motor shoes

Packard Co. file photograph of a 1937 Packard front view, top folded, hood partially open, three females at front of car, one female in passenger seat, all wearing swimsuits. Inscribed on photo back: “Packard super eight, fifteenth series, model 1501, 8-cylinder, 135-horsepower, 134-inch wheelbase, 5-person convertible victoria (body type #1501), note white sidewall tires, fender wells, 6-wheels, trunk rack, Packard deluxe emblem, setting: Florida.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

((Joseph’s Mundane Enemies, updated:

1. Bento, bringer of oatmeal raisin cookies and associated with Rohan

2. Rohan Kishibe’s fashion sense

3. Rohan Kishibe

4. Buffets that aren’t equipped for the existence and extent of Joseph’s appetite, or his definition of “all you can eat” when the buffet advertises itself as an “all you can eat buffet”–Joseph is very salty about the buffets

5. The New York City Department of Motor Vehicles

6. Payless Shoe Stores, for having employees that refuse to let him try on cute shoes

7. The other shoe stores which have employees that refuse to let him try on cute shoes

8. Every single specialty dress shop that won’t seem to let him try anything on

9. Clowns

10. Oatmeal raisin cookies, aka the Worst Cookies Ever

11. That asshole who first made Joseph eat an oatmeal raisin cookie by tricking him into thinking it was chocolate chip

12. Sadao Kujo, worst husband and dad ever

13. The rest of the Kujo family, minus Jotaro and Holly, for enabling Sadao the Neglectful Jazz Musician))

The Journey 🚷

Thoughts running through my mind
Thoughts racing against the time
Trying to beat the Good to the front
The Bad times always gotta be the one
To take a light jog while y'all having fun
Pick it up a little after the errands done
Now we’re home & still no one’s won
The Good or Bad, who’s gonna step out in front?
Then we see Bad pull away & it looks like just another day
When my Bad side gets the best of me & the me you love goes away
But then Good hits gear Two.
Like a motor in its shoes
It pulls away quick, nothing Bad could do
But just watch in awe, as it had finally begun
The Good had finally come to the front
The Bad, he took care of it all
Finally, the past is where it belongs
Behind all the Good shit, the Journey y'all never saw

Things the types remind me of:

INFJ: Space, the moon and stars. A dark night with wind howling. A secret chamber. A mysterious looking key. 

INTJ: Treasures and a sheet of numbers. Coffee and bow ties. A person holding a candle. Books.

ENFJ: A fist. Walks on the beach. Connections. A tall person with a friendly smile. 

ENTJ: Black gloves. The sound of footsteps in an empty room. A crown. Gold and silver.

INFP: A flower field. A girl in a white dress. Cliffs with a view of the sea. Eyeliner. 

INTP: A sweater. Home. Silence. A person in the attic reading old books covered in dust. Warmth of a pet sitting on your lap. 

ENFP: Green grass. Festivals. Yellow. The joy on a child’s face. Bright smiles. Flowers in your hair. 

ENTP: Glasses. Sitting on a table. Skipping rope. Having fun with friends. Jumping in ponds. 

ISFP: Walls covered in lots of colorful paint. Mud on your face. Bright eyes and lip biting. Holding hands. 

ISTP: Motors. Black shoes. Spikes and metal. Dancing to rock music. The feeling of protection in someone’s arms. 

ESFP: Rooms covered in ribbons. Dancing and happiness. Ballet. Curtains. Group hugs with your closest friends.

ESTP: Mountains. High waves. Flying and white clouds. Taking photographs with friends in the vacation.

ISFJ: Oversized clothes. Shy smiles. Snow and ice. Pencils and pens. Inside jokes. Resting your head on someone’s shoulder.

ISTJ: Suits. Finger tapping on the table. Calendars. Family portraits. Phone conversations. The smell of good cooking.

ESFJ: Warmth. Pillows and sheets. Dressing up. Watching old DVDs. Picnics in the summer.

ESTJ: Hair gel. Maps. A freshly cleaned house. Classical music. Parfume. Lots of boxes with memories.

COMMENTS; I just fell in love while writing this. It was so fluffy and cute and aw okay I’m just going to let you read this one and see what you think of it!
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to request here!
WARNING; Crazy children, AoU spoilers, seriously fluffiness and swearing

As I sat down, covered head to toe in peanut butter, I couldn’t help but question everything.

Like, why the hell was I surrounded by the world’s largest candy explosion, with the faint soundtrack of Thomas the Tank Engine in the far distance.

And, mostly important, why the hell was Captain America wearing a bra on his head.

I would’ve laughed at the expression on his face if it wasn’t for the small burst of yellow dress as the energetic bundle, known as Lila Barton, churned past knocking into my chair. The small girl grinned at me wickedly as she clambered up onto my lap, her eyes- the same colour as Clints, with the same mischievous glint- gleamed and sparkled. My cheeks twitched as she reached out a finger, dragging it across my left cheekbone, before lifting it to her mouth, smacking her lips together dramatically. My eyes squinted at her as she let out a squeal, her fingers sticky from the peanut butter that had pasted my features.

“Yummy!” The miniature she-devil exclaimed, her cherub face shining with delight. As she marvelled over her “masterpiece”, I couldn’t help exchange a look with my boyfriend, who was looking rather distressed.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Just found your blog and its wow! Keep up the good job! Heres a question (more like a request) : what do you think are the basic/essential items for us to rock the Kpop fashion? Thanks!

Hi! Sorry it takes me so much time to answer.

I made a list of the most basic piece of clothes with some examples:

  • black/white blazer

  • blouse (white/black/denim)

  • leather jacket

  • jeans (black/denim)

  • denim jacket

  • sneakers (black/white)
  • motor shoes (black)
  • black heels
  • tank top (white/black)
  • printed top (white/black/color)
  • fullcap
  • beanie
  • pair of fingerless gloves (black/white)

Those clothes are really just basic one and I’m pretty sure you already have most of them in your wardrobe.

The Great Sargent-Lynch Road Trip: Blue Trapped in a Ball Pit

This was inspired by the post over on charmingpplincardigan’s tumblr page about the Great Sargent-Lynch road trip and a picture of Blue being trapped in a fast food restaurant ball pit. The spirit was moving me so I decided to post a little snippet of what I think happened in that picture :)

“Come on, maggot, you’re almost there,” Ronan calls lazily from the other side of the ball pit. His hands are on his hips and Blue is using the image of knocking that smug grin off his face as incentive to keep trudging through this multicolored hell pit but she’s gotta admit, even if it’s only ever to herself, it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. Out loud she snaps, “Shut up. You knew what you were doing when you dared me to do this. You knew that these brightly colored balls were actually made of—oh God–why are some of them wet?!”

Ronan face gives nothing away, but there’s an unholy glee in his eyes that won’t be contained. “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he throws out smoothly.” I dared you to cross from one side to the other because it seemed like an easy dare, since you failed so spectacularly at the last one.”

“This from the guy who almost burned his crotch off jumping over a damn campfire?”

“Blue! language. There are children present.” Blue lifts a hand out of the pit, looks around furtively, because there are children around, and then quickly pops a middle finger at Ronan to show just what she thinks of his scandalized tone. Ronan crows in delights and Blue can’t help but toss a rueful grin his way. “Seriously gonna kick your ass when I get out.”

“You have to get out first,” Ronan says. “And I’d save your breath. You’re getting kind of wheezy and the ball pit is unforgiving to those that don’t respect it’s power.”

 A little boy about four or five splashes past Blue, leaving balls flying in his wake. “How the hell is he going so fast?” She swivels her head “Is there a tiny motor attached to his shoes or something? How is he flailing around like this and I’m–” she feels the ball roll under her shoe what feels like a milisecond before she’s wheeling backward and falling hard into the balls. She struggles to get up and finds herself sliding deeper and deeper in. “What the hell?” she flails, and is amazed to actually find herself being covered by the balls. She can’t seem to find her footing and is thinking, ‘well, this is it. This is how I go, surrounded by plastic, vaguely pee-y smelling rainbow balls in some backwoods Mickey Ds. Hm. Bet the psychics didn’t see this coming.’ when suddenly she feels a hand clasp hers and pull her up to the surface. 

“Come on, Artax,” Ronan says wryly, helping her up. “I ain’t giving up on you yet.” He turns, still holding her hand to help her out of the ball pit and Blue is suddenly, desperately grateful that he can’t see her face starting to crumple as she valiantly holds back tears. She doesn’t want to explain to Ronan that seeing his face when she popped up from the ball pit, his eyes soft and fond, his mouth a wry and familiar line, filled her with the kind of unexplainable aching that comes with loving someone so deeply and profoundly that you’ve lost the meaning of it, that it has ceased to have a beginning and an ending and feels simply like it always was, and that his hand in hers, so strong and sure made her heart beat family family family so hard she thought it would explode from her chest. This is family, this is it. she thought crazily. I owe it to him to do everything I can for him and he owes me the same. Even if it’s pulling my behind out of smelly ball pits. She’s so glad he’s not looking at her now. She’d rather be stuck in those balls again than deal with having to actually explain all that to Ronan. Just imagining the horrified look on his face stops the tears from erupting and she chuckles to herself. When they reach the other side he remarks, “You know this was a fail, right? Especially since I had o go in, endangering myself to save your tiny ass.”

Blue shrugs. She’s letting the knowledge of how deep this friendship truly goe settle over her and finding that it fits surprisingly easily. “Meh. I’ve got plenty of time to redeem myself right? This road trip’s nowhere near over.”

Ronan grins, wolfish and wonderful. “Nowhere near over.”