motor glider

Addendum to yesterday’s post: this is an enlarged/cropped detail from a photo taken by my father at Tatoi Air Base in November 1989 - apparently with some of the base’s emergency vehicles, parked near the control tower.

It seems that, from right to left, we have two Mercedes-Benz L-series fire-engines parked alternatively with two International Harvester Loadstars. Then comes what is probably a US-built pick-up, possibly a Dodge Power Wagon or maybe an International Harvester Scout or something like that… I don’t really know… But I am pretty certain that the vehicle on the far left, hardly visible through the motorized hang-glider, is a NAMCO “Citroën” Pony made in Greece…

What I love about this photo is the typically-Greek complete lack of standardisation in the camouflage patterns and colours on these vehicles