I get to Ames in the fading light. I ask the Days Inn if they can accommodate my motorcycle. The manager opens a door and says without hesitation, “bring it in here.” I park the bike, plug it in and introduce the hallmates, “Zero, meet Ice Maker. Ice Maker, Zero. Don’t fight or stay up too late.”

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fsb-YQvnSB8) On 7/27/14 I uploaded YouTube video of me reading my poem “Motorcycle (1996 edit)” at the open mike 7/21/12 Waiting 4 the Bus in Chicago (from a Canon camera).


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjiS1FVeq2o) On 7/27/14 I uploaded YouTube video of me reading my poem “Motorcycle (1996 edit)” at the open mike 7/21/12 Waiting 4 the Bus in Chicago (from a Sony camera).

I want you all to myself
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I want you all to myself by flowy featuring flared dresses ❤ liked on Polyvore
Zimmermann flared dress / Alice Olivia leather motorcycle jacket / Summer shoes / Gucci purse / Elizabeth and James gold bangle, $165 / Sarah Magid stud earrings, $68 / MAKE UP FOR EVER false eyelash / Chanel perfume
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LMUK Menswear Collection.
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Image by @7two9 + worn by @kabudden

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Specifics On Automobiles And Motorcycles Mileage, Value, And Effectiveness Comparisons

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The Asssignment in Gotham was a success!

Things I learned in Gotham:

  1. The Joker can and will perform musical numbers when being arrested.
  2. When Agent Pumpkin Spice offers to take you to her favorite cabaret, be prepared to lose time. Multiple days of time.
  3. Harley Quinn loves smooching people. If you make her laugh, she will smooch you. If you make her cry, she will give you sympathy smooches. If you get Ivy’s number, you will get lots of congratulatory smooches.
  4. Should the Bat pick you up in a princess carry because your dumb ass nearly landed face first in a vat of fear toxin, the proper response is not to make swooning faces and say “Oooh, Mr. Batman, ooooooh!”. I don’t know what the proper response is but it is definitely not that.
  5.  Motorcycles are the safest way to get around Gotham. Unless you’re drunk on rum and vodka at 4 am.
  6. Professor Jonathan Crane is kinda creepy, but he’s kinda nice too. I broke his window and he didn’t make me pay for it!
  7. Gotham is not kind to the uninitiated and I missed HQ’s sensible traffic so much.

That being said, we’re home safe sound and hungover. Oh, by the way, Cap’n?

I got it!

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Is This The Harley Davidson Of The Future?

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Here’s an interesting take on the future of Harley Davidson: digital designer Ion Turcan’s futuristic and simplistic concept for the 2012 Harley Davidson Softail might not float everyone’s boat, but it definitely has some interesting design language. It reminds us of a design exercise performed by Yamaha a few years back, when Yamaha swapped their research and development designers over from their musical instrument and motorcycle departments. They then challenged them to redesign instruments and bikes accordingly, and this offering from Ion Turcan shares a few of Yamaha’s music division’s design ideals.

External image
External image

But enough about that. What we see here is a chopped bobber (kind of?) creation, fitted with streamlined and simplistic bodywork, wrapped around Harley Davidson’s 1690cc twin-cam engine. The design itself was entered into a competition that allowed designers to infuse classic Harley Davidson models with their own artistic flare. It’s no surprise that Ion’s design rolled into second place.

External image
External image

While this is by no means an officially endorsed concept, we like the direction. Harley have definitely been taking significant steps to drag their design language into the 21st century with things like the up and coming LiveWire project, but this one is probably a little too 31st century to go into production. It might be outlandish, but that doesn’t mean it’s impractical.

External image
External image

When it comes to motorcycles, the key ingredients have always been simplicity and functionality, and this has equal measures of both. The overall design could not be simpler: featuring a minimalist frame, an aerodynamic and beautifully engineered gas tank and seat unit, and practical exhaust placement too. Naturally, the bike requires some serious air flow, and Ion designed a neat air vent that nestles underneath the headlight unit, which also links up to the Softail’s exhausts.

External image
External image

In terms of functionality, it looks pretty rideable, and Ion’s design comes complete with some smart instrumentation and rider aids. The digital display on the bike’s fuel tank gives the rider access to all of the usual instrumentation and gauges, such as the speedo, odometer and rev counter, and there’s room for an integrated sat nav too – which is a nice touch. “From the headlights to the tank and then to the seating, the bike is one. It just flows, naturally,” says Romanian designer Ion Turcon.

External image

Is this the Harley Davidson of the future? We doubt it, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream. And besides, some enterprising sole might take a look at these designs and recreate one of his very own – which we would love to see.