Full Percy Roleplay History:

° Ventured into high dollar strip club in search of new drug dealer, owed €600.
° Bribed with €1,000 into performing as an escort for man at train station.
° Met with unlikely mobster for drug deal gone awry. Paid off the €600 debt.
° Drugged at local party, kidnapped with other party goers, kept prisoner.
° Arm surgically removed by drug cartel captors, left for dead under overpass.
° Rescued then sold to bikeshop owner as gloryhole partition by motorgang.
° Escaped to alleyway battered and bruised, met kindly stranger by chance.
° Stranger offered him a place to stay but had no way of paying and declined.
° Paying a second visit to the train station man, he escorted for rent money.
° Managed to get in touch with his cousin for food after six year disconnect.
° Reconnected with stranger to for place to stay, now shares apartment flat.
° Attempted to experiment with roommate, resulting in a fight and isolation.
° Chugged bottle of Listerine and went on drunk early morning cigarette run.
° Met and developed crush on tourist man whilst showing him around town.
° Discovered crowded pedestrian hotspot at large subway terminal downtown.
° Attempted to ask woman for directions to grocery store, met with hostility.
° Held at knife point after asking to bum a bag of chips. Manages to escape.
° Befriended ex-smoker, fellow fratboy over discussion of quitting cigarettes.
° Propositioned for sex by client who then refused to pay, resulting in fist fight.
° Client abuse, left unconscious on floor of mens bathroom in subway terminal.
° Had dream of childhood sweatheart visiting him and confessing her feelings.
° Met kindly stranger who offered tea and biscuits while waiting for his train.
° Made eyes at cute girl during subway ride but lost sight of her after her stop.
° Returned to continue sexual experimentation with roommate. Progress.
° Met new client upon second visit to subway terminal. Escorted for €200.
° Asked for directions to the mall where he purchased groceries and clothes.
° Made enemies with man over failure to operate public coffee machine.
° Ran into roomie and friends at once. Started to catch feelings for roommate.
° Took train home where he escorted discretely in public transit. Made €200.
° Begins to develop depression over lack of communication with roommate.
° Was told by man at train station to jump in front of oncoming train. Did not.
° Visited a string of bars until passing out unconscious on the train tracks.
° Mistakenly pick-pocketed €16,000 from head of crime Syndicate, captured.
° Managed to escape with life in exchange for the €16,000, shaken by event.  
° Approached by worried water-offering pedestrian. Fled from pedestrian.
° Given €50 for a new coat by friend while browsing new prosthetic arms.
° Ran into water-offering pedestrian again while out. Made unlikely friend.
° Stayed night at water-offering pedestrian’s home. Bathed, wounds treated.

He is two weeks pregnant, not aware at this time.