Moto Hint - By Motorola

If you can’t seem to find the perfect Bluetooth headset and you’ve always had to settle with those nasty wires and ghastly earbud designs, we have just the right thing for you today – recently announced by Motorola, Moto Hint headset comes in the shape of a discreet earbud that can pair with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to perform some wireless functions – and thanks to its companion cradle, it can even be charged on the go.
Stagefright: SMS Text Message Can Hack Android Phones

I don’t know if this is making rounds on here yet or not, so I’m sharing it best I can
Basically, there’s a vulnerability in android’s source code that allows your phone to be remotely accessed without your knowledge via a simple video message.
“Oh, hey. Well I just with open the message, or watch the video.” Nice idea, but… You don’t need to. All it needs is to be sent to your phone. The sender can even delete the message before you even see that it was there, and they will still have access to all media devices on your phone.
Pretty terrifying, right?

Google is pushing companies to fix this, but many companies still haven’t sent out update patches, but are working on them. Spread this around, let people know, because it could be your phone, your sibling’s phone, your parent’s or grandparent’s, or your best friend’s phone that gets affected.