Another Voltron au, oh and look, its Klance, what a surprise.

Okay, Voltron band au. Here we go.

-Allura, Keith, and Shiro are in a really famous band. (With Coran as the manager obvi.)

-Allura sings and plays bass, Shiro is on drums and Keith is on guitar.

-Lance, Pidge and Hunk are all university students, Pidge is working for and engineering degree, Hunk is doing business (cos his family owns a large chain of 5 star restaurants that he will one day take over.) And Lance is doing a masters in (being fabulous) arts.

-Matt works part time in a music store. (Part time DJ) Pidge, Hunk and Lance can often be found congregating there.

-Pidge, Hunk and Matt are all really into this band called Voltron (Allura, Keith, Shiro.) Lance not so much, he’s more of a Beyonce kind of guy. (I mean who isn’t?)

-At this time Allura is one of the queens of Hollywood, (up there with Meryl Streep, Ellen and Beyonce.) So she’s running away from the paparrazi.

-she goes into this little music store to hide, but Lance is the only one in there (Matt had to grab something from the back or sommething.) He looks at her and immediately recognises her.

-its kind of awkward, he introduces himself (does a little bad flirting, but only as a joke cos he’s not really about that. Not Allura, but her lifestyle.) But he gets her autograph for Pidge, Hunk and Matt, then helps her escape by letting her go from the side door.

-Pidge, Hunk and Matt are kind of furious. (Pidge and Matt more so than Hunk.) Not at Lance, but because the five minutes they were gone freaking ALLURA showed up to their store.

-Allura comes back again, to thank Lance for his help (more disguised this time) but this time she comes with Keith and Shiro. Pidge and Hunk are freaking out, Matt is slightly more dignified but still freaking out.

-Allura offers to take Lance out, he refuses, saying what ge did wasn’t even a big deal, she insists saying that it was a big deal to her.

-so Voltron takee Lance and his group of friends out to this really fancy restraurant, which Hunk just happens to OWN.

-Matt and Shiro hit it off right away. They are awesome friends. (Just friends in my au because Shiro and Allura are the IT couple of Hollywood, but you can interprut it anyway you like.)

-Allura talks to Hunk and Pidge, which leaves Keith and Lance to talk.

-they are both extremely awkward and don’t really know how to start a conversation. (Lance is usually really easy breezy about these things but oh boy, this is a superstar. A REALLY CUTE superstar. What do I say?)

-but it turns out they both went to the same high school for a bit, Keith was only there for a little while as he was between foster homes at the time. But it was enough to start the conversation.

-they begin laughing and joking and it just progresses from there.

-now Keith often sneaks into Lance’s college dorm to hang out, and sometimes he won’t even sneak. He’ll just pick him up with his motorbyke after a lecture and let everyone be in awe of him.

-Lance finds it extremely embarressing when Keith does this.

-slowburn, man, slowburn.

-Pidge, Hunk, Matt and Lance are invited to all of Voltron’s concerts with full access pass to everything.

-Keith took Lance to meet Beyonce as a surprise.

-It was hilarious, Keith filmed it all.

I have so much more but if you want it, DM me.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Protagonists’ skills in the game


  • Has lost a couple of duels
  • Forfeited a duel he would’ve won against Kaiba
  • Literally has the power to draw the card that’s most convenient for him


  • Made an entire OC Archetype with space magic that’s unique to him 
  • Lost an E-HERO mirror match and a few other duels 
  • Summoned Neos against Osiris


  • Practically all his duels are gimmick motorbyke stunts
  • Lost to a zombie but had the duel be “”””interrupted””” for the sake of his record
  • Has a big red magic dragon constantly print out new upgrades to his favorite card that’s also super mega magical and unique and also a key to stop a nuclear explosion


  • His ace is so powerful it actually cannot be destroyed if it doesn’t fight another powerful magic monster
  • Lost to a twelve year old that calls himself Shark
  • Constantly has tips on how to duel thanks to a magic space alien ghost jesus.


  • His skills were introduced to be middling at best
  • only got wins when he literally invented a brand new summon method, not an archetype like the kids before, but a whole summon method.
  • His past life lost his marbles at having a decent win/loss ratio that he destroyed the universe

and finally, into the Vrains


  • 100% Duel Win Ratio
  • Only plays Master Format, no gimmick duels
  • Has won duels using one (1) card.
  • OTK all the time
  • Only protag to win a duel that opened on a completely dead hand
  • No magic or unique archetype, he simply got a cyberse wizard pm’d to him via DN.
  • Uses established cards only. 
  • Has no outside help, he’s the LONELY Brave
        • Evolved with all of us to no longer be lonely, but BRAVE MAX

i think it’s pretty obvious who is the most skilled character in the franchise