motor swaps

don-quix0te  asked:

What's your impression on rx7's? And what do you think about ls swaps in them?

I love rx7s passionately, and I do not like LS swaps in them. 

Rotaries are so unique and make huge amounts of power out of nothing, why would you want to swap in a generic heavy LS? For the price of just a stock motor LS swap, your rotary would be so much faster. 

And I hate how rotaries are rumored to be “devastatingly unreliable”. It’s because ditsy bitches were buying rx7s and rx8s and not recognizing that they need to be warmed up properly, and either it floods or they fuck their seals. And also, a rebuild for a rotary is inexpensive. It’s about $2k for a rebuild + street port. My piston engine will be a good $6k+. 

dudes that sell their cars as soon as they “finish” their build piss me off. go drive your fucking car and then try to tell me you’re “finished”. aero, paint, and a motor swap is not a fucking build, stupid. throwing rare parts at a car is not a build, stupid. your sr22, bn hatch on equips isn’t fucking built, stupid. just because you can buy parts and put them on a car doesn’t mean you know how to build cars, nor does it mean you are “finished”, stupid.