Sleight-of-hand artist Apollo Robbins is so stealthy that he once started a conversation with Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service agents and had everything out of their pockets within minutes. They were completely unaware that he’d acquired their badges, watches, Carter’s itinerary, and the keys to his motorcade. Source

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Via The New Yorker:

“In more than a decade as a full-time entertainer, Robbins has taken (and returned) a lot of stuff, including items from well-known figures in the worlds of entertainment (Jennifer Garner, actress: engagement ring); sports (Charles Barkley, former N.B.A. star: wad of cash); and business (Ace Greenberg, former chairman of Bear Stearns: Patek Philippe watch).

He is probably best known for an encounter with Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service detail in 2001. While Carter was at dinner, Robbins struck up a conversation with several of his Secret Service men. Within a few minutes, he had emptied the agents’ pockets of pretty much everything but their guns.

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Robbins brandished a copy of Carter’s itinerary, and when an agent snatched it back he said, “You don’t have the authorization to see that!” When the agent felt for his badge, Robbins produced it and handed it back. Then he turned to the head of the detail and handed him his watch, his badge, and the keys to the Carter motorcade.”

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Bernie Sanders, Wife Attend Broadway Musical ‘Hamilton,’ About Founding Father Alexander Hamilton (ABC News):

Following a rally in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, Sanders and his wife Jane made a beeline to Manhattan to catch the evening performance of the critically-acclaimed musical “Hamilton,” about founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Sanders arrived in Times Square, exited his motorcade, and walked a block to the 1,319-seat Richard Rodgers Theater, where he and Jane entered through a side door. Although he didn’t enter through the main entrance, theatergoers waiting in line cheered as he walked by, waving with one hand, and holding Jane’s hand with the other.

Sanders was mobbed by theatergoers inside the lobby and received a standing ovation when he entered the theater. The Vermont senator also met with the cast backstage after the performance. Both the Sanders campaign and a source with the production say Sanders paid face value for his tickets.

I hope that you…. bernnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn [x]

you think in the future when the president rides around in a space shuttle they’re going to have a bunch of other space shuttles in the motorcade?  thats going to be so expensive.  im not paying for that
Why Sanders Is Going All Out for Native Americans
By ABC News

Bernie Sanders took his motorcade down a remote highway to visit the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in rural South Dakota, one of the poorest in the country where an estimated 70 percent of high school students will drop out before graduating.

Before addressing the packed gym Thursday, the Democratic presidential candidate met privately with leaders from tribes in the area. They draped him in a traditional white-and-blue quilted blanket and exchanged gifts.

Jane Sanders, the senator’s wife, had brought a pewter and glass tealight from Vermont, and by the end of the day, Sanders’ staff was carrying moccasins, blankets and a bundle of sweetgrass handed to him as a gift from someone in the crowd.

From Minnesota to California, Sanders has met privately with Native American leaders from dozens of tribes in the past four months and spoken publicly, at each of his campaign stops, about the hardships their communities face.

His effort has not gone unnoticed, especially in the remaining primary states out West, where “Natives for Bernie” has become a visible and vocal part of the senator’s coalition.

Walter C. Fleming, head of the Department of Native American studies at Montana State University in Bozeman, said he was not surprised Sanders is advocating for such issues on the trail. “Sanders is picking up a lot of support more recently, probably owing a lot to the visits that he is making, particularly out West,” said Fleming, who belongs to the Kickapoo tribe in Kansas. “Jewish people, generally, have always been interested in causes about equal treatment and justice.”

Sanders himself echoed the sentiment when asked about the origins of his interest in the issue.

“It comes from, I think, a political life of trying to do my best to protect the least amongst us,” Sanders told ABC News after his visit to Pine Ridge. “I try to get an understanding of the reality of American life, and I’ve learned a lot in this campaign.”

‘At Least We Matter to Somebody Out There’

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“I am American citizen with Mexican roots.

Pope Francis, I want to tell you that my heart is sad and I would like to ask you to speak with the president and the Congress in legalizing my parents because every day I am scared that one day they will take them away from me.

I believe I have the right to live with my parents. I have the right to be happy. My dad works very hard in a factory galvanizing pieces of metal.

All immigrants just like my dad need this country. They deserve to live with dignity. They deserve to live with respect.

They deserve an immigration reform because it benefits my country and because they have been working hard harvesting oranges, watermelons, carrots, onions, spinach and other vegetables.”

– Five-year-old Sofía Cruz, an American-born girl of Mexican parents, got through a police barricade and read a letter to Pope Francis as his motorcade wound through Washington, DC.

Republicans immediately sniffed and demanded she be sent back to Mexico, we’re sure, because that’s what Jesus would want.

(Pool photo: Alex Brandon via the New York Times)


1959: Visitors to the Lincoln Memorial appearing as small as toy soldiers. That year, even Nikita Khrushchev, premier of the Soviet Union, bowed in the 16th president’s presence, and he seemed eager to offer his admiration. “He was a really great man. He waged war against slavery,” The Times quoted Mr. Khrushchev saying during a visit to Washington. “The streets were virtually empty as the motorcade drive [sic] past the Jefferson Memorial,” an article read. “The nearest thing to an incident came as the cars passed an Army bus full of school children who shouted ‘Hey, meatball.’ ” Photo: George Tames/The New York Times


You know the tragedy of this? Here are her policy positions:

  • Incentivize nuclear non-proliferation
  • Ratify Kyoto, in 2008
  • Set an example for hybrid vehicles usage (“You can ride in the motorcade with a hybrid Pink Escalade”)
  • Set an example against old white male supremacy (“Not another oldie cliché”)
  • Legalize same-sex marriage, in 2008
  • Hold a stand against enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding
  • Not be a climate change denier, and a proponent of clean energy

And honestly, okay, some of the other stuff is a bit weird — like replacing the Cabinet with a walk-in closet, and appointing Simon Cowell as Supreme Court judge, painting the White House pink, moving to Maui and establishing a new law-enforcement arm called the Fashion Police, but honestly? Not only does her policy positions look better than 100% of the Republican positions for two elections running, she gives Obama a run for his money.

Seriously, America. You have done a lot worse since then.

coworker: why do you look so tired
me: i was up until 4 making weed jokes about 1d
coworker: lol what?
me: yeah they leaked a video of them smoking weed
coworker: they leaked it?
me: yeah they were mentioning weed every five seconds, has to be fake
coworker: haha were they like, (really obnoxious voice) “I’m smoking weed RIGHT NOW. WEED. look at me SMOKE this WEED. i’m BLAZING IT. WEED FUCK YEAH”
me: oh god you sound just like him STOP IT NOW


coworker: they are bad boys though right?
me: lol no harry knits before shows
coworker: that’s completely uncool wtf

As Olivia hears the motorcade and goes to meet him in the elevator, the 47 different emotions that cross her face are what killed me. She goes from irritated, to pissed, to incredulous, to annoyed, to “oh, you really gonna do this,” to “alright, bring it,” and then the elevator doors open to Fitz standing there and she’s stunned speechless for a moment. And Kerry Washington did all without saying a word.
—  Someone amazing, who knows how to amazingly review an episode of Scandal (AngelaMRomack on Twitter)