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Truth or Dare Gone Right Part 4/4

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3,025

Warnings: Fluff, swearing and Smut…so much smut!  

Ratings: Mature

Summary: Being the personal assistant to the Avengers wasn’t all that bad, except your huge crush on Steve made you turn into mush. On your annual game night, Tony insists you play Truth or Dare.  It seems as if a few people already know your secret and they are trying to hook you up with Steve.

A/N: Here is what you have been waiting for lovelies!!  I hope you enjoy :)

You didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, your mind constantly racing with thoughts of going on a date with Steve.  At the beginning of the night, you were pretty mad at your friends because it seemed as if they were all plotting against you.  But in the end, you realized how amazing they truly were, as they finally got you to open yourself up to Steve, and now you were going on a date this afternoon with him.  

You stretched your muscles, a moan escaping your mouth from your bones cracking.  Looking at the clock you realized you had slept in until 11am. You jumped out of bed and headed to the shower knowing you wanted to take your time shaving.  You knew Steve was pretty old-fashioned when it came to his beliefs, so you weren’t 100% sure how the night was going to end; but you knew how you wanted it to end; Steve ravishing you in bed.  

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Seriously, I was so happy to see Tristan/Honda fixing the duel disk in DSoD because it showed off a side of him I don’t really think anyone really expected out of him.

He is intelligent and he is skilled at complicated hardware, such as Kaiba’s Duel Disks.

And that’s just on top of his other skill sets such as his mother flipping aim with guns, motorcycle ridding, hand to hand combat, the ability to carry anyone regardless of size, weight, and the ability to stay grounded in reality despite the over the top card games going on around him.

Give this boy more love please.

stally hcs

for @dallaswintson ;)

- “dal look at this new motorcycle i-”
- “get rid of it.”
- dally doesn’t like it bc people get seriously hurt on those things :( and he doesn’t want that to happen to his stevie
- only dally gets to call him stevie
- nobody. else.
- lots of pda also
- so much
- lots of neck kissing and biting
- steve gets good at using concealer
- all those hickeys will scare off customers
- he just sits on a stack of tires and watches steve do his thing
- soda has walked in on them having a full on makeout session in the broom closet too many times
- poor soda
- lots of angst too bc they have short tempers
- but all is well bc they find a baby chicken and name it milky ;)

Where the Line Blurs: Files Uncovered


I can feel Steve’s eyes penetrating into my back as I walk away from him. “Y/N.” Steve says as he reaches out and grabs my arm.

I stop walking and turn arching an eyebrow as I look from the hand that grips my arm back up to Steve’s face. “Rogers…” I groaned out, there was no way in hell I was getting out of this. Steve was not going to let me walk, or take a cab back.

His face hardens contradicting the sweet tone he used when he said my name. “You are not going to walk back.” He says with authority and a hard face.

I stare at him for a while in silence. His face softens as he stares at me.

“It’s a long way from your place.” He says as he releases my arm. “Let me give you a ride.” He says with sincerity.

Damn the man. “I hate you.” I mumble as I smile slightly and shake my head at him. How the hell am I supposed to deal with this? I was already having problems being attracted to him. By him being chivalrous to me I was only going to have more problems.

He puts his hands up in mock surrender. “I get it you have had enough of me.” He says looking down at me with a small smile. “But I would feel better if you let me take you home.” He says.

I laugh a little as we walk towards the only hanger on the airstrip. “No, I don’t think you do-“ But as I look around I realized there was no other car. The only thing on this side of the building was boxes and tarp that looked to be covering something large. “Wait how are you proposing that we are getting back?” I asked changing the subject completely.

He smirks at me as he walks towards the large tarp on the side of the hanger.

Dear god do not let it be what I think it is. Shit. I gulp, if it was what I think it is I was totally screwed. “What is that look for?” I ask as he pulls the tarp off. I groaned. “I would rather walk.” I joked but honestly I would have because riding on the motorcycle would have put me in way closer proximity than I wanted to be right now. I was already having problems with being attracted to him this was only going to make them worse.

He laughs as he puts his shield in front of the bike. “It’s not so bad.” He turns around and is smirking at me. “Unless you are afraid, but I did not think you were afraid of anything.”

I bit my lip I was not afraid of motorcycle I was afraid of Steve Rogers. Men like him and women like me just do not mix well together, we are toxic. “Well, I am just full of surprises. Apparently you are too.” I gestured towards him and the bike. For some reason I was more attracted to him now than I was before. How the hell had is this guy single?

Steve looks at me weird. “I’ve always driven a motorcycle.” Steve shakes his head as he climbs onto the bike. “I’m a pretty decent driver there ma’am nothing to be afraid of.” He says/

Believe me sweetheart there is plenty for me to be afraid of. I laughed. “I would like to believe you Rogers but with our luck I am not going to challenge you on that.”

He laughs as headlights head towards us. “Suit yourself Y/N.”

I swallow and try to push down the emotions beating at me as I start to move towards him. “I’m holding you to your word Captain, I die on here I am coming back to kick your ass.” I say as I move to straddle the bike. I lick my lips as I hoist my left leg over to the other side of the bike.

“Yes, ma’am.” He says as he starts the engine. “You are going to want to hang on.”

I laughed and leaned my head up against his back. “If I did not know any better Rogers I would say you were enjoying this.” I inhaled his scent I was going to be tossing and turning all night now.

I feel him laughing as his shoulders shake. “Now why would you say that?”

I wrapped my arms around his torso. “Just a hunch.” I say huskier than I wanted. I was going to need an ice cold shower when I got back to my place. “Take me home there Cap.” I say as he takes off.

We ride in silence, nothing but the hum of the engine. Underneath my palms I can feel Steve’s abs. I try to focus on the scenery but I am too caught up with imagining how his toned six pack would feel underneath my hands, skin to skin. I wonder- my thoughts are cut short at Steve cutting off the engine.

I quickly untangle myself from Steve and hop off the bike faster than a normal person would deem necessary. I step further away from the bike to put distance between us. We were slowly becoming friends I didn’t need my hormones to ruin it. I knew that if he touched me I was going to do something that may ruin any potential friendship.

“Thanks for the ride Rogers.” I say making sure to keep my tone light and step further away from Steve.

“Are you free tomorrow?” He says as he stares at me.

I feel all the color wash out of my face. Bad idea. Was he aski-

Steve laughs. “It is not a date Y/N.” He says “Besides, I am pretty sure I am the one who I would have to be terrified if it was.”

I nod. “I think so.” I say not addressing the other portion or my previous thoughts. Off limits, he is off limits.

“Good, how about we meet up to talk about Bucky?” He questions. “Sam may have new leads for us.” He says smiling.

The man was to god damn nice. Whoever he ended up with was going to be one lucky lady. “Sounds good.” I say nodding at him in response.

“Good, why don’t you come to the Tower tomorrow around noon?” He says.

“Th-“ My phone begins to ring and I retrieve it out of the left side pocket of my backpack and saw the picture of a bird on the screen. “Hold that thought Rogers.” I said as I hit answer. “Hello?” I said.

“I just got some news that you are going to want to hear Y/N.” The female voice said on the other side of the phone.

“How bad?” I questioned knowing that if she was calling me it must be really bad.

“I do not know, but if it is as bad I think it is you are in some deep shit my friend.” She says.

“Lovely.” I groan out. “W-“

“I am waiting for you across the street. Get rid of motorcycle boy.” She says with finality in her tone.

“Five minutes got it.” I say as I hang up the phone and before placing it back where I had retrieved it. Damn. Thing never worked out. “Fine tomorrow noon.” I say as I cross my arms on my chest. I sigh as I realize how clipped my voiced sounded. “Sorry, I just got some bad news. I will see you tomorrow Steve.” I say as I wave and give him a tight smile.

“You okay?” He asks as he goes to start the bike.

“I’ll be fine don’t worry about me Steve.” I say as I move towards the door to my place. I wave one last time as I enter the building and watch as Steve disappears down the street. I wait and exit the building as a black SUV pulls up on the opposite side of the street. I walk in front of the car and I climb into the passenger side door and shut the door before speaking.

“So you got the hots for Captain Ame-“

I turned and glared at my friend. “If you finish that sentence Morse I will kick your ass.” I hissed out not needing anymore acknowledgement of my problem.

She laughs. “Good to see you to Wildcat.”

I groaned. “I hate that name.” It was part of everything I had been trying to escape from.

“I’m pretty sure that’s why no one gets to pick out their own nicknames.” She says as she pulls the car away and begins to drive.

I laughed. “That’s true.” I said before taking a deep breath. “So what was so urgent that you had to meet up with me?”

“You are not going to like it.” She says as she nods to the iPad sitting in between us on the center counsel.

“I figured as much.” I say with all traces of laughter gone. I picked up the iPad and unlocked it.

I watch as she presses a button on the center counsel to make sure any and all listening or recording devices are shut down before we speak.

“File number one two six three four eight seven eight is the one that you want.” She says as makes a right turn.

I opened up the file that she told me to and saw it was some information about my years as a mercenary. It was surveillance of me. I swallowed as I swiped across the screen to see the next page. My heart stopped as I kept swiping. It was pictures of me dating back to right after S.H.I.E.L.D fell has I swiped again and saw pictures of me just about everywhere,

“I download everything they had while I could without calling attention to myself.” She says as she turns again.

“Who had all of this?” I questioned as I set the iPad down. I felt like I was going to be sick. I had tried so hard to out run all of this and yet here it was again.

“Coulson and the Avengers, I originally thought that Hydra hds been slowly leaking the information to them in hopes that they can plant seeds of doubt about your loyalty.” She says as she makes a left turn. “Turns out it is them keeping tabs on you.” She states.

I let out a hollow laugh. “I do not think that it can get that much worse, but is there more I need to know?”

“Something big is about to go down. Hydra has a huge plan and from all the intelligence I have been hearing chatter over you are about to be in the middle of it along with the Winter Soldier.” She says and I can since her fear for me. “This means they are going to continue to watch you. You really need to be watching out for yourself better.”

I scrub a hand over my face. “I had a hunch about that.”

“Coulson does not know I know. I thought you at least deserved a heads up.” She says giving me a tight smile.

I nod as I glance out the window to see we are turning back onto my street. “That’s why he put the offer on the table.” I say as I slam my head back against my head rest.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” She says as she pulls to a stop.

I shrug. “Thanks for the heads up Bobbi.” I say as I climb out of the car. I turn to look at her. “Do us both a favor and delete that and don’t keep looking. I would rather them just go after me then you.” I say as I slam the door shut. I quickly jog across the street and head back into my building.

If Coulson knew that mean Steve knew. Idiot, I scolded at myself. Steve was trying to keep his eye on you. All fantasies of Steve and I dissipated as reality sunk in. I was being played. I walked up the stairs I was going to need to start training again like a mercenary.

I needed to be prepared at all times when they came. I needed to get back onto my A game or I was going to get myself killed over sentiment. Sentiment was not something I could afford until the real traitor is revealed.

I set my bag down as I walk in. I was going to have to train harder than I have been.