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bad for you

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bad!girl Rosé x Reader

Rated: M

Warnings: violence, blood, injury, and bruising, drug use (alcohol and tobacco), slight smut

Word count: 6,475

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Cat finds out Kara drives motorcycles

It was early morning when Kara rode through the city on her Kawasaki Ninja 650. The bright green of the body stood out like a sore thumb among the dull colors of the other commuters around her. She rarely took the bike out but today was too beautiful of a day to not go for a ride. Kara had woken earlier than usual in order to get in a solid hour of riding before she had to go to work.

When she pulled into the CatCo parking lot, she spotted Cat getting out of the back of her town car. She pulled into the only motorcycle parking spot in the lot, which happened to be a few feet from where her boss was standing.

Cat looked over at the person on the motorcycle and scoffed a bit. She had always found bikes to be loud, annoying, a nuisance on the road, and driven by idiots. What threw her, though, was the fact that the body sitting on the bike was definitely female. The tight hugging leather jacket showed off all of the rider’s curves.

Kara looked over at her boss through her helmet and could hear the woman’s heart beating. Though, out of nerves or something else, she didn’t know. She turned off the bike but stayed seated as she unzipped the top of her jacket and removed her helmet. She heard Cat’s heart beat faster and she smirked; definitely not nerves.

Cat’s eyes went wide when she realized who was on that bike and she felt her knees buckle a bit under her. How did she not know that Kara rode motorcycles? Ever since she had promoted the girl, she had finally started to try and get to know her. Maybe asking about her hobbies should have been high on the list. “Kara…I didn’t know you own a motorcycle.” She walked over and admired her former assistant as she sat confidently on the bike.

The hero shrugged as she hung her helmet on the handlebar. “It never came up. Not like this is something you would think to ask me about.” She chuckled and finally got off her bike, unzipping her jacket completely to reveal a tight red tank top. She watched as Cat bit her lip and she smirked. “Maybe I could take you for a ride one day.”

Cat looked up at Kara and nodded. “I would love that.”