motorcycle tip

Some Danger Days Headcanons pt. 2

☆ Jet loves old 50’s and 60’s rock music

☆ Poison’s favorite dog is the Pomeranian

☆ Kobra is more of a cat person than a dog person

☆ Poison has painted a ton of things on the back wall of the diner; things from forests to unicorns to pizza.

☆ Ghoul enjoys doing donuts on his motorcycle, but has tipped himself over 2 or 3 times.

☆ Late night drives are pretty common for Poison and Jet esspecially.

☆ Kobra sleeps with a stuffed unicorn every night.

☆ The girl often wears the fab four’s clothes as a comfort thing.

☆ Poison’s bed room is covered in neon lights and glitter is painted all over the wall.