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Ok but I saw your elves and glasses thing, and realistically it's more likely that a cery frustrated glasses seller would give him a kind of colourful hook that children get so their glasses won't fall the fuck off. Imagine THAT

Haha an interesting thought anon. However I cannot imagine that! XD; Goggles, however, I can imagine. Goggles and crazy vintage cafe-racer-riding speedmonkey Fenris, I can imagine. ;) <3


Bolt M1 Electric Motorbike

Granted, this motorbike is a hybrid of a regular motorbike and a bicycle, which, in our humble opinion, is an excellent thing, because of one amazing benefit pedals bring to the mix. As this is an electric motorbike, the pedals will allow you to go the extra mile and make sure your battery doesn’t die on you while riding the M1. Amazing!