President John F Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Texas Governor John Connally, and First Lady of Texas Nellie Brill Connally riding through Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 before President John F Kennedy was assassinated.  

In the five decades since graphic footage of the JFK assassination splattered its way onto our television screens, said footage has been played, enhanced, replayed, zoomed in upon, and declared “FAKE!” by everyone from Oliver Stone to your dumbass college roommate. As such, you probably think there’s no gruesome detail of that fateful day with which you’re unfamiliar, and to that we emphatically say, “No, you are wrong. Unless you have heard of it, in which case you are some kind of macabre history buff, and are still wrong, albeit in a more general sense.”

The most distressing detail of the footage – other than the exploding skull – is the outward anguish of Jackie Kennedy, who in just seconds transforms from a poised First Lady into a blood-drenched widow. What you probably haven’t heard was her insistence on staying that way.

Hours after the assassination, Jackie arrived on Air Force One for the emergency swearing-in of her husband’s vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson – still wearing her watermelon-pink suit from the motorcade, filthy with her husband’s blood and brain matter. She had repeatedly shot down her aides’ pleas to change with, “No, I’m going to leave these clothes on. I want them to see what they have done.”

6 Dark Details History Usually Leaves Out (For Good Reason)

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yo i haven't seen pd2 in like YEARS but yuuri and victor in your little drabble had me weak and i don't even know what kinda factor they play in the movie or if there's anything else you can give us but i'd love to see more of them because. yes @ them being all over each other in front of everyone when people have shit to do, i.e. important ruling a kingdom stuff

well, the dynamic between the queen and joe in the movies (can’t say much about the books bc it’s been years since i read one of them lmao) is that they’ve got a will they won’t they tension going on and literally the entire damn country ships them (the friggin bishop or…. whatever religious leader officiating the wedding was like “finally” when they did get married in pd2 lolol) and yea that’s probably what i’d be going for. but with a couple tweaks since a lot of details have been shifted around in this au to make it work better with the yoi cast lol

Viktor’s never seen anyone as stoic as Mr Katsuki before in his life. He runs a tight ship, getting all the other security officers into line and smartly suited up. He obsessively goes over every possible breach or flaw at every venue, even drawing up blueprints and maps of the buildings Viktor sets foot in just so he knows the weaknesses of each wall, the locations of each ventilation shaft. He knows the precise details of Viktor’s schedule down to the minute, coordinating with Lilia, his chief advisor and assistant, until everything around the King seems to flow like clockwork, the well-oiled cogs of a machine designed to protect his every step.

“Why are you doing this?” he asks Mr Katsuki once, a couple months into his tenure as chief of security, and Mr Katsuki only smiles a tight, brittle smile that doesn’t reach his calculating yet sparkling eyes.

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you were hurt, Your Majesty,” he replies.

Viktor laughs at just how earnestly serious the man looks. “My life is in your hands already, Mr Katsuki. You might as well call me Viktor.”

There’s a little chink in Mr Katsuki’s armour at that when his cheeks flush visibly pink. “I don’t know if I could, Your Majesty,” he says, his voice quiet, soft, and Viktor immediately realises he’d do anything to see this sort of expression on the man’s face again.

Mr Katsuki is a reassuring shadow at his side, watchful yet protective. Viktor values his work and dedication. Admires his bravery and honour.

But he doesn’t fall in love, though, until one fateful afternoon when he’s leaving his motorcade and a gunman opens fire, and Mr Katsuki is on him in an instant, tackling him onto the asphalt and shielding him with his body. As his heartbeat rings loudly in his ears, Viktor looks up into the wide-eyed expression on his chief of security’s face, and realises that the man is genuinely terrified of losing him.

“Yuuri,” he breathes, reaching up for him. The light haloes Mr Katsuki, making him almost angelic. The noise and commotion fade away with each blink of Mr Katsuki’s long lashes, and then the world fades to white.

When Viktor wakes up, he is in a hospital bed, and Mr Katsuki – Yuuri – has fallen asleep with his fingers inches from Viktor’s own. 

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Video by Enrique Murciano

Thanks @spooniewithtn for finding this behind the scenes video from today’s shoot that seems to match up to the behind the scenes pics of the motorcade. 

Fic: Spill

Summary: Post S1 finale, in which a promise is made and Jughead won’t be interrupted again.

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Betty/Jughead

Fandom: Riverdale

Other: Explicit language/Explicit sexual content/Romance/Fix-It/5,000+ words

Also on: AO3

Author’s note: Please enjoy my smutty, wordy foray. Please also go watch Riverdale on Netflix if you haven’t already, and join me in this hell.

As soon as he closes the door, Betty is at his back.

Juggie!” She hisses in his ear, and beneath the frustration is pure fright. “I can’t believe you took the jacket!”

Jughead turns, feeling a million years older, and in the dim yellow light from the small table lamp, he finds that a single tear has fallen down Betty’s cheek.

Her hastily donned raincoat is half off of her shoulder, baring the pink silk of her bra cup, and her arms are wrapped around her middle, her legs bare and the coat barely covering her hips. The buttons shine in the low light.

The proverbial weight of the leather jacket on his shoulders causes Jughead to slump, slipping it from his back and to the floor, where it lies heaped, the serpent’s embroidered emerald head rearing into view.

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Scans - John and Paul, and Beatlemaniacs, Australia, 1964, photographed by George

Photo: George Harrison

Scanned from Living in the Material World

“We took photographs of them all - from the balcony, and on the back of the car in the motorcade. We were stunned, but happy that there was a nice feeling, and that we were popular there. Everybody was saying, ‘There are more people here than came to see the Queen.’ Well, she didn’t have any hit records.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology