motorcycle mamas


My (Adi Gilbert / illustrations work / poster for the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show presented by Harley Davidson. Massive thanks to Scott Johnson at Fuel / Mama Tried for the commission. Great guy to work with. Thanks also to Steve Kodis for sorting all the logos out. This was a really fun project to draw up, totally lighthearted and tongue in cheek job. The show looks killer. February 19-21, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 

The Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is coming up quick, February 17-19th to be exact and Warren, Scott, Maureen and Co. have done a stellar job of curating some interesting scoots ya won’t see at too many other shows. That, combined with their Flat Out Friday racing series make this a soirée to see so save the date if ya haven’t already

📸 Josh Kurpius