“Hey Chuckles. What you doing there?”

“Hm? Oh hi Mike. I’m… I’m just…”

“Wow. Where did you find that?”

“Actually… I’ve had it for some time. Been practicing a little now and then.”

“Really? Would you play me something? You know, if you want to.”

“Uhm… Sure. I can play something. Let’s see here…”

“Hey that isn’t too bad. You learned that by yourself? I could dance to this. Woo!”

“Uhm… Mike?”

“Come on! You rock, Chuck! YEAH!”


“Strum those strings! WOOOH!”



I got very delayed in the making of this Motorsanta gift for the wonderful and talented Pelicaneggs but I did actually think it would get through when I sent it in!!

Well anyway! Here it is!

The request was for Chuck in alternative clothes or for Mike and Chuck to be cute together. Drawing or writing didn’t matter. So I did a bit of both! More drawing than writing, but anyway!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year bit delayed! This time I do hope you get to see it!

Okay,it has been some days since Christmas, I thought I could post my MotorSanta gift I did for Rose/Rosie. One of the things she wanted was Mike getting beaten up, which I chose absolutely not because I have wanted to draw him beaten up

It was stressful (doing a picture during one night before traveling to London the whole Christmas weekend is not that thought-out), but fun to do this, since I have not drawn Mike before and I realized my promarkers skills are extremely rusty :/

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to all you people out there