Brazilian auto sales down 20.7

Brazilian auto sales down 20.7

SAO PAULO: Brazilian auto sales amounted to 1.31 million units between January and June, down 20.7 percent from the same period of last year and the lowest first-half total since 2007, the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Dealers, or Fenabrave, said.

Auto sales in June, including cars, SUVs, trucks and buses but not motorcycles or agricultural machinery, totaled 212,535 units, down 19.4…

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Best friend 4th of July outfits by ariangrant featuring blue jeans ❤ liked on Polyvore

NLY Trend crochet top, $44 / Estradeur crop top, $14 / H M leather motorcycle jacket, $220 / Blue jeans / Nudie Jeans Co. blue jeans, $155 / Reebok shoes / Carlo Pazolini leather shoes / Mcm bag / Beanie hat / October s Very Own tech accessory / Tech accessory

Met the nicest guy that worked at the Tsukiji Fish Market that helped my lost tourist butt (and my family) get to the sushi place we wanted to eat at by riding his motorcycle beside us as we walked. The fact that he took the time out of his day to help us even though we could barely communicate pretty much made my trip.

And like I even have to mention, the sushi was amazing! I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with Vancouver sushi ever again. Spoiled.

Fury Regiment

(also known as the thrilling misadventures of Imperator Jackrum and his ragtag cadre of War “Boys,” also known as someone stop me)

  • Mal’s car is an old hearse, retrofitted with all kinds of weaponry. They spend as much time atop a metronome pole as they do behind the wheel, though. They’ve always been far too at ease swooping down out of the sky. They look far too good doing it, too.
  • Polly, of course, drives for Mal when they’re up on the pole. She’s suitably annoyed by how good they look.
  • Igor(ina) is the best damn mechanic anyone’s ever worked with. They’re good with the squishy stuff, too, which is a precious skill.
  • Lofty and Tonker have a motorcycle with a sidecar. Tonker drives, Lofty mans the flamethrowers. So many flamethrowers. 
  • Lofty also makes explosives for everyone. This, for her, counts as social interaction. 
  • Shufti keeps track of fuel supplies and rations, because someone’s got to. No one can make a meal of sand-ridden jerky and fresh caught lizard taste as good as she does.
  • Blouse is the navigator, and incredibly adept at what he does. He’s a bit too nearsighted to get behind the wheel, though, and has a dreadful tendency to get overexcited in the presence of chrome paint. 
  • Wazzer is small, quiet, easy to overlook. In battle, though, their fearlessness is remarkable, even amongst War Boys. When asked about the source of their unbelievable courage, they smile. “I know I will live again,” they answer, in the calm and deeply unnerving manner of someone who believes what they are saying with a force stronger and deeper than their small body can hold.
  • Jackrum isn’t like others of his rank, namely in the fact that he cares about the War Boys on his rig getting back home in one piece. He’s unlike the others in the fact that he cares, in general. But these are his little lads, and he’ll take care of them. 

Feel free to add ideas!

Mode of Transportation... y los hermanos.

The mode of transportation these two use varies from verse to verse, but the majority of the time they’ll be walking around, mostly because ‘both’ have the ability that made their father so famous. Both can teleport from place to place, and if they need it, they’ll do it. Sometimes they take rides on the bus, just to feel normal, or sometimes they’ll just walk.

‘my bike has a flat tire though… I’m sad.’

The few times they’ll get into cars are not many. Every turn of the century they’ll ride a bike or a motorcycle, or unless the verse requires they have some mode of transportation, they’ll probably choose that.

Also, these headcanons vary very much  because of the situations in each. Either way, the most common thing they’ll do will be ‘walking’. And well, if your muse happens to be a demon or an angel and they run into AndoNi then they already have a very big advantage considering the most that the oldest of the Nakamuras can do is ‘run’ from them because he can’t use his powers. Now if the two are around, like Hiro Jr and AndoNi then your demon or angel muse will have Hiro Jr to contend with because his power doesn’t go away at all.

“Oh my GOD you two!’ giggles like a maniac.

I can’t remember anymore details I’m trying to remember but if you have questions about these you can always come and discuss it with me through inbox.  

You'll Find Virtual Gaming in Every Corner of EA Sports' Headquarters

EA Sports has, for decades, been responsible for some of the most popular games on the planet. The Electronic Arts spinoff company counts wildly successful series like Madden NFL, FIFA and NBA Live in its product lineup. We took a tour of EA Sports’ Redwood City, Calif., headquarters—a gaming Valhalla for employees and visitors alike, boasting, among other amenities, a full-size basketball court, myriad gaming stations and even a banged-up motorcycle adored by fans.

“We want our employees to step onto our campus and immediately be immersed in the culture of our games and be reminded of the fun that we get to create every day,” said EA Sports global creative team vp Dana Marineau. “At our headquarters in Redwood City, we have great perks, including a new fitness center, cafes and a never-ending supply of gaming consoles to keep you inspired and encourage creativity throughout the day.”

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