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Anyone drive a motorcycle in your mafia au? (Shh, this is for Science)

Ah, so, Otabek drives a sick ass motorcycle!!! >w<
I have no idea what kind or anything other than it’s black XD
He takes Yurio out on nighttime joyrides ouo
I look forward to the results of this science >u>

Let Me Hold You Part 4

:) a little bit of season 1 for you.  I hope you guys like it!  Next part is super cuddly that I’ll post probably later today since I wasn’t able to update this weekend :)

part 3 with part 2 and 1 linked=

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“Hey, guys.  I just saw Clay and Unser leave.”  Harley smiled as she walked into the clubhouse but frowned when she heard a scream.  “What the hell?”  She started to walk towards the room the boys lovingly called church when Tig threw his hand out in front of her.
“Don’t go in there, Sweetheart.”  Tig rubbed his thumb up and down her arm as her eyebrows scrunched together.
“What the hell is going on in there?”
“Harley.”  Gemma warned.
“Shit! Shit! Shit!”  Harley heard Chibs yell from inside of the room.  She ran behind Tig when he shoved the door open, Chibs was holding Juice’s hand on the man lying on the table.  Blood was everywhere and Harley gagged.
“What’s going on?”  Tig completely ignored the situation.
“Juice, where the hell is your hand?”  Harley’s noise scrunched up as she tried not to look but kept glancing back anyway.
“Shit, Harley.”  Juice groaned.
“This is insane.”  Gemma said.  
“Just keep your finger in his ass.”  Chibs yelled as Juice went to move.  Harley went to say something but her mouth just kept opening and closing.  “This is way beyond me.”
Gemma walked out of the room while Tig followed and Harley stayed where she was.  The man under Juice was still screaming.
“Why is he bleeding?  Is that a bullet?”
“Harley, Love.  Listen, I need silence ok?  Ask questions later.”  Chibs raised an eyebrow and cut Harley off, resulting in her nodding and walking out of the room quickly, closing the door lightly behind her.

Harley was sitting at the bar counter, drinking from a bottle of rum and watching as Piney cleaned guns at the table.  She didn’t bother asking all of the questions running through her mind as she figured the only one that would answer them had his finger in someone’s ass.  Not metaphorically.  
“Why the hell is our bartender getting drunk?”  Jax walked in with a red bag and smiled at Harley.
“Jackie boy, where have you been?”  Chibs ignored his question.  Harley tuned them out and turned in her chair to look in the room to see Juice talking to the guy on the table.
“You good?”  Opie turned the chair back to the bar over the counter.  He slid a shot glass to her and put another one next to it.  She poured out two shots and they took it together.
“I don’t know.”  She poured two more shots.
“You’re not going to puke, right?”  Opie smiled behind his beard and Harley felt herself relaxing slightly.
“I don’t think so.”  Harley looked down at the shot glass and tapped it against his glass.  They both hit it on the counter and then took the shot.
“Atleast it isn’t your finger shoved up someone’s ass.”  Opie snickered as she snorted, the alcohol making the situation funny instead of alarming.
“You are correct.”  Harley stared at his face longer and then sighed, “it can’t be too bad if you’re involved, right?  I mean, you’re like a really big, snuggly teddy bear.  And your dad hangs out with you guys so obviously, the older generation approves of whatever is happening.”
“Who you calling older?”  Piney yelled causing Harley to giggle.
“You know, I’ve been in jail for the past five years.”  Opie laughed as she stared at him with a blank face.
“Well then.”
“Alright, I got to go.  Try not to puke all over the floor, you’ll have to clean it up.”  Opie patted her back while he followed after Jax.  Harley walked carefully into the room and ran her hand over Juice’s head.
“You need anything?”  She let her hand run down his neck and scratched his back lightly.
“No, I’m good.” Juice smiled up at her.
“Do you need anything, sir?” Harley said.
“Don’t call me sir while your boyfriend’s finger is up my ass.”  The man on the table said.  She didn’t bother correcting him.
“Alright.  Dude, do you need anything?”  Harley said.
“Sure.”  She smiled and patted Juice’s shoulder when she walked out.  

The clubhouse got crowded with the boys and a couple crow eaters.  After Tara walked in to the clubhouse, Juice came back out a couple minutes later with a big smile on his face and blood all over his hands.  
“Hey!”  He said when he got close to Harley.  Harley shook her head and pointed to the bathroom for Juice to wash his hands.  “Yeah, alright alright.”  Juice kept the smile on his face and Harley’s face flushed red.

Gemma took Harley and Juice into his room, sitting her on the bed while Juice tore at the skin around his nails.
“Alright, let’s talk.”  Gemma motioned for either one of them to speak.
“We’re not bad people.”  Juice immediately begins.
“Did I join a mafia?”  Harley asked.
“We’re not a mafia, we’re motorcycle enthusiasts.”  Juice tried.
“Cut the shit, Juice.”  Harley finally looked up at him and took in his panicked expression.  His eyes were wide and his face was shiny, looking to be sweating from worry.
“We do bad things to bad people.  We protect good people.”  Juice said and Gemma groaned.
“Way to keep her in the dark, sweetheart,” Gemma sighed but looked Harley over, “look, you’re either in or you’re out.  Cops don’t know about your affiliations with us yet so decide before they do.”
“No medium?”  Harley stared at Gemma.
“No.  In or out baby.”  Gemma watched Harley’s face.  Harley looked over at Juice who was practically buzzing out of his skin.  
“In.”  Juice’s head shot up at Harley’s voice.  Gemma smiled and patted his shoulder.
“I’ll tell Clay.  Welcome to the family Harley.”  Gemma nodded and closed the door behind her.
“You should’ve taken the chance to leave.”  Juice whispered.  Harley got up and walked over to him, placing her hands on his chest and moving them around his neck.
“I’m good here.  You guys welcomed me in.  Besides, I don’t know if you noticed but I have a small crush on you.  Just a little one.”  Harley kissed his cheek lightly and pulled back to look at his shocked expression.