra, me llena de vergüenza, aunque la mayoría de las veces lo enfrento sin problema, hay días en los que no puedo superar ese miedo, pena o vergüenza.

Es en estos momentos en los que me doy cuenta de que el sistema educativo (en casi todo el mundo) sigue teniendo demasiados huecos. Es importante que aprendamos a escribir, que aprendamos matemáticas, física, química, historia, cívica, geografía, etc. Pero estamos olvidando enseñar a querernos, a ser tolerantes, a trabajar juntos en vez de enfrentarnos, a resolver los problemas hablando, a no humillar, a conocer nuestros cuerpos, a entender nuestra sexualidad, a apreciar el fascinante misterio que es existir, a querer al medio ambiente y no acabar con la tierra, a ayudar al prójimo en vez de aplastarlo. 

Mi familia me ha dado una gran educación, pero la sociedad y mi mente me han hecho sentir inadecuado muchos años. Hoy me siento cómodo con mi cuerpo, pero tardé mucho en llegar a esto que todos deberíamos tener, sin dudas ni problemas, desde que nacemos. Hay que querernos, hay que buscar hacer las cosas porque nos gustan y cuidarnos por y para nosotros mismos.

—  El diario vacío, Ave Literaria.
It is now time for Maria's shitty worldbuilding headcanons about the kappa race, their anatomy, their morphology, their society, in the touhou universe

Ok, so. First things first, let’s remind ourselves what a kappa originally is.

The kappa is that one japanese monster that looks like a cross between a monkey/human and a turtle. They’re known for being massive assholes, drowning people in the water they live in and are eating cucumbers. When they’re not eating cucumbers, they’re eating humans’ souls from… the asshole. The very special asshole. How impressive!

You all know that our boy Jun'ya Oota aka ZUN loves to make his characters cute human girls. All of them. No exception. And the kappa doesn’t escape to the rule of BECOMING THE MOE. If some species in touhou project have multiple representatives (Suika and Yuugi for Onis, Aya, Hatate, and Momiji for Tengus…), we only have one, fully named kappa known in touhou: Nitori Kawashiro (the rest of the kappas being storiless, unnamed background characters in touhou 13.5: HM). And dang she’s cute.

Seriously though, when did THIS

Became HOTTER than THIS

Well, I won’t answer this question, but I will try to pull off my headcanons about the kappa species in touhou. I will talk about how i imagine their anatomy, their morphology and how they work as a society (because most kappas in the myths are solitary).

DISCLAIMER: These are only my opinions on the matter and I’m not ZUN himself, so they can be wrong. Feel free to disagree or to agree with them.

I’ll put everything under a readmore for your well being! Now, let’s go for a journey into Gensokyo.

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25 luglio 2014, mi manchi già.

‘Salve, dove devo accompagnarla, signorina?’
'Alla stazione Tiburtina, degli autobus.’
'Ah, parte?’
'No, torno a casa.’
'E dove è stata?’

Racconto la storia come sempre, come ho fatto milioni di volte in questi giorni, senza tralasciare nulla.

'E quindi i miei genitori hanno detto di no…ed io sono partita…piangevo tanto, si…sono partita comunque…sono innamorata.’
'Quanti anni ha lei?’
'Diciotto, perché?’
'Ma sai quanti altri ragazzi trova in pochi mesi?’

Allora lo guardo, con aria divertita, e gli dico che no, lui si sbaglia di grosso. Così mi sorride, quasi ride di me, del mio amore, degli occhi che mi brillano, del modo in cui lentamente mi sfioro le braccia ed il collo mentre parlo di lui, come se potessi sentirlo sempre con me.

'E quindi lei ha fatto tutto ciò perché dice di essere innamorata? Mi creda, non voglio essere invadente, ma un giorno darà ragione a me ed ai suoi genitori. Un giorno, quando starà con un altro, ricorderà quei giorni come qualcosa di lontano. Anche io ero innamorato alla tua età, ma, vedi, sei piccola, siete piccoli.’

Allora lo squadro da testa a piedi, per quel po’ che posso vedere mentre guida, e rido. Rido perché lui non capirà mai, perché ci sono cose che non possono essere spiegate, che devono restare nei cuori di chi le prova, le vive. Per mesi ho cercato di descrivere questa storia, di far capire agli altri quanto questo ragazzo irlandese combaci con me, quanto amore ci tenga legati nonostante la distanza, per mesi ho provato a parlarne a tutti, sperando che qualcuno realmente potesse comprendere. Ma, oggi, dopo quasi nove mesi, ho capito che l'amore non si spiega, perché l'amore non è un argomento di cui si parla, non è un evento preciso, né un oggetto, né una persona.
Semplicemente, è inspiegabile e, chi ha la fortuna di provare le montagne russe di emozioni collegate all'amore, deve arrendersi al fatto che gli altri, per quanto possano volerci bene, non capiranno. Perché? Perché l'amore si vive, si inala, si vomita, si suda, si bacia, si picchia e, soprattutto, si fa.
Quindi a te che stai leggendo, qui ed ora, che tu sia mio amico o no, ti auguro con tutto il cuore di trovare quella persona, che ti assicuro esiste, che sia capace di renderti così felice da farti venire il desiderio di lasciare tutto ciò che hai, per lei. Ti auguro di dormire abbracciato a questa persona e di essere felice, nonostante tu sia ubriaco e stanco, con l'alito cattivo, di mangiare le uova strapazzate che ti prepara, di ascoltare insieme il suono della notte in silenzio, sotto le stelle. Ti auguro di fare mille viaggi, di scattare foto stupide, di condividere sigarette, birre, maglioni e coperte. Ti auguro di sentirti come mi sono sentita, tra alti e bassi, in questi ultimi nove mesi, in questi ultimi cinque giorni. Ti auguro di amare ed essere amato tanto da non preoccuparti più di nascondere i tuoi difetti, di non avere ansia se sei sudato come non mai, se devi fare la pipì o qualcos'altro, ti auguro di amare ed essere amato tanto da essere te stesso e sentirti bene e libero, sempre. Ti auguro di riuscire a ruggire anche quando gli altri provano a mettere il tuo amore in gabbia, quando lo calpestano, lo ignorano, lo portano via da te. Ti auguro di essere felice come non sei mai stato, di riuscire a sorridere in mezzo a tante difficoltà. Perché l'amore fa anche questo, ti dà speranza, il desiderio di andare avanti. Concludo scrivendo che, nonostante gli ultimi nove mesi siano stati un po’ complicati, l'amore resta la forza motrice delle mie giornate. Sempre.