motorcity characters

I want what I was promised.  All of it.

Mini 8: I Can’t Decide

A summary of The Duke of Detroit, who all by himself is a perfectly sufficient reason to watch Motorcity.  It’s hard, being the glammest chaotic evil cockroach rockstar in post-apocalyptic Detroit.  It’s hard and nobody understands.

((Okay so lemme first put out there that this art style is blocky and hella cool but dang am I not used to drawing this…rigidly. <XD

And yes

I immersed myself in Motorcity for the past couple of days (and I think I finished all of it) and I wanted to draw some fanart so BAM! Have some Chuck))

1) Hey, no sweat! I actually don’t care how people call me on internet. It’s rather amusing to me, honestly :D

2) I like it. It helped me to draw easily on paper which was frustrating before. It take time to get used to though.

3) I dunno, maybe. It’s pretty hard, you know? Like I am becoming very self-aware and anxious. But I’ll think about it, anon!

4) I did after I read your message. Anime/cartoon about racing is not my thing though :3 (I only liked Motorcity since the characters stole my heart immediately)

5) I follow fashion blogs. Sometimes I draw my clothes, sometimes I draw something that I saw on people :3


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