It isn't fucking possible to play Motorhead loud enough.

Whenever I blast the hardest of rock, I want it to blot out my very personality and thought. Thus LOUD LOUD LOUD.

You can’t think when Lemmy’s growling and slapping his bass like the bitch that it is.

I hope anyway.

Booze is often my method for getting outside myself, but sometimes I like to bare my teeth and say “fuck you”.

This is where Motorhead comes in. I love non-political anger. Political bullshit, we’ve seen before. All the precious crap they’re after on Tumblr was pretty much the same exact crap that the hippies were after in the 60s.

Way to be unique, hipster princesses!

Somebody call me when something actually changes.

Black Lives Matter. All lives don’t matter. Blah blah fuck you little white kids living in those trailers broke ass and full of meth and “mom’s boyfriends”. Fuck you.

I came out of that and fuck you.


Everybody thinks black lives matter, except maybe pigs and planned parenthood, but what can you expect from them?

I’m glad the tide is being turned back, though. Cops, everybody agrees, can’t fucking behave this way.

This is only the beginning (and no it won’t be good enough).



“Killed By Death” LIVE in 1985