Well, it probably made the Secret Service’s job easier!

Trump’s motorcade in front of the unprecedented bigly crowds Kellyanne Conway alternative facted into existence on inauguration day.

Credit: The Atlantic, a well known fake news media outlet …

President John F Kennedy’s motorcade in Las Vegas, September 23, 1963, during the last day of a five-day trip to Western states to encourage conservation of natural resources. The President is seated in the far right of the black car, on Paradise Rd. Photo by Cecil Stoughton.

I’m not easily impressed by famous people, but nothing’s matched this. I didn’t think I was going to be nervous, then this huge motorcade pulled up at the studio and Michelle stepped out of a black Range Rover and everybody was speechless. It’s hard to imagine Gordon Brown having that kind of effect. We sat around, ate cake and chatted. She said that the President is a big fan of the films and loves the books, and that she’d met the Queen the day before – but visiting the Potter set was far more exciting, that we were a lot cooler. It was hard to take it all in. I kept thinking, “Here I am talking to the First Lady.”   Rupert Grint talks about meeting Michelle Obama

As Olivia hears the motorcade and goes to meet him in the elevator, the 47 different emotions that cross her face are what killed me. She goes from irritated, to pissed, to incredulous, to annoyed, to “oh, you really gonna do this,” to “alright, bring it,” and then the elevator doors open to Fitz standing there and she’s stunned speechless for a moment. And Kerry Washington did all without saying a word.
—  Someone amazing, who knows how to amazingly review an episode of Scandal (AngelaMRomack on Twitter)
INTP/ENTP Conversations
  • INTP: Is it bad that I hope someone shoots Trump in Mexico? I mean not necessarily a kill shot ...
  • ENTP: I was thinking the same thing
  • INTP: Looool
  • Good
  • ENTP: Motorcade attack like in clear and present danger
  • INTP: Now that would be quite the scene