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I ran into my new friend again.
Not only are they riding up to Alaska they are also riding back from Alaska.
They will have their work cut out for them.
It’s his girlfriend, not wife.
They’re late-ish 20’s. Just finished school and are on vacation.
And if you’re in the LA area in I’d guess several weeks or a month or so there will be basically a brand new BMW with a shit ton of miles for sale around than.
It seems like quite the adventure they’d going on and I wish them the best.

Dating Steve Rogers would include:

  • Him being really nervous and awkward around you at first
  • Stuttering while asking you out. “Steve? Are you asking me out?” “Y-Yes?” “I would love to”
  • Going on cute lunch dates
  • “Y/N? How do you turn this on? And off? And how do you use it?”
  • Movie nights with a lot of cuddling
  • Dancing to music from his time
  • A lot of little, sweet kisses
  • Keeping it PG ALL the time
  • Sleeping in one bed, but not touching each other because he’s not used to it
  • “Fuck this, Steve. I’m going to cuddle you now!”
  • “Language, Y/N!”
  • Dating for a while before having sex the first time
  • ‘Making love to each other’ for the first few times, but he getting rougher every time.
  • Reading the modern bestsellers to him before falling asleep
  • Him taking you on motorbike tours through the country
  • Long road trips for vacation
  • Steve listening carefully to everything you tell him, because he thinks every word is important
  • Being strong when he says goodbye for a mission but afterwards crying for an hour
  • “If you die, I’m going to kill you”
  • He asks your father for permission to marry you
  • Proposing to you in the restaurant you had your first date in
  • Having a cute little ceremony with your family and the Avengers
  • Spending the honeymoon in Hawaii
  • Getting super cute little twins, a girl and a boy

Before we hit the roads we take all our adventurers on an acclimatisation ride to get used to insane power of the Royal Enfield Motorcycles…and the fact that they ride on the left hand side of the road. Gwen who was one of two ladies on the Top of the World adventure in 2014 was from Kansas USA so was glad she had a day on the bikes to get up to speed.

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You might be asking why am I wearing a gorilla suit or you might be wondering why I have hippie pants on.

The Gorilla suit is easy. Simply for a laugh. Why ride through the Himalayas with safety gear on when you can do it in a Gorilla suit.

The Hippie pants…an idea we had after one too many beers. We call them fancy pants. Every Friday on tour we would wear our fancy pants making it Fancy pants Friday.

It made us laugh but not as much as everyone else we came across.

Come on the 2015 Top of the World adventure in August

Come on the 2015 Nepal adventure in November

This was our first stop after the Darcha checkpoint. This area was covered in snow two storeys deep just a few months before. You can see the marks in the road made by the graders and bulldozers that are used to clear the snow.

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Bike Stolen and recovered

My bike as stolen 2 nights ago and the police weren’t interested and have done precisely jack to catch them or recover the bike.  I’ve had to go out looking for it, speak to neighbours and ask about CCTV myself.  I’ve got it back now albeit with the wiring loom hanging out and I’ve spent all yesterday afternoon rewiring it but it fires up again

If you have yours stolen don’t wait on the police helping you, get out immediately and check around your home within 300 yards, every unlocked garage, passage, shared car park, unoccupied or derelict property; as the thieves push it off and hide it somewhere close in case the police have been called and actually decided to attend so they’re not caught with it. Mine was casually parked in a shared car park of some flats 1 street away where no one would notice a new bike or know who would or wouldn’t have one in the flats. I spoke to one guy who said he wondered who’s it was but had no reason to call the police.