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Tipsey Motorcycles

request; nope.

warnings; cursing, combat scenes.

pairing; Jason Todd x reader. 

summary; Jason and you are at a bar and there happens to be a lot of bikers in the area as smooth Todd strikes again. 

        In retrospect, maybe taking Jason out for a night in the town wasn’t the best idea. Sure, you loved spending time with him outside of the house and going on dates, but something about tonight just didn’t run you right. You shrugged it off after a few blocks, knowing you had someone by your side capable of kicking anyone’s ass. You wanted to have a positive outlook on tonight; Jason has not been free with his vigilanté business, and tonight was finally a night where you two could spend some time together. The two of you probably wouldn’t go out to a fancy restaurant, but you both found other methods rather than spending a couple hundred on fillet mignon. 

        “So, have you picked where we are going babe?” Jason inquired once at a stop light, looking back at you with a small smirk. Your hands were tightly pressed against his toned chest as a means to hold on, arms tightly locked onto him. As much as you enjoyed riding out in his motorcycle, you still had some fears about miracously falling off. 

        “I was just thinking a bar…?” You suggested, honestly unsure of where you two should go. 

        “Trying to get me drunk already?” He chuckled before turning his attention back to the light. He revved the motorcycle, a deep resonating sound that you learned to love. Jason made his way to a not crowded but not completely empty bar, a really nice joint. He pulled up, eyeing the line of motorcycles that was next to his. 

        “Biker week?” You suggested, shrugging your shoulders.

        “Or possibly a gang. I’ll investigate it further later,” Jason said cooly, not wanting the night to end so quickly. You took your helmet off, placing it on one of the seats as Jason followed in suit. He shook his head and fluffed his hair, almost like a dog shaking it’s body from being wet. A chuckle escaped your lips from his behavior. After all, it’s been a little bit of time since he’s finally been able to settle down and hang out with his partner. Jason leaned against his motorcycle with the same stupid smirk, his elbows resting on it and applying weight onto it. Normally he wouldn’t be so reckless with his vehicle, but tonight he wasn’t trying to be overprotective of every little scratch it would gain. His train of thoughts came to a halt as he felt his motorcycle tip the other way. Jason quickly stepped away, not thinking of grabbing his motorcycle before it fell. Instead of falling to the ground however, it instead clashed into another motorcycle. Then another. Then another. One after one, the line of motorcycles began to to crumble to the ground, most of the paint snd expensive equipment to modify and change them being partially damaged. It was almost in slow motion as you two watched the cookie crumbling. Jason was visibly flinching and hissing in pain every time one of the bikes crashed into the ground. It was a complete domino effect on at least twenty motorcycles that were now on the ground. 

        Jason was pale as you erupted into laughter. His attempts to be smooth ended in the crashing of motorbikes. You heard something akin to “"What the fuck?!” In the background along with many drunken slams of feet approaching the both of you. Jason knew he could take on the drunks, but they could possibly hurt you, even if you did know some fighting skills. Jason and you glanced each other’s, his eyes playfully cold from you laughing at his mishap. You both made a silent decision to stay and fight it out, hoping Dick was the cop on duty to be called about a bar fight. After all, these guys would just keep following the two of you if you tried to flee. They were drunk and pissed beyond relief. There was no escaping unless he called in Bruce for a little surprise. And you just knew Jason wouldn’t do that. 

        “Smooth, Jason,” You snickered, clenching your fists as the bikers surrounded you both. 

        “I try babe, I try,” He huffed, putting his fists up as someone charged towards him. You two were back to back, and you joined him in putting your fists up. 

i might be procrastinating with requests but i’m at the ocean right now and i couldn’t get this out of my head. it is bike week down here and there are so many motorcycles it’s crazy. also, i personally r e a l l y want to cause a domino effect by pushing motorcycles over and b o l t i n g, but sadly I would get my ass kicked. that doesn’t stop me from loving the idea tho,,, i hope you guys enjoyed this, it was really fun to write !!

Some Danger Days Headcanons pt. 2

☆ Jet loves old 50’s and 60’s rock music

☆ Poison’s favorite dog is the Pomeranian

☆ Kobra is more of a cat person than a dog person

☆ Poison has painted a ton of things on the back wall of the diner; things from forests to unicorns to pizza.

☆ Ghoul enjoys doing donuts on his motorcycle, but has tipped himself over 2 or 3 times.

☆ Late night drives are pretty common for Poison and Jet esspecially.

☆ Kobra sleeps with a stuffed unicorn every night.

☆ The girl often wears the fab four’s clothes as a comfort thing.

☆ Poison’s bed room is covered in neon lights and glitter is painted all over the wall.

frito-lay-official-deactivated2  asked:

shoot, tattoo shop au, full, root and shaw meet/their backstory, please and thanks!

[start at the beginning]

content warning: blood, mild injuries
  • shaw’s been creating tattoos since her childhood
  • which an extremely high pain tolerance and a taste of danger and a good amount of boredom, shaw begins to give herself little stick and poke tattoos
  • her parents, understandably, freak the fuck out and immediately rush her over to the doctor to make sure she hasn’t given herself an infection
  • luckily, she’s just fine, but promises her parents she’ll be safer about it in the future
  • they’re not gonna tell their kid what to put on her body, but there have to be some limits
  • her father takes her to the shop where her got his first tattoo and they show her around and teach her about all the machine and proper safety and cleanliness procedures
  • her makes her promise (pink promise!) that she won’t give herself any more tattoos until she’s at least 16.
  • shaw still doesn’t see what the big deal is, but her parents only really put down rules hard like this when her safety is involved, which she guesses is okay, if kinda lame
  • does shaw literally save every penny she ever finds to buy a shit ton of tattoos the very second she turns sixteen?
  • you bet your ass she does
  • do all the local artists know her by name?
  • hell yes they do
  • it’s nearly impossible to keep her out of the shop
  • she does all her homework there, and when she gets bored everyone kinda shrugs and gives her paper and pencils to draw with
  • it sort of unnerves some of the patrons when a middle schooler stares them down for the entirety of a three hour tattoo session
  • but shaw’s absorbing everything
  • how to talk to customers, how to promote her art, which people are drawn to certain styles and why
  • and most importantly, how to create amazing art of her very own
  • she starts of with flash art, as many beginners do, and quickly forms her own unique style
  • she loves dotwork, and her script is simply beautiful, and she thinks that hyper realism is boring
  • but her real style is definitely biomechanical with a little bit of traditional american on the side for old times sake
  • it’s what brings root to her in the first place
  • at the age of 22, shaw is fresh on the scene. she’s got a few years of art school under her belt as well as her time as an apprentice
  • but she’s yet to do her first big piece
  • well, on another person, that is
  • root’s always been more of a piercings kinda gal, she’s not sure she’s into anything permanent or anything that could be seen when’s making money suffering through administrative assistant hell
  • all of her piercings can be hidden through various retainers, but a tattoo? that’s something else
  • she walks by the tattoo shop on most days on her way to work early in the morning
  • runs, more like, because she’s forever running late and drinking coffee while being half asleep is hard, okay?
  • one day she’s so late that the tattoo shop is actually open
  • root has a good pretty girl radar and sees shaw out of the corner of her eye
  • she immediately screeches to a halt
  • she’s tries to be subtle and hides behind a telephone pole
  • (she’s not subtle)
  • (the shop’s walls are glass, root, what are you doing???)
  • fusco, a retired artist and co owner of the shop, nudges shaw a little
  • “big fan of yours, killer?”
  • “never seen her before in my life”
  • he gives a eyebrow raise that very clearly communicates his disbelief
  • she punches him in the shoulder, “watch yourself, old man.”
  • “hey hey hey! watch it punk, john /just/ touched up the line work.”
  • “i still can’t believe you didn’t just ask me.”
  • “he’s the one who did the work in the first place, eh? get a few regulars in here and i’ll trust you with some more important pieces.”
  • “what, like /her/?” she gestures outside to root, who is now poorly hiding behind a parked motorcycle
  • he shrugs in return, wincing a little
  • shaw sighs and flaps her hands “go rest or whatever. i’ll finish opening up and see what our little stalker is up to.”
  • “pretty sure she’s not hanging around for me, sameen” he calls out from the office
  • she throws a pencil at him as she walks by the door, “call me sam or put a twenty in my tip jar.”
  • shaw casually opens the front door and calls out “you gonna hang around here all day or what?”
  • root nearly tips the motorcycle over getting inside
  • shaw’s pretty convinced that she’s just some nerdy straight laced boring loser, especially when root tells her she’s never had a tattoo before, just piercings
  • shaw eyes her only two visible lobe piercings with a raised eyebrow
  • then the sass starts
  • “right. so if you’re looking for something small or whatever that’s fine. but if you want something lame like an infinity symbol on your wrist i’m kicking you out.”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “well you know, you’re kinda new to this sort thing–”
  • “what, you think i can’t take it? you think i’m some kind of wimp?”
  • “jeez, i was /trying/ to be /considerate/, lady!”
  • “/my name is root/.”
  • fusco rushes out of the office when it looks like root’s about to tackle shaw into the ground
  • to punch her, obviously
  • a lot
  • shaw looks amazing when she’s angry BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT
  • just some totally platonic punching
  • angry gals being enemies what’s better than that
  • what shaw doesn’t know is that root has been giving herself piercings since middle school
  • her and hanna totally did the parent trap style “use ice to numb the ear and just shove a needle in there” technique
  • when hanna and root came back to hanna’s house. hanna’s mom fretted a little but was fine with it after they reassured her they were safe about it
  • root was really proud of herself though, and she loved that she could impress hanna too
  • when they got into high school, hanna brought up piercings again
  • “wouldn’t i look so cute with a cartilage pier–”
  • “yes”
  • root has no chill
  • root pierces hanna’s cartilage the next day after school
  • “well you should probably have one on the other ear, so it’s balanced, right hanna?”
  • “oh my gosh you’re totally right!”
  • and so it begins
  • root comes to school one day with like double lobe piercings and three rings in each ear and hanna’s like yoooooo
  • “don’t you think that’s a little…much? i mean it’s super cool and all, but it kinda looks like it hurts.”
  • “it’s fine.”
  • it hurts like a bitch, but such is the price of being a sixteen year old badass
  • hanna’s mom makes an offhand comment about how “at least you haven’t put anything in that pretty face of yours” and root’s like shit!!
  • “hanna so i was on myspace last night…”
  • “oh my gosh did you see that kevin moved me from his number three friend to his number eight? like what the hell?”
  • “and so i was thinking that i should totally pierce my tongue.”
  • hanna squeal and tackles her “oh my gosh yes yes yes DO IT”
  • so root runs off to grab the needle
  • needless to say, it was an unmitigated disaster
  • she had no idea what she was doing and didn’t have the right jewellery and she was just bleeding everywhere
  • the very definition of a hot mess
  • hanna’s mom put a piercing ban over the household
  • and for root’s birthday, drove her to corpus and got her tongue pierced SAFELY
  • and now, at age 24, she has quite the collections
  • we’re talking septum, both eyebrows, labret, bridge, dahlia bites, approximately ten billion ear and cartilage piercings, navel, and she’s planning for a few more
  • shaw has no idea who she’s fucking with

In late October, Matt & Fabrizio shot some video in Detroit’s abandoned Packard plant. The reasons included, to test a motorcycle they built, and also to practice flying their drone. This is not a closed course, and not a professional rider. They were just looking to have some fun. Please enjoy.

Thanks for the tip MrJohn

thethirdflowerisyellow asked: I need one where Korra is about to die so Asami does something badass to save her. I couldnt care less about about anything else, it can be an AU if you want. I just need Asami to save Korra instead of vice versa.

Okay, I totally got carried away. It started as badass Asami and then…did not….end up that way. 

Zombie apocalypse!AU. 4,684 words. Major character death. Asami finds Korra abandoned on the side of the road as she’s getting attacked by zombies.

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It’s all good! This request is cute.(: Thanks by the way!

You and Daryl kneel down by your motorcycle messing with a pew parts. You wipe your hands on a white clothe and watch Daryl try to figure out what’s wrong with your baby. The last run you went on it stopped working, just wouldn’t start. You thought you were shit out of luck, but then Daryl offered to take a look and you got a sudden burst of hope. 

You purse your lips and cross your arms as you stand up hovering over Daryl’s masculine body. You begin to pace back and forth, your heart pounds deep in your chest. This thing was the only connection you had with your brother, it meant everything to him which makes it priceless to you.

Daryl turns is head around and raises an eyebrow. “Geeze, calm your damn tits. It’s the alternator, you’re gon’ need a new one.” He explains. 

You kick the ground, “Are you sure?” You question angrily. 

Daryl stands up and takes the clothe from you, he wipes his hands, but it doesn’t do much good. In the apocalypse your hands are practically stained with dirt. Daryl nods his head and goes to stand in the shade against the brick wall. 

You throw your head back trying to calm yourself down. You keep your arms crossed but turn to Daryl. 

You give him a small smirk, “Thanks.”

You run your hand along the seat of the motorcycle. Thinking back to memories of your big brother taking you on rides to the river. He was a filthy bastard, but you loved him. You and Daryl kinda had similar stories. 

You hear footsteps and then Rick emerges from the corner. Just the sight of him gives you butterflies. You smile and lean against the side of the motorcycle. You run a hand through your hair just as Rick notices you. He waves to Daryl and then walks over to you. You tell yourself just to keep cool. Daryl gives you a strange look that tells you that soon he will be teasing you to the greatest extent. 

Rick’s tall lean body walks towards you making your pulse rise. He stands just a foot away from you. 

“How’s the o’l thing?” He inquires looking down at the motorcycle then to you.

You find yourself at a slight lack of words, “Um-well the alternator- it’s uh. Not working.” You fight your tongue for dominance. For some reason you were incredibly nervous. 

He takes a step closer and places a hand on yours. You swear your heart almost stops.

“I’m sorry, I know how much the thing means to you.” He gives you his condolences. 

You hold back a laugh, it’s like he’s is mourning the death of it or something. You stare up into Ricks gorgeous ocean blue eyes and all of a sudden find your words. 

“Thanks Rick, I’m sure Daryl will figure it out.” You smile. 

Rick leaves his hand on yours for a moment longer. “Maybe we can take a stroll a little later.” He invites, his warm hand finally leaving yours. 

You raise your eyebrows and smile, “Sounds good, I’ve been killing to kill some walkers. I have a lot of anger sometimes.” You laugh Rick’s deep chuckle following. 

He nods to you and turns to walk away, to wherever he was going in the first place. You watch as he walks off in the sunlight. You lean putting a little extra weight on the motorcycle it tips over taking you with. You roll backwards on the ground taking quite a fall. You hold your pounding head and watch as Daryl comes to your side helping you up.

“Don’t say it.” You roll your eyes. 

He raises his hands high and grins, “Too bad. You like Mr.Grimes. When did this come bout?”

You push past Daryl and begin walking off, but he stops you grabbing your wrist. “No, no. You aren’t getting off that easy. Y/n and Rick sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-“ 

“STOP.”  You laugh playfully pushing his shoulder. 

He jumps in front of you, “Little miss y/n gots a crush. Well maybe she’d be happy if I told him!” He jokes pretending to run off. 

You give him a death stare and place a hand on your hip, “What will get you to stop this?” 

“Tell him, because sooner or later I will!” He threatens keeping an evil grin on his face. 

You stomp your foot into the ground and bite your lip. “Fine.” You then walk off in search of Rick. 

You find him in the courtyard talking to Carl. You walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder. “Can we talk?” 

He furrows his eyebrows and walks off with you. You stand before him preparing yourself for embarrassment. You rub your bare arms, they are cold from the approaching winter. Rick notices and begins to take off his jacket. He hands it to you and you hold it in your hands it is still warm from his body. 

“Thanks Rick.” You put the jacket on feeling instant warmth. You look him in the eyes, he is clearly waiting for you to say what you need to say. You take a deep breath, “Rick, you’re a good guy. I’ve come really close to you these past few months. I just thought I would let you know I have feelings for you." 

Ricks mouth drops slightly and he runs a hand through his curly hair. “Really?” He questions you astonished. 

You look down at the ground, “Yeah.. I do.” 

He takes his finger and places it under your chin. He tilts your head back up and smiles down at you. “Well I thought I should let you know, I also have feelings for you.”

Wow, this came out longer than expected! I hope you like it.(: I do! I really enjoyed writing the relationship between the reader and Daryl! Thanks for requesting.


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