motomachi shokudo


Dinner 8/23/2014: Motomachi Shokudo, 740 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC

Spicy miso ramen with organic chicken.

It was so good to eat a legit bowl of ramen after so long. (We still haven’t found an amazing place in Seattle, and we were spoiled in NYC. If anyone has any suggestions, we’re all ears!) Delicious broth that really warmed all of your insides and got the sweat glands workin’. Nice juicy pieces of chicken. Would definitely return (and it has a much shorter line than nearby Kintaro Ramen!).

This is from my visit to Motomachi Shokudo which is close to the famous Kintaro place, we did not feel like waiting in line so we went to this ramen place which I though was really good. It was small but not overly busy and it is great for a cold summer night or a rainy fall Vancouver day. It is pretty salty but it was very filling and I was not even able to finish my whole bowl. My rating is 8/10