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“You got it, baby!”  Jax cheered as you rolled towards him on his bike.  When the tire was almost right at his knees he grabbed the handle bars to help you keep the bike steady as you stopped.  “You’re a natural.”

Excitement had flooded you, giving you a little adrenaline rush.  Placing your feet firmly on the ground you grabbed onto the neckline of Jax’s cut and pulled him across the handlebars towards you.  Your lips crashed heavily against his own, one hand sliding up his neck to tangle your fingers into his hair.

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How many vehicles has Steve wrecked and did this pattern start before he got the serum or after?

thankfully, he only really started wrecking stuff properly after the serum. he’s always been really good at using his surroundings to his advantage in a fight, and he had surprisingly good spatial awareness for a half-deaf colorblind guy.  which was good because he had pretty much nothing but that and pure bullheadedness going for him when it came to actual fisticuffs. well, that and me. i was usually there to fish him out before things got too nasty. he always hated that. 

plus, steve’s fights when he was still a brave little toaster and not a brave industrial refrigerator were mostly backalley fistfights, and therefore rarely merited the throw-a-motorcycle-at-it method of conflict resolution. 

but after? i have no idea how many vehicles he’s wrecked. im told that one of the first things he did was rip a door off a taxicab to use as a shield, which, typical. and then he was hoisting aloft motorcycles loaded with ladies in the star spangled show, and ive got no clue what happened with that. during the war he went through six or so bikes, and if you wanna count enemy vehicles, it seemed like we were blowing up or stealing somebody’s ride every other week at least. 

and it seems that the future has not slowed him down on that front. from what ive heard and seen, he’s continued his one man war on all things horsepowered. 

frankly at this point he’s probably killed as many vehicles as i have people. 


“You look really pretty today.”  The young prospect blushed, an armful of empty beer bottles for disposal cradled in his arms.  The guys were really making him work for his patch.  It was sort of comical.

“Thank you.”  You replied, twisting back and forth in the bar stool you were seated on.  The goofy grin on the prospects face fell quickly, and you knew that meant that Jax had found you.  Sure enough, the blonde’s hand came to rest on the small of your back as he glared at the prospect.

“Beat it.”  Jax growled.  Slowly the prospect nodded, down casting his eyes as he turned to throw out the beer bottles he had collected.  Jax’s lips found their way to your neck as both of his arms wrapped securely around your waist.  “I hate that prospect.”

“You only hate him cause he flirts with me.”  You teased.

Pin Up & her Nice Stool

1956 BSA 500 Cafe Racer | Brat Tracker | DBD34 | Gold Star

The Gold Star dominated the Isle of Man Clubmans TT in 1956 | The DBD34 had a 180 kph 110 mph top speed

Vintage BSA Motorcycles | Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited | Produced motorcycles from 1912 - 1972 notably the Gold Star & Rocket | 1965 Orange Spitfire