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Oh, it’s not your job? It is now.

This is a long story.

Intro and Backstory

My dad was a mechanic for 20+ years, and for as long as I can remember, I drove him nuts because I would go around the house with a screw driver he left out and take everything apart because I wanted to see how it work. As I grew older I developed an affinity towards computers and electronics, which led me to be “that kid” in High School who changed his grades, crashed the school districts servers, and used the NETSEND command with great success. I would spend my weekends either with my grandparents and uncle working on science projects or dragging my dad outside to help me fix my car (which consisted of him telling me that he would help once I got it taken apart). Those “figure it out” lessons were the probably the greatest gift he could’ve given me growing up.

I joined the US Army in 2004 and went into communications or “commo” for short (25U) where I managed to go from PVT (E1) when I joined to SGT (E5) by the time I returned from my deployment in 2006. After returning home, I was subsequently transferred from a Light Infantry Unit (walking everywhere) to a Mechanized Infantry Unit (Riding in an armored vehicle everywhere) and placed in charge of the Battalion Commo Shop as the current person running the commo shop was scheduled to retire in a few months and I was the only other NCO. This is where things got interesting and my Commo vs. Mechanics ProRevenge story starts…

Commo vs. Mechanics

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“Deku what the FUCK”

thank you gift for the amazing @simkjrs for writing a golden masterpiece 

I cannot express my love for that fanfic, srsly, go and read it if you’re in bnha fandom asdfhjkl

Maryland Gothic
  • Your house was built in 1920. It has been marked historic. It will now stand here untouched until the end of time. The bridge has been marked historic. It was built in 1930. No one is allowed to drive on it. Your neighbor’s fence has been marked historic. He built it three years ago. You go to church. The church falls down. It was built in 2005. No one will clear the rubble to save you. It has been marked historic. 
  • You get in your dinghy. You motor to town. You tie up your dinghy at the docks. You buy your government mandated industrial carton of Old Bay and Old Bay seasoned UTZ chips at the Royal Farms. You can’t remember the taste of water. You don’t remember sunlight. There is only Old Bay. 
  • You are on a mountain. The fog is too thick to see the road in front of you. You wait for it to clear. You drive until you reach a town below sea level. The fog is still here. It has followed you. 
  • Your friend from out of state asks if you want to go swimming in the Bay. You say no. You’ll be too busy contacting their next of kin.  
  • You are driving. The DC NPR station signal is growing weaker. You are not yet in range of the Baltimore NPR station. The signal is growing fainter. Fainter. Fainter. You flip between the static of both stations. Nothing. You are trapped. You pass a road sign that reads: New Market. Your flesh melts from your bones as Rush Limbaugh comes in loud and clear. 
  • You sailed your preposterously large yacht into Ego Alley. All eyes are upon you. You approach the dead end docks. The tourists look on in confusion. The dockside bar patrons begin to take bets. It is time to turn around and motor your way out. There is no space left. You cannot turn. You are stuck. The harbor patrol calls the Tugboat Of Shame. In the end, your body is strung up with the others. 
  • You are in Severna park. A woman approaches you. In one hand she holds a field hockey stick. In her other hand, a lacrosse stick. You must chose. You do not know how to play lacrosse. You do not know how to play field hockey. With a heavy heart, you say, “I don’t play sports.” The woman smiles.  She brandishes the lacrosse stick. You close your eyes. You feel your nose break. You see your own blood staining your Sperrys. You do not resist. It is your own fault for entering Severna Park without the proper training. 
  • The stink bugs are here. The stink bugs are here. The stink bugs are here. Ț̠̠̻̤́̍̅͊̑ͧ̊h̍̏͊ͤe̻ͬ͋̽ͤ ͖̦̼̣̰̝͙s̮̬̦̜͌ͭ̍͋͒̔ť̫̲̞͖̈́̅ȉ͉̓͌̈͌n̤̩̭̲ͣ̔ͧ̿k̲̝͓̠͓̥̙ͥͤ ̣̺̤̻ͩ̊̅̍̄ͯb̠̈́́͊̈́͗u̜̭̔͑̚g̘͎̼̪̳͌̍̅ͥ̋ͅsͨ́ ̒͛͌̂ͫ̾ă̬̣̹̲̠̠̘̋̇͊̋r͈͈͓͆͊ͯͧ̎ͯ̈́ě̯̒̓ͩͥ̽ͥ ̠ͭͦ̉h̬̘͓̉͆̋ͤ̚ë̻̟͉̊r̤͙̱̠̝̮͇ͬ́̋̿̄e͕̯̯͔͈.ͫͩ
Vanilla ~ Shawn Mendes Smut

This one is my favourite by far.  Enjoy.

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You and Shawn had been together for a few years, having met in high school and becoming close friends everyone that you knew wanted you both to date which inevitably happened. As you both had been together for so long you had tried pretty much everything there was to try with anything, and this included in the bedroom.  You were both sexually active very soon in the relationship.  At the very beginning of the relationship you two could not get enough of one another, but now?  It seemed like a chore and you were really put off it all together. But, this worried you.  Mainly because Shawn was not just yours, he was also thousands of other girl’s sexual fantasies and knowing this anyone would be worried. You were worried that he might find someone else on tour that intrudes him more than you do and because of the sexless relationship you two have been having for a few months, he might get tempted to leave you – or worse cheat.  You were not shocked to walk in from work and hear Shawn with Geoff playing PS4 and talking about the activities you two were not having.  

“It’s not that I don’t love her dude, it’s just there’s only a small amount of break a guy can have from this.  And I mean at the beginning it was so good like honestly mind blowing.  Like I could barely wait on tour without needing her. Now?”  He lightly laughed, “Now I can’t wait to go on tour hoping that the break from seeing her will excite the bedroom a bit more”

“It just seems to me you two need to try something spontaneous.  Maybe take her away to some beach at midnight and fuck in the caves. I don’t know man, but you can’t continue like this.  I remember before you used to literally be too tired to come out with us lot because of how much you two were at it.  But, like you said now you two seem bored of all that.  Which is obviously going to happen having been together for as long as you two had.  Just spice it up a bit” Shawn nodded and began to become concentrated on the video game again.  You waited a few minutes before walking in with the weeks shopping you had just purchased before coming home.  

Shawn looked over and smiled at you like he usually did, and then turned back to finish off his match with Geoff.  You knew you two needed to try something but you were unsure on what that something would be.  This racking your brain as you unloaded the food and began making your dinner.  You turned on the radio to try and get your mind off this whole ordeal, but even that would not help you.  You continued with making your chicken casserole while Shawn said goodbye to Geoff and you both were now left alone with the increasing sexual tension.  It really had been too long, but you did not want it to just be a let’s fuck on the sofa because you two had already completed it.  You wanted to take Geoff’s advice and do it spontaneously and you knew exactly when to do it.  

“What are cooking love?” Shawn came over, kissing your lips for the first time that evening.  You both did not like PDA as much as the next person so you both always waited until you were both alone to do anything like this.  

“Chicken casserole I really craved it at work, and after the day I have had I really need a pick me up” you sighed remember the day’s events and glad that it was finally over.  

“What happened I’m sure I can make it better” Shawn pushed while making his way over to the counter top to sit on the stool.  

“Well I have just been informed that I have like a pile of work to complete over this weekend which means our weekend away is ruined by work once again.  I am just so stressed and flustered with all of this honestly.” You sighed while putting everything in the oven for the recommended time and began to lean on the counter opposite Shawn.  

“It won’t be ruined love, we can make a time schedule so we can do what we want and also fit in your work. I am determined to make this weekend the best of your life, and we are not having work ruin it for you again. Plus, I have an idea which can make you less stressed and flustered” He smirked at you which he usually did when he was indicating only one certain thing.  But, keeping up with as though you did not hear their conversation an also wanting to build up the sexual tension for your plan you politely declined.

“Oh Shawn, I am really not in the mood for all of that now.  I have just made dinner.  Maybe another time?”  Your acting was on point and this just earned a groan from Shawn.

“You never are in the mood anymore Y/N” He finally said before making his way back into the living room.  If you were not planning on wanting the reaction he just gave you, you would have argued back.  But, considering you needed that reaction you did not mind.  You continued with preparing the meal and enjoying your night in with Shawn.

The weekend had finally arrived and you were way to excited for your own good.  This whole week you had been planning what would be the best way to be spontaneous and shock Shawn for the best sex you two have had in a long time.  You had so many ideas but finally landed on the one that you were going to do today. You were nervous that he would reject you, but knowing how long it’s been you knew that was out of the cards. You had both packed the car and you were both pretty much ready to leave.  Ever since the night where you rejected Shawn he had been giving you the cold shoulder which you were shocked about.  You knew he was bothered about you not wanting to have sex with him, but barely speaking to you was a bit extreme.  

“Have you got everything, I think we should leave in the next ten minutes or well hit the work traffic” you announced while placing the food bag in the back.  Shawn did not respond to you at first only earning a nod in response. You just shook your head, not really wanting an argument just before a long drive.  You decided it was best for you to wait in the car while Shawn got the last few things.  You were waiting for 10 minutes before Shawn decided to make his way into the car.  You knew he did this just to get a reaction out of you, so you decided not to snap and continued looking down at your phone.  

Shawn had been driving for almost 2 hours so you thought this was the best time for your plan to begin. “Shawn can you stop over for a second I need the toilet”  

“Y/N we have just passed a service station couldn’t you have told me then?  Shockingly you cant to a u turn on a motor way”

“Can you just stop on the side then for a break at least, I’m sure I’ll be fine then”  

“Fine” Shawn groaned out before turning into a pit stop.  “Happy?” he said while rolling his eyes at you.

“What is your problem Shawn, seriously?!”  You knew deep down what it was but you did not want to say anything to give your plan up.

“Nothing Y/N, absolutely nothing.” He began to reach for his phone in his pocked before you stopped him. You pushed his hands up over the hand rests before pulling your legs over him leading you to straddle him.  “Y/N?”  Shawn asked looking confused and slightly horny.

“You see Shawn, I overheard you and Geoff and well I was really not pleased” You pushed down onto his crotch with your behind before slowly grinding onto him.

“Y/N, were on a motor way anyone…”  you cut him short.

“Does that not make it more thrilling” you closed the gap between you both, his hands quickly made their way down to your hips and yours began tangling into his hair.  Your lounge slowly making its way into his mouth as you both started to move your hand around each other’s bodies, exploring everything that your hands landed on.  It had been so long since you and Shawn needed each other this badly and you were thrilled he wanted you as much as you needed him.  You pulled down the leaver which allowed you to lower the chair so you and Shawn were laying down.  This giving Shawn a prime opportunity to kiss down your neck and leaving light bites and licks as he went.

Moans filled the car as you both continued to rock on each other.  The sexual tension almost choking you at this point.  You quickly pulled down your pants and shorts with Shawn doing the same.  You considered taking your shirts off but knowing everyone would be able to see you and it would be even more obvious to the outside world you thought against it.

His penis flighting up to his chest as you two continued to grind against each other.  You looked down as your hand rapped round his cock before giving it a few pumps.  It had been so long you forgot how big he was.  “Fuck Y/N no more, please” Shawn begged you as you slid his cock inside of your folds before lowering yourself down on him.  

“Oh god” you breathed into his mouth as his hands fell to your hips to start your movements.  You both needed this more than anything.  Shawn’s hips smashed against yours as the foreign feeling came back to you indicating that you were approaching your orgasm.  It was normally Shawn who came first, but with what had been going before and the wait you both had to endure you knew it was going to be you instead.  You both moaned into each other necks as your euphoria approached you both.  

It only took a few more thrusts for you to be coming completely undone, with Shawn not far behind you.  Your whole body shook we you could not control yourself.  You screamed out as you held onto Shawn.

“Y/N, that was amazing”

“Tell me about it” You laughed before making you way over to the passenger’s side again to allow yourself more room to get changed.  

Let’s just say, that weekend you made up for the sex you had both missed.

The thought of Jacob or Miss Peregrine teaching the Peculiar Children to drive is giving me life😂😂😂😂😆


Hugh: Cool as a fucking cucumber until the first bee hits the windshield, and then it’s head out the window, yelling at bees to get out of the way, while swerving all over the road. Jacob ended the lesson by grabbing the wheel and yelling, “We survived too much to be brought down by the mascot of Cheerios, Hugh!”

Bronwyn: Tried to be gentle until she got a little too excited when on a hill and slammed her foot through the brake to the road. Jacob immediately threw up upon stopping.

Horace: The very thought of speeding down the road surrounded by other drivers, and the variables they bring, spikes his anxiety too much. He wouldn’t set foot in a car after the short first lesson he had.

Fiona: Best driver of the family. Totally collected. She doesn’t like to drive too much though, she believes in creating as little pollution as possible.

Claire: This angry little bean was already pissed because she had to wait years to be able to drive. Now she drives constantly, and is always trying to race the other children. Miss Peregrine thinks she may have an adrenaline addiction, surprisingly.

Enoch: Took off speeding before Jacob could get in the car, did a perfect figure 8, then did it again backwards, and ended with a beautifully executed drift-stop. That was their last lesson, though as a joke, Jacob bought Enoch a ridiculous pair of red driving gloves for Christmas.

Olive: Her shoes had to be removed, so Miss Peregrine taught her, ready at any moment to change into a bird to bring Olive back down to Earth. In the end they settled on ankle weights and a tight seatbelt.

Emma: After dealing with Jacob’s overprotective lists of precautions which included checking the tire pressure and her mirrors no less than twenty times, she drove a little too fast, a little too rough, and a little too reckless for Jacob. After a while of Jacob’s comments of ‘Slow down, Emma!“ The steering wheel began melting and they had to stop. Once Miss Peregrine took over the lesson, things went better. Emma still couldn’t put gasoline in the car, though, for obvious reasons.

Millard: He could only drive at night so his invisibility would not be as big of an issue. However, the issue came in the form of Millard’s endless knowledge of cars and their history, which he had studied in the weeks before his first lesson. Jacob almost jumped out of the car at one point when Millard started in on the topic of “headlights, and how they lit the way for motor vehicles”. Millard was offended at the lack of enthusiasm he was feeling from the passenger seat.

Joe Sugg imagine || Couples Q&A ||

Anonymous said:

Could you do one we’re joe is still a thatcher and is starting YouTube and y/n and him do a couple q&a

- - -

“This is really weird for me.” You couldn’t help but admit it, sitting on your bed with a camera balanced on a stack of books since you didn’t have a tripod yet, in front of you, watching as Joe stood behind it, “I know, but … I’m really going for this Youtube thing.” He glanced up at you and gave you a smile.
“I know, and I know you’ll do amazingly with it, but – I’m the camera girl.” You laughed slightly.

You’d held the camera for Joe many, many times during his videos, you weren’t much for the public eye, especially with Joe’s ever growing channel.

“Well, the world deserves to know the camera girl, I love very much.” Joe beamed, leaning over and giving you a soft kiss, before sitting down. “It’s only a few questions, the couple’s Q and A, please?” He pouted, making his eyes big.

“Okay, fine… You’re lucky I love you.” You caved in pretty quickly to him. “Yes!” Joe said victory punching the air. “What do I do?” You asked, staring at the camera, awkwardly. “Just be you, the lovable, perfect you.” He poked your nose and you moved your head quickly in attempts to bite his finger, before you both laughed.

You both had sorted yourself out and Joe did his introduction to the camera; “and with me today, I have my beautiful girlfriend, (Y/N) – yes! That means I conned her into doing a couples question and answer video, I know you’ve been pestering me to get her in front of the camera.” Joe laughed, you waved to the camera, smiling – trying to act natural. “It only took a few tablets in her drink this morning.” Joe nodded. “OI!” You said sharply pushing him a little bit.

“So, I just Googled a list of couples questions and there was a lot of them, so I just picked a few at random.” Joe had his phone in his hand.

“Oh first, introduce yourself;” Joe remembered, everyone knew he was 20 and a Thatcher.

“Uhm.” You said, “I’m (Y/N), I’m 19 and I’m taking some online courses for marketing.” You felt like that wasn’t very exciting. “She also looks after me.” Joe raised his hand and you nodded, agreeing.

“Shall we get into it?” Joe looked at you and you nodded again,

“First question; pretty simple – How did we meet?” He asked.

“You stalked me like I was an antelope at school and when I was unsuspecting you attacked.” You said seriously. “I never!” Joe said quickly, gasping.
“You did too!” You said quickly. “Listen, listen … Guys…” You looked at the camera trying to cover Joe’s mouth you kept protesting you telling the story. “I had gym class the period before Joe, he’d ALWAYS sneak out of his English class early to get to the gym before the bell went and he’d purposely time it so we’d always run into each other…” You said.

“How is THAT stalking you like an antelope?!” He stared hard at you. “Dunno, just kinda is, really, isn’t it?” You laughed.

“Don’t be foolish, you look nothing like an antelope… Smell like one, maybe… Especially on taco night.” - “JOE!” You exclaimed.

“Anywayyyy… We met at school, okay? School.” Joe was looking at the camera. “Question two; kinda ties into question one.” He cleared his throat. “How long we’ve been together?”
“You’re making me answer this because you always mess it up, aren’t you?” You asked him and he grinned. “Maybe.” He winked.

“Joe thinks it’s four years, but it’s three.” You answered. “In his head, I was dating him a year before he asked me out.” You teased him.

“She lies!” Joe hissed, trying not to laugh, he hadn’t stopped smiling the entire time the camera had been going.

“Wanna read a question?” He asked you, “I know you’ve only recently learned how to read, but … If you need help with any big words, I’m here to help.” He handed you his phone, as you stared at him with a dull expression.

He was biting his lip, trying not to laugh. “You see what I put up with?! YOU SEE IT?!” You looked at the camera while gesturing to Joe.

It was hard to explain, but it seemed like even on video the chemistry and the love you both shared for one another was captured with every recorded second.

“Uhm, okay – question three; what was… Our first road trip together?” You asked, looking at him, tapping his phone lightly against your lips as you waited for him to answer.

“Easy, we went to London for the weekend – I had just gotten my licence, (Y/N) got us incredibly lost… Ended up on the entirely wrong motor way and next thing we both see; a big old sign welcoming us to Wales.” He shook his head.

“That wasn’t my fault!” You defended, “okay; so – story time.” You clapped your hands together, abandoning his phone on your bed.
“So, Joe passed his drivers test – super excited; I had the flu… I was delirious, sick as can be and he’s toting us off for a journey to London on a bank holiday weekend. I couldn’t remember my own name and he put me in charge of the map…” You scoffed.

“I was trying to be romantic!” Joe cut in on your story time quickly, “I was trying not to get sick out the window.” You whispered.

“Let us just say, we turned around and both went home and didn’t speak to one another for about two or three days afterwards because we wouldn’t take the blame.” Joe laughed, “it was definitely a test for our slightly new relationship!” He admitted, making you roll your eyes, “true though.” You laughed.

“See? Guys you’re learning so much about us.” Joe picked up his phone, “ouuu, question four; what do we argue the most about?” He smirked as he read it.

“The flipping amount of straw you drag into the house.” You answered almost automatically. “It’s true… We find bits of straw in the most random of places… And it’s not a serious argument, it’s just kind of a funny one.”

“Question five; Who said ‘I love you’ first?” He smiled.

“Me” - “You.” Joe and you said at the same time and looked at each other, grinning. He lent in and kissed your lips quickly catching you off guard, it made your blush.

“I did, it came out really casual I think though?” He asked, looking at you and you nodded, “we were watching a movie around my house, cuddled up on the couch and he just kinda looked over and smiled, and he said, I love you.” You recalled.
“But! THIS ONE!” Joe put his hands on your shoulders and shook you slightly, “didn’t say it back!” He looked at the camera and made the saddest of faces. “To be fair, I did say it not long after.” You tried to point out.

“Four days later… I was terrified I overstepped and scared her off.” Joe fixed his hair. “Had be panicking for days on end…” He sighed dramatically.

“Question six;” you held the phone again, “Nicknames we have for each other?” You asked.

“I don’t think we really have any… I mean, babe, I usually call you babe,” Joe said, “but you call me babe a lot, too.” He thought. “Nah, don’t really have any, sometimes I call her (Y/nickname) but… So does everyone else…. Only thing I know is I’m good with whatever she calls me, unless it’s Joseph in a very scary tone – then, then I know I’m really in trouble.” He nodded to the camera.

“Question seven; when did we meet each others family?” You asked.

“Easy enough, I met your parents not long after we started dating, maybe a month or two, I went over for supper and I was nervous as anything – but her parents are really sweet, and it went exceptionally well.”

“Yeah, my parents really liked you… And, well I met your sister before I met you, we did some projects in the same art room together after school… Then, I met your dad on his birthday a while after we started dating and he’s hilarious.” You paused thinking, “but I didn’t meet your mom until early last year, but she’s really sweet.” You smiled. 

“She actually, bought me these earrings.” You pointed to them, they were just a simple pair of dangling earrings with a silver cloud shaped charm, since you loved clouds.

“And, last question; three things you love about the other person.” You read, looking up and nodding. “Interesting.” You laughed.

“You go first.” Joe put his hand under his chin, watching you, batting his eyelashes at you.
“Three things I love about you;” you smiled, “I love, how anytime you take on a new project or challenge, you’ll do whatever it takes to become successful, so your determination. And, the way you always find the joy and wonder out of the simplest of things. Hmm… And I guess, the thing I love the most about you, is that – you are you… No matter what, you’ve never tried to change yourself to fit in with anyone else’s way of thinking.” You nodded. “And also you’re pretty hot.” You beamed a bright smile.

“Aww… Babe.” Joe said, a bit emotional not expecting those kinds of answers from you. “Just being honest!” You sang in a higher pitched voice.
“I don’t think I can top that.” Joe admitted, looking at the camera then back to you. 

“Can I just say… What I love the most about you is you’ve always stuck by me, even when I know I’ve been a royal pain… Even when everyone else was tired of me, you were always right there – beside me, cheering me on.” He took your hands into his. “You never let me down.” He pulled you closer to him and kissed you, your fingers lacing together with his as you shared a kiss.

Coming apart you both smiled at each other.

“And that booty is fiiiineee!!” Joe said pulling you almost onto him and he slapped your behind.
“JOSEPH!” You exclaimed not expecting that to happen, and in fear you were going to end up on the floor.
Joe was laughing, moving his foot, he hit the corner of the books holding up the camera. “OH NO!” You both said together as the books fell and the camera took a short tumble down to the floor.

Which Joe took as a sign to end the video just like that…


Motorway speed gif


New Photo blog video thing :) its basically like these photos and gifs but put to me and my friends music and all edited together! would really love any feedback :)

next one coming soon! only got 2 years to catch up on ;D


Out of Tunnel 35 by Patrick Dirden
Via Flickr:
UP 3868, in charge of an empty ribbon rail train, heads out of Tunnel 35 at Yuba Gap, CA.

Definitely don’t imagine Lindsey and Gerard going to pick Bandit up from school and asking her how her day was to which she responds with a cute, intelligent little answer. Also, don’t imagine Gerard and Bandit going to Father-Daughter things at her school with Lindsey taking photos of them, and don’t imagine Lynz and Gee helping out with school fundraisers like bake sales and things like that because Bandit asked them to and also because they wanted to. Just don’t imagine them doing any “typical parent-of-an-8-year-old” type things because I guarantee your little heART WILL EXPLODE.

Overwhelmed (Part 3)

Part One ~~ Part Two

So I’ve sort of decided to write this in non-linear pieces because I don’t have a coherent story I want to write but I have scenes and arcs that I want to write. So the next thing I post will probably be part one of arc one (The Winter Arc). Anyway I hope you like this part.

It was unusually quiet as Tony Stark appeared on the stage. He wasn’t looking at the reporters, or at the teammates that had already gathered onstage, instead smiling softly and more genuinely than most people were allowed to see at someone behind the curtain.

“Come on, bambini. It’s alright. Come out, piccole stelle.” Slowly, he coaxed a small boy with messy hair and curious eyes onstage, taking his hand and smiling at him. Stark looked up, smiling softly, as the boy slowly stuck the tips of his fingers in his mouth and edged behind the man’s legs. The genius looked out at the unusually silent reporters, taking in the faces.

“So,” he said finally, “this is my son.” The silence continued as the young Stark glanced up at his father and grinned, letting go of his hand to dart forward on the stage. He glanced back at his dad, who smiled encouragingly at him, before staring over the crowd of strangers and stomping his feet, giggling happily when the reporters indulgently gasped as his shoes lit up. He beamed before running back over to his dad and holding up his arms. Stark scooped him up, bouncing him slightly and smiling when he giggled again. “We’ll take questions now.”

They answered the simple questions, names and where they had come from and how old they were and how they came to be with him, lies that had been carefully thought up beforehand. The reporters watched as Stark absentmindedly tugged the boy’s fingers away from his mouth, hushing him quietly while Steve answered a question about how having the boys in the tower had changed team dynamics (“It hasn’t,” he lied). Behind the curtain, Pepper and Rhodey held U and Butterfingers as they watched their brother.

Tony noticed when Dum-E started to get fussy, squirming tiredly and whining like he was hungry. He hushed him quietly, pressing their foreheads together, when he heard something that stopped his breath in his chest.

“Captain, do you really think Stark is qualified to act as a father?”

“What do you mean?” escaped his mouth harshly, like a bullet, before he could even think about what he was saying, looking up sharply and searching for the face to match the voice. “Are you suggesting I’m somehow hurting them? Or unfit to care for them?” He felt someone place a restraining hand on his arm. Dum-E was staring at him, on the verge of fussing again, put-off by his tone and mood.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Steve was answering darkly, “But Tony has been through all the proper channels, I can assure you. He has been cleared to raise his children. I don’t think any of us, then, are qualified to judge, after he’s been screened by the professionals.” It was true Tony had been through channels and jumped through hoops (that he felt he rightfully shouldn’t need to, since these weren’t normal children and any average foster home wouldn’t be equipped to handle them) but they were about as proper as SHIELD could forge them. There had been a passing mention of removing the children from his care, but his dark glare had silenced any dissension with his decision.

Was he really that unfit? Did people really consider him to be a bad father?

He pulled himself out of the darkening thoughts, rocking Dum-E gently as the boy nuzzled his face into his shoulder, whining tiredly. He rubbed his back, crooning quietly to him in Italian. The boys didn’t necessarily know what he was saying, but the language calmed them as easily as it had him when he was their age.

“What does this mean for Stark Industries?” Tony frowned, blinking, before looking up, the question not sitting right with him.

“What do you mean?” Were they suggesting he step down from being the head of R&D? SI wouldn’t survive if he did that.

“Well,” the reporter started slowly, a scrawny little thing whose glasses hid their true intentions. “It’s clear these boys are… not up to the usual Stark standard.” Tony stared blankly, anger slowly bubbling in his stomach, as the reporter cleared their throat and continued. “I mean, they show some tendencies of… mental retardation-” They trailed off as Tony took a deep breath through his nose, turning to Natasha with glittering eyes and handing Dum-E to her, quieting his fussing softly before turning back to the reporter, walking to the front of the stage. He stared for a moment before baring his teeth and lunging for the edge of the stage, snarling angrily when Steve and Thor caught him and hauled him back, clawing at them angrily.

“Take it back,” he hissed. “Take it back, you fucking asshole. Are you trying to suggest they aren’t good enough? That they can’t bear the name Stark because they aren’t geniuses? Because they aren’t building a motor way too young to try and get my attention? Because they’re normal kids? Well guess what. They don’t exist to impress you. So fucking take it back. Apologize to them and every other truly handicapped child and parents of handicapped children, because that isn’t something to joke or speculate about. It’s serious, and they exist, and they are not worthless or whatever the fuck you were suggesting!” The reporter had gone pale, clutching their pen tightly, and Tony stopped fighting Steve and Thor as he heard a soft sniffle and a sob behind him. He turned, going back over to Dum-E and plucking him from Natasha’s arms when he reached out, cooing to him quietly and kissing his forehead, trying to stop his tears.

He turned again, glaring. “You’re going to issue me a formal apology,” he said, keeping his voice light so as to not scare Dum-E more. “Me and my sons. Within 48 hours. Or I’m going to end you.”


Post 4x07 speculation fic featuring the bed of sex. “Her heart beats thunderously beneath her chest, and she begins to trace the length of his hair, his nose, the curvature of his lips, and the hollow spot on his chin with her curious eyes. His Adam’s apple bobs and Clarke wonders if he’s feeling this too, this strange, exhilarating sensation she’s feeling now. A mix of excitement, nervousness, and familiarity coils at the pit of her stomach, winding and unwinding with each breath she takes.”

Bellarke’s first kiss and first time together. Sometimes it really is about coming home.

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Her hands move in practiced motions, her right reaching over to grab the tape while the other holds the gauze in place. She zeroes in on the wound, quieting the part of her that won’t stop worrying over him. He needs to be more careful.

After putting tape on the edges, Clarke inspects her handiwork to make sure it’ll heal properly. She’s still worried but mainly annoyed – he genuinely can’t go a single day without hurting himself.

“It’s just a scratch.”

She knows he’s grinning lopsidedly without her even looking, and sure enough, the corner of his mouth is lifted in what can be seen as Bellamy’s first smile in weeks. It baffles her how he can take getting hurt so lightly, but there’s a part of Clarke that knows he’s just as exhausted and angry as she is. It hurts, having to carry the weight of the world. It will never get easier, but Clarke takes comfort in knowing Bellamy will be there, just as he always has.

“Yeah, well, it’s a scratch you could’ve avoided.”

He huffs under his breath but makes no move to leave. He sticks out like a sore thumb in this bedroom. Both of them do – all grimy, angry, and touched by evil. It’s too pristine for them. Even back on the Ark, she slept on a cot with basic bedding. This bed – the entire house, in fact – is too luxurious.

There’s a part of her that feels she doesn’t deserve to stay here, even if it’s to simply sleep. She’s already experienced a lifetime of luxury. She grew on the right side of the Ark, didn’t have to worry about food, or working when she was fourteen just to provide for her family. She doesn’t need it, not anymore.

Taking a deep breath, Clarke steps away from Bellamy and points to the bathroom. “You can shower in there. Murphy probably left food in the fridge, so I’ll warm it up for us.”

He nods solemnly. “Thanks.” Bellamy scans the entire room with a slight scowl on his lips. “I’m scared I’ll make this place dirty.”

Laughing, Clarke shakes her head before crossing her arms. “Feels weird, doesn’t it?”


An odd look crosses over Bellamy’s face, and his eyes flicker up to hers, searching for something. Her stomach flips and flops for a moment, and she doesn’t know what to make of the new sensation. She’s not terribly close to him, but she can spot the freckles on his face, sprinkled out in imperfect harmony. And if Clarke leaned in a little further, she could see the tiny mole on his left collarbone, peeking through his war torn shirt.

She’s spent a lot of time studying Bellamy – back at the dropship, she would study whether his facial expressions revealed his ulterior motives. Then after, she would look to see if his eyes flickered anywhere that might pose danger and follow his line of sight, trusting his instincts. And now, Clarke checks to see if he’s forgiven himself, if he no longer views himself as a monster.

Clarke hasn’t been able to determine if he has.

But she’s a grown woman, and she can admit he will always be her favorite subject. She is able to study herself through him. If Bellamy is worried, then so should she. And if he is happy, she realizes she should be as well, because life is too fickle to never smile for days on end.

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femmearcee  asked:

Can you please do a name aesthetic for my girlfriend of almost 4 years, Haley? She's a butch with long hair and loves video games, pitbulls, cars, and is an game design student. She has these insanely beautiful yellow/hazel eyes. She's just the sweetest, most kind, beautiful person and I love her very much. 💋💕

She sounds darling, truly! I hope this does her justice.💘  (Love your profile pic, by the way. Motor Crush is one of my favs!)

Haley. She’s the loose shrug of shoulders and well-worn denim. She is the grip on the wheel and sun-heated pavement. She is a rough hand, pushing back a sea of hair out of a grinning face. She is small, silver studs in a pink ear and polaroids of memories. She is the powerful running of a dog chasing it’s master. She is the rev of a motor and the runaway lovers, driving off into the sun. She is Haley- the rebel’s heart.

Wade Wilson: Timelines are so confusing!

Warnings: A lot of swearing, a bit a violence, innuendo? and confusing timelines.

Note: This is in Deadpool style so its a bit weird.

You were being dragged with Colossus and Ellie (as much as she hated being called that you still called her that, even if she threatened to blow you up a few times) to aid Wade fucking Wilson A.K.A Deadpool or asspool as you liked to call him.

You ended up on a motor way which was covered in blood and made Colossus grimace at the sight, Nega- Teenage Attitude Head (whatever) was staring at her phone as usual. You looked past an upturned van and found Wade talking to Ajax (you learnt his name as Wade never stopped rabbiting about what that ‘fucking asshat’ did to him) hung up by a sword through his shoulder. Deadpool saw you three after he finished talking to Ajax “What the fuck?” his voice raised at exclamation. “Why did you goody two shoe dickwads show up?” “Don’t you move!” he pointed a gun at Ajax as he walked towards you. “This is a shameful and reckless use of your powers. You will both be coming with us.” Colossus ran off as usual. Wade started ranting and exclaiming about something but you zoned out.

You zoned back in as he tried to punch Colossus in the head shattering his hand in the process he did the action again but with the other hand. “Dickhead” you muttered. He then said something about “All the dinosaurs feared the T-rex” then tried to kick him but fell to the floor like a fish. Colossus put a pair of hand cuffs on Wade and around his own wrist as he dragged him away “Let us go talk to the Professor” Wade looked up shouting “McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing!” You looked down at the deformed man “Wade. Shut the fuck up.”.

You were sitting in the back with Wade as the other two couldn’t stand him any longer. Wade leaned into you “So, is it McAvoy or Stewart?” you looked at him trying to hide a smile “Stewart. I wish it was McAvoy.” Wade crossed his legs “Mmm I agree … those dreamy eyes, that accent, the hair, his cheeky attitude.” “Exactly way better than you.” Wade clasped his hand around his mouth “Huuuuuuuuuuh?” you smirked, a shocked expression on his masked face “It won’t happen sweet cheeks he has that whole thing with Fassy. Ah those dreamy eyes and accents” You nodded in agreement “oh well. Guess I’m stuck with you” “Oh you poor thing and you have a type. Maybe I should have an accent, I already have dreamy eyes.”. you bumped against Wade “Well you’re half the man they are then.”. “Don’t worry sweetheart, not downstairs.”.