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“Do You Love Me?” - Dance Precisions mini small group tap, KAR Pomona CA, May 2013
☆ Dancers ☆ Joshua Kim, Bailey Sok, Ava Siniscalchi, Kaylee Quinn, Peyton Heitz, Alyssa Keeler, Haley Juarez, Madison Harris, Elizabeth Louie
Do You Love Me? ~ The Contours, Motown Records (1962)

Who's Lovin You
  • Who's Lovin You
  • The Jackson 5

Song: Who’s Lovin You / I Want You Back

Artist: The Jackson 5

Record Label: Motown Records M 1157

Recorded: August 6, 1969

Released: October 7, 1969

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles originally recorded this song in 1960. Nearly every major Motown group followed up with their own cover including The Supremes, The Temptations, and Brenda Holloway.

The Jackson 5’s version managed to hit No. 1 on pop and R&B music charts leading to their subsequent performance on the Ed Sullivan show.

Because of Michael Jackson’s emotional performance, it became one his most requested hits until his voice started to change in 1972.

In memory of his work, Shaheen Jafargholi performed this song at Michael Jackson’s memorial service in July 2009.

Listen to the flip side “I Want You Back” here.

There'll Never Be
  • There'll Never Be
  • Switch
  • The Best of Switch

To all the Switch fans out there, you can say “Thank God somebody finally got their hands on the best of switch.” I have been looking for this classic r&b group’s music for a while now with no success. But now, my late night treat to you….

Switch - There’ll Never Be (The Best of Switch)


“Songs In The Key Of Life” was Stevie Wonder’s longest, most ambitious collection of songs, a two-LP (plus accompanying EP) set that – just as the title promised – touched on nearly every issue under the sun, and did it all with ambitious (even for him), wide-ranging arrangements and some of the best performances of Wonder’s career. The opening “Love’s in Need of Love Today” and “Have a Talk with God” are curiously subdued, but Stevie soon kicks into gear with “Village Ghetto Land,” a fierce exposé of ghetto neglect set to a satirical Baroque synthesizer. Hot on its heels comes the torrid fusion jam “Contusion,” a big, brassy hit tribute to the recently departed Duke Ellington in “Sir Duke,” and (another hit, this one a Grammy winner as well) the bumping poem to his childhood, “I Wish.” Though they didn’t necessarily appear in order, Songs in the Key of Life contains nearly a full album on love and relationships, along with another full album on issues social and spiritual. Fans of the love album Talking Book can marvel that he sets the bar even higher here, with brilliant material like the tenderly cathartic and gloriously redemptive “Joy Inside My Tears,” the two-part, smooth-and-rough “Ordinary Pain,” the bitterly ironic “All Day Sucker,” or another classic heartbreaker, “Summer Soft.” Those inclined toward Stevie Wonder the social-issues artist had quite a few songs to focus on as well: “Black Man” was a Bicentennial school lesson on remembering the vastly different people who helped build America; “Pastime Paradise” examined the plight of those who live in the past and have little hope for the future; “Village Ghetto Land” brought listeners to a nightmare of urban wasteland; and “Saturn” found Stevie questioning his kinship with the rest of humanity and amusingly imagining paradise as a residency on a distant planet. If all this sounds overwhelming, it is; Stevie Wonder had talent to spare during the mid-‘70s, and instead of letting the reserve trickle out during the rest of the decade, he let it all go with one massive burst. (His only subsequent record of the '70s was the similarly gargantuan but largely instrumental soundtrack Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants.)    


Have you heard the exciting news? There is finally a break on the silence that has been going on for months….

NEW SINGLE!!!!! Yes! You’ve read right! There is a new single coming out and it is called “Say Yes”!

Now, I don’t know about you all, but I’m pretty freaking excited about this entire thing! We've waited, and waited, and waited….and NOW It’s here! Our wait is over B5 Army! The Time is NOW, OUR TIME IS NOW! And we are SOOOO Glad you all did not give up on these guys! So many people were dissing this saying something will NEVER happen, but look at this now! The reason they could never say really anything is because of their label, not them. Trust me, they wanted to tell us so bad, because I’m sure they are just as excited as us!

From B5 –> to AUDIO –> To B5 Once again!

2005 -  ∞

They are back to stay! So share this around with EVERYONE!

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ALL of the fans who once knew about them before needs to know that they are back! Let’s get everything out so the guys can have the biggest fanbase to ever hit the world!

Peace, Love, and B5 ♥