“Hello Rex, I don’t know if you remember me from a year and a half ago. I am sending you some pictures of my updated bike project. Recently I entered it in a bike show and won third place. I was up against good competition of 12 good looking Harleys. I would like to know if anyone was interested in using my pictures. I heard you guys are interested in home made bike projects. I have other pictures also. Let me know, thanks Benny Baca.

It was about the turn of the millennium where Discovery Channel had this show about a father and son building choppers. I believe it was called West Coast Choppers. I got inspired to build me a chopper motorcycle. I had a couple of things against me, my wife who didn’t want me to buy a motorcycle and a little short on money. All I had was desire and ideas. So I  built a mini-bike and it came out pretty good. I then decided to build a full size motorcycle Bobber style. It has taken me more than 15 years and I am liking the way it has turned out. I made a few mistakes along the way but I always corrected them. Whenever I felt something was wrong I worked out the bugs. My biggest improvement was the springer forks. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed building a project like this because I’ve had so much fun.”

Good onya Benny and thanks for sending me the pics.

anonymous asked:

Ok but I saw your elves and glasses thing, and realistically it's more likely that a cery frustrated glasses seller would give him a kind of colourful hook that children get so their glasses won't fall the fuck off. Imagine THAT

Haha an interesting thought anon. However I cannot imagine that! XD; Goggles, however, I can imagine. Goggles and crazy vintage cafe-racer-riding speedmonkey Fenris, I can imagine. ;) <3