New helmet day! I decided that even though my old Nava helmet looks rad, it’s really uncomfortable and probably wouldn’t do much in a crash. So after extensive research on full face helmets The Bell M1 was the winner. With the addition of a black visor it’s stealth as hell but not plastic fantastic rubbish. Pretty stoked with it.

Trussardi 1911 x MomoDesign Motorcycle Helmet

Trussardi 1911 has created, in collaboration with MOMODESIGN, its most urban accessory: the helmet. The Trussardi 1911 half-open model is perfect for bikers who move around every day across the metropolis all over the world. The prestigious nappa leather covering is a symbol to the Maison of the Greyhound excellence: the manufacturing of leather. The araldic golden logo plaque is displayed on the side, while the engraved one is on the back.
The Trussardi 1911 helmet is the right balance between affability, sobriety and elegance, and has an inner smoky visor protecting eyes from the sun.

Image Credits:  Trussardi 1911 x MomoDesign Motorcycle Helmet // © Trussardi 1911

Image Credits: Trussardi 1911 x MomoDesign Motorcycle Helmet // © Trussardi 1911

Image Credits: Trussardi 1911 x MomoDesign Motorcycle Helmet // © Trussardi 1911

source:  Trussardi 1911

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Shark Vantime Blank Motorcycle Helmet At £189.99

The Shark Vantime Blank Plain Design Full Face Motorbike Helmet is packed with features…

Specifications include:

  • Comfortable and aerodynamic shell - 1390g
  • Constructed from injected thermoplastic resin
  • 2 shell sizes available - optimal morphological adjustment
  • Integrated UV380 label & anti-scratch sun visor
  • Ergonomic control of the sun visor
  • Visor VZ140 “Long trip” with its air inlet diffusers, allows greater surface demisting
  • Panoramic anti-scratch visor
  • Quick release visor system
  • SHARKTOOTH® prepared
  • Connecting Pocket for a quick recharge SHARKTOOTH®
  • Quick release micrometric buckle chin strap fastening system
  • Glasses groove - optimal comfort for the persons wearing glasses
  • Comfortable natural fibre inner lining, made using a bamboo-based process
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Industry Awards 2014 Rider Product Brand of the Year Winner

So, after decades of using the bottom entry method, someone’s come up with a rear entry helmet (not sure if it’s been done before). It saves a bit of time, and is properly easier to put on with gloves, but what other benefits do you think this sort of helmet brings?

One other thing though, the fact that the back portion is held together by just 3 hinges concerns me. I’m worried about the difference this makes to the structural integrity of the helmet, as it is now two composite pieces rather than the previous one piece design.

Finally, I like the idea of the “in case of emergency” feature which allows EMT personnel to remove the helmet from your head without having to yank it off, preventing further damage in the event of head and/ or neck injuries. But again, this feature is a two-edged sword that can work for you as well as against you, seeing how it may potentially come apart in a high impact collision.

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