motorcycle factory

dear connor murphy, yes i also:
🔘 miss our talks
⚪ took my shot
⚪ shit a rock

stop doing drugs, just try to:
⚪ wish happy birthday to laura dreyfuss
⚪ squip the whole cast, tell ur friend to fuck off
🔘 take deep breaths and go on walks

im sending pictures of the:
⚪ ugliest monkeys
🔘 most amazing trees
⚪ screaming horde of bees

you’ll be obsessed with all my:
⚪ motorcycle keys
⚪ striped shirt factories
🔘 forest expertise

Random motorcross rider in the abandoned chemical factory

Source: louisdachsel | Instagram

The new Ducati Scrambler is the best-selling motorcycle the Bologna factory has ever made. Around 16,000 Scramblers found new owners in 2015.
So is it time Ducati made a sportier, cafe-themed version? Carl Cerra of @skunkmachine thinks so, so he’s put together a kit with a new seat and tail unit, side panels and clip-on bars. Plus goodies from @rizoma_official like the bar-end mirrors and compact blinkers.
We reckon it looks a million dollars. What about you?
Click the bio link for more details and a stunning portfolio of images by @bgalliphoto.
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1. Rule number one in combat: don’t freak out.
2. When you lose objectivity, you’ve lost credibility.
3. Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.
4. Before you go changing something you don’t like, maybe start by changing the stuff that doesn’t work.
5. People love to help you diagnose what’s wrong with your motorcycle. The Factory Service Manual helps a lot more.
6. If you can’t trust your brakes and you can’t trust your tires, just stay home. Or go for a walk.
7. Don’t easily forgive someone who doesn’t easily forgive you. If you do, you’re teaching them that their feelings are more important than yours.
8. If you’re a guy, you’ll never understand women. But if you want to improve the odds that maybe someday you might, you can start by reading books written by them.
9. You are ultimately responsible for your situation.
10. The right thing to do is almost never the popular thing to do. You must do it anyway.
—  Top 10 Rules to Live By. Some of these are cliches, some of them are mine; I live by them all.


NCR was born in 1967, in Via Signorini in the little town of Borgo Panigale, on the western outskirts of Bologna. Rino Caracchi, Giorgio Nepoti and Rizzi, the three founders, created a state-of the-art mechanical workshop where they built racing bikes starting from stock Ducati production bikes. This is how the first true competition Ducati were born, almost next door from the main factory.