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Story Link!

So it was pointed out by captainnaustralia that I do not have a master post for my stories.


Because I completely fail at HTML. Like, epically.

So per her demand that I fix this immediately, here is a LINK to my account. I actually hadn’t intended to post any stories there for fear of the backlash I would receive from my followers on that site. In case you didn’t know, I used to write for the Naruto fandom and, at risk of sounding conceited, I would label myself as a BNF in those circles. I had over two thousand followers, many of them…younger. So the reaction to my leaving fandom was/still is pretty volatile, and I thought that posting a fic outside of fandom would make it all the more obvious that I left.

Anyway, it makes it a lot easier for you guys (which is what counts), so I’m going to gradually be posting the stories I’ve done so far up to that site, two a week so as not to overwhelm people.

I hope this is helpful for you!

P.S. Captainnaustralia, do you realize that every time you post something with my name in it, I get at least three more followers? Thank you so much for your love! You are the best. <3

P.P.S. Also to captainnaustralia. You mentioned you don’t know my name. My name is Daniella. But I have a range of names to go by, Dani, Dan, D, Ella, Diz, etc. so whatever you want to call me is actually just fine. <3